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Third Instance (Open)

01 July 2020 - 09:33 PM

There was a third instance of Cam operating, well a 2nd if you didn't count the version, the main in the Outerverse. What was it trying to do? Teleport an old creation that was made in this timeline in order to have someone who could help it with a problem.  

He wanted the cycle to end. 

The end of him being the hero. The end of Plex once and for all. The end of his timeline being messed up like it had been. The end of the endless battle he fought constantly in his timeline. The end of him having to be the one who cleaned up after people like Galaxy who should have been taken into a dark alley and shot for all they had done to mess up Reality. 


An end to his trauma. An end to his mental issues. This was what he truly wanted for himself. Yet, he didn't see the end happening. After all, it was endless. Plex would be respawned, or someone would make something far worse than Plex that had to be contended with. The mere thought of something worse than Plex made Cam shudder with pain. Okay, NO. He was not going to deal with such. He needed a way to make someone else be the next "Savior of the Timeline" if it came down to that. 


In any case he knew he couldn't allow himself to continue like he had. Since medication wouldn't work, as he wasn't organic he needed an alternate solution. Therapy was the only one he could come up with that might work. Yet with who? Hikaru was out. He wouldn't bother his great aunt with the problems he had, as she had her own difficulties. Her negi scared and repulsed him so that was out as well. 

"Who. Who can help me with my issues?"  He asked, as he walked through the D-Lab. His issues, much like his scars had scars, probably had issues. 
Since he wanted to disembowel and tear Galaxy apart at a molecular level because the bastard had created the trouble of Plex, well, that was explainable in his eyes. Really, he longed for retirement though. 

What was once held

30 June 2020 - 05:04 AM

A clone of Cam was here in the City of Lus. Why was a clone here in the City of Lus? Because Cam being the paranoid grizzled veteran of way too many battles to count had decided he needed to do many things at once. This included establishing a base of operations for himself with the technological and scientific advantages he would need in order to prevent another Plexan War from ever breaking out in the first place. Or maybe it was because he'd heart rumors about Tokatsu technology in the place. Maybe he could obtain that tech and use it to make an army of "armored warriors"  in order to make Plex the problem of well Someone Else. If that thought was any indication Cam definitely needed mental help for himself of the variety of someone going into his brain and actually correcting the imbalances within it. 

Yet at the same time he wasn't likely to allow anyone into his brain. The horrors he had lived through in his timeline were enough to destroy most men. It was only through his force of will that he kept going. His refusal to surrender and roll over for the next threat to come was all that kept him going day by day if he were to be truthful. Was it wrong he wanted to make Plex someone else's problem at this point? He wasn't sure. But he did know he couldn't handle it anymore. On his own... he was too close to breaking. Even his template was too close to breaking. 

Wanderings of a Lost Sage

30 June 2020 - 04:18 AM

Kin was walking through Glacian Valley completely lost. If he was to be honest with himself he didn't know where he should head. How was he supposed to find his real family? He knew Radical wasn't his father. Yet, if it wasn't Radical, who was it? He needed to figure the answer to the question out if he was to figure out who he was. There was another question that bothered him. 




This answer was one that Kin needed to figure out for himself.   He needed to figure out as the buzzing in his head of all the questions he had were quite annoying. It was like having wasps in his brain. The pain the questions were causing him needed to stop. Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop! 


He also needed a book or something to occupy his mind. If he could occupy his mind the questions could stop being annoying. Yet he doubted he would find any books or things to occupy his brain. 

What's in a name!

22 June 2020 - 10:22 PM


"But I'll need to do more than that to win the trust of the Outerverse as I can't own it. In case any of the contamination of Plex survived inside me.... I can't own the Outerverse. I need it to willingly serve me instead. But how?" He asked, as he made his way through the D-Lab. He was searching for any further information on the Outerverse and / or on Plex that he could find within the place so that he could use the information to his advantage.  After all he wasn't going to let himself be unprepared like he had been when the initial outbreak of Plex attempting to conquer the plane of his reality had happened. No,  never again.  He would never again let himself go without a plan for everything. Eventually he gave up on the information, and started to just think on other things. Unfortunately this was where the trouble started. 

Those days were behind him and he knew that he couldn't afford to not have a plan for every eventuality. If the Outerverse rejected him he would have to find a way to create an equal power to use for himself. And yet, he couldn't do the creation of said power himself. He needed someone who could. And yet, who?

Hikaru of this timeline or any other would never help. He didn't want to bother his Grandpa or Grandmother with his "paranoia" as they likely were to call it. Kurai.... Just no. No. No No. Not at all

There was no way he would work with a Negi in the slightest.  When he noticred he was shaking as if someone was using a jackhammer inside his body he took a deep breath. His body relaxed and he thought some more on who it could be. Himself? Well... no. He wouldn't put himself at risk again, as the lab had elements only he would use. This meant there was another version of himself somewhere in this reality doing who knows what. Frankly, he'd leave him to his own devices. 

