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In Topic: Roleplay and Character Themes

26 May 2020 - 07:51 AM

I was going to post this nice theme/lullaby of UN Owen Was Her as a general theme for Faote but it seems I've been cockblocked by Chase by at least two years ago.


In Topic: [independent]New Character Request: Avar by member Rassera

13 May 2020 - 03:06 AM


Wanna work for the K Empire?


Uh maybe

In Topic: We Love Lyoko222 Day

11 May 2020 - 10:05 PM

It's been a few years, and although completely and totally belated, I hereby wish to celebrate the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th annual We Love Lyoko222 Days!


Thank you Chase.

In Topic: Character Tracker II

11 May 2020 - 05:32 AM

Faote: Watching people die
Yaethe: Still being a royally ordained Knight in K city for probably political rather than practical reasons, and still hasn't actually done anything to earn it.
Synthe: Travelling space in a nomadic pilgrimage for something.
Avar: Looking for work.

Troll Mouse: Apparently lives to squeak another day and is probably trolling some poor schmuck right now.


Shu: Running the show on Rassera.

In Topic: your . days . are . numbered

11 May 2020 - 04:06 AM

A featureless hole gapes open, far above Zaned in the vacuum of space. It's a portal, though the location on the other side doesn't lead to anywhere in particular, just another point in space and time, overlooking a red-looking spiral galaxy. A hooded man man in a long rob, speckled in what looks like the starry dew of such a galaxy sprawled across his sleeves and his back, impossibly steps out into the vacuum.


The lifeblood of all that lives, Heat, exists now in the same space and time of the attack of Zaned.


Why? Why was I called here? He pondered. The killing was well underway at this point. And though he thought himself above these petty battles between ephemerals, it still sickened him. It, perhaps, reminded him of the needless killing he had committed back as a human.

Back when he answered to Faotemaru.


Was I called because of something I did as a human?


A craft blasted another to oblivion as he mulls this over. Thousands more are likely dying.


Mortals kill each other all the time. And they birth anew, sapping and giving the heat of life from one another to create and destroy. Why should this be any different?

Though despite how high and mighty he thought himself, he too was technically a "mortal" a short time ago compared to most immortals. Sure, he was an immortal being even before becoming an embodiment, but yet his reasoning still fails to resolve correctly in his mind.



"I suppose... it wouldn't hurt just to watch." Heat mumbled a quiet impossible sound into the vacuum of space.