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In Topic: Unpick the Thread

05 August 2020 - 02:16 PM

"A situation?" Faote wondered aloud, briefly recalling his time back with the short conversation he managed to overhear with Asura. "Right, the missing books."


Wait a minute. Was Heat just expertly manipulated into assisting with the hunt for some missing books? 'if you're seeking direction' could have meant a number of things, and she might have just framed finding his friend into a conscription for a book hunt. Faote almost wanted to laugh.

Time, you sly devil. Not like he had anything else better to do, anyway. She had trouble getting other Embodiments on the search, right?


"I suppose they'll need some busting out, then. An epoch circle would be great for that if I had a philosopher stone on my person." He sighed. For all his power, he sort of missed the old way he did things. Sure, he could probably get the same effect as an embodiment, but it would require far more effort and a knowledge of how to manipulate reality in conjunction with his aspect of existence. Even if he could, there were a few things he couldn't do that an Epoch Circle could.


Like right now. You don't think you'd need something until you are found without it in a spot where it would be useful. Faote had taken his old ways for granted when receiving this newfound blessing as what effectively amounted to an admittedly specific godhood.

In Topic: Unpick the Thread

14 July 2020 - 12:20 PM

"Honestly? Not sure. I was speaking with Time and she happened to mention that someone I thought was long dead turned out to have survived the death of what should have been peace to the mortal realm." Faote explained as succinctly as he could. "And I figured a social call was good as any reason. Though--"


Faote points to the other two in the room, enveloped in an increasingly hazy and complex illusion than he gave credit for at first. "I can't see what's going on from out here, and though I doubt I'd be affected much, I would rather refrain from getting any closer than I have to be. Do... do you mind filling me in on what's happening here?"

In Topic: Unpick the Thread

11 July 2020 - 06:32 AM

A silver portal carves itself into the middle of a seemingly randomly selected room, somewhere in the headquarters. Looking into the portal reveals no destination, nor does it particularly look like a portal; it just looks like a large pale gray disc, floating in midair. A leg steps out, then a torso, and then the full body of Faote ejects itself from the disc before it disappears to the nothing from whence it came.


"-- though honestly, now that I think about it, we weren't particularly that close. More of an employer/employee relationship." Faote reaffirms and finishes a thought he was having to himself some time before entering the portal. His eyes gaze around the room he finds himself once, and then again. He halfway wonders if this is the right place. "The book DID say it was abandoned. I see hide nor hair of Halsey nor any of Time's agents though." Faote shrugs. "Wonder how big this place is."


The embodiment lets himself be distracted for just a little longer, his attention only partially fixated on how dusty everything was, before deciding it was time to get down to business. Faote closes his eyes, and his mind delves into a deep darkness.


The world blots out. There is no sound, no feeling, no sight. The abyss surrounds the soul, and Faote lets himself resonate with existence. A wave gushes from him, and he lets it cover and flow through the world around him. A crease and echo here and there, like the walls and floor bounce back and etch themselves into his awareness, and the wave flows out once more. Another crease, another echo goes further out, as each point of matter and heat is enveloped and weighed, and bounces back to his awareness. It is not merely sensing, or placing out a signal of any kind; for being an embodiment, it is to be one with existence. It is enough to simply be to find something.


The entire headquarters is etched into his awareness. He knows where Halsey and the rest are. Faote lifts himself from the abyss, and he opens his eyes once more. Faote wasn't sure he liked what he saw; when his awareness came to Halsey and the agents, he couldn't quite parse what was happening, but that was probably just a problem for when he got there.


A silver disc opened just in front of him again, and he stepped through.




The Embodiment entered the same room as Halsey and two others he didn't recognize, from a portal that was rapidly closing behind him. Halsey was in a bubble, and the other two seemed to be supporting one another, in another world of some kind--


Oh, it's an illusion. A very elaborate one. Faote thought. He merely only had to look at it to see it for what it was, and though he did feel its pull, his mere presence as a facet of existence itself prevented him from becoming fully immersed, if at all. His attention turned to the bubbled Halsey.


"Been a while, friend."

In Topic: Voice Claims

11 July 2020 - 01:16 AM

Faote/Dr. Eggman: Why did this creature think Faote was worthy of love? He had done such a terrible thing to his own father. Surely he couldn't be worthy of affection... Could he?



In Topic: Voice Claims

10 July 2020 - 06:49 PM

Who? I dunno. Just having someone sound like Eggman would be hilarious. In fact, all my characters have the Eggman voice.