What he needed was someone he could rely on. His mind shot back to something from his timeline.  A group that had been around.  The Anrufe. 


Kia - B  was one who could manipulate some sort of Pink slime / goo / whatever it was. He was out on the grounds of him being a lunatic and likely to try and revive Plex.  So no, he was not someone Cam saw himself working with for any length of time. 

Reli was a Negi of an unknown species and thus not someone Cameron could see himself aligning with for any length of time. Nope, bad road. Forget Reli existed.  Cameron if he could have would be throwing up and / or in a fetal position right now. As it was, he was trying to shut down the panic he was undergoing inside his head. 

Aria was a clone of Hikaru that he didn't know how she existed. Of the Anrufe she likely would be the most useful to try and recruit. She was related and was not completely bat shit crazy or so he hoped anyway. Hopefully she didn't have a Negi in any way, shape or form. He really didn't want to deal with a Negi of her or communicate or interact with one in the slightest.  Her abilities over Hydrokinesis, if he remembered right would make a good way to level the field should he have to fight his great aunt Hikaru in this timeline. 

Chaos: The leader of the Anrufe after KiaB. Father of the Sage Three. Some of his specialties include the use of chaotic energy and fire. Zere: A level two Anrufe member and Chaos' partner in crime for most missions. Mentally unstable. Loyalty questionable at times. Known to have left the Anrufe some time ago. Specialty is sealing magic. Currently seems to have found some sort of mood stabilizer and has taken over Galactic, Inc.  Cam would never align himself with a nutbar like him who could run the risk of going insane and respawning Plex. Nope, Not happening Sir or Madam. 

Assassin: Mysterious introverted Anrufe member. Specializes in explosions. Carries a large scythe that he uses to bring about destruction. Believed to have died during the War of Perdition against the Narrikians. Level 2 Anrufe member.  Explosions weren't something he needed and he was reluctant to rely on Assassin as he had no way he could control him or keep him in check. 

White Genesis Negi: Level 2 Anrufe member, negi of K2323. Believed to have died during the Battle of Westhot during the Plex War.  Negi were unreliable and ran the risk of spreading or reinfecting him with the energies of Plex. In additioin to that, he really didn't want to interact with a Negi in the slightest, so they were out. 



Black Genesis Negi: Level 2 Anrufe member, negi of Kai. Believed to have died during the Battle of Westhot during the Plex War.   Negi were unreliable and ran the risk of spreading or reinfecting him with the energies of Plex. In additioin to that, he really didn't want to interact with a Negi in the slightest, so they were out. 


Jikore: Former servant of Chaos. Level 3 Anrufe member. Current whereabouts unknown.    Since he had no information he knew about Jikore or his capabilities and didn't want to waste his time searching the D-lab, Jikore was out. 

Midnight Mistress: A ghost-like woman. Zere's wife. Whereabouts unknown, presumed dead.  Well,  she's dead and so Cam's avoiding her. And even if he's alive, he's avoiding her due to her connection to Zere. 

Keith: Bag headed guy. Specialties unknown. Partner of Denera. Last seen in this timeline by some including the Sage Three in South before its destruction. With his abilities a mystery, Cam didn't see him aligning with the individual in the slightest. 

Denera: Some sort of shadow girl. Too little information was held by him on Denera. 

Blue Zero: Son of Zere. Specializes in "real" illusions -- creating illusions that aren't real but do inflict real pain. Killed by the Archive. Since he was dead, avoid the corpse. Plus he was the son of Zere, so even if he was alive, avoid.  

Green Zero: Son of Zere. Same specialty as his father. Believed to have left the Anrufe. Whereabouts unknown. As Cam had no information on him or his personality, he could only assume the guy was insane, so avoid. 

Red Zero: Girlfriend of Delta. Specializes in the use of fire. Daughter of Blue Zero. Whereabouts and current allegiance unknown.  Red Zero was connected to a renegade AI and so must be avoided at all cost. 

Delta: An Artificially Intelligent being. Boyfriend of Red Zero. Very dangerous, approach with caution. Leader of the paramilitary organization DAIS, vassals of the Anrufe. Delta was too powerful. Thus, avoid. 


All in all, other than his Great Aunt's clone, the entirety of the Anrufe was out. Honestly, the power most of them had was more than a little too scary for the purposes of Cameron. 



Another he would avoid came to mind. 


Shift  -   Shift had been the leader of the armies of Plex across the timeline. He had resulted in the infection Cam had gotten, as well as numerous other injuries that had nessecitated he abandon his organic body. Under no circumstances of any kind would Cam ever align with this vile abomination spawned by the weaknesses of Jay Stryder. Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Never Ever. No No No Not at all. 


Okay, so maybe he needed therapy. A lot of therapy in that regard. 


Since he needed to distract himself from the whole shaking in terror at Shift / The Anrufe and the like,  Cameron made his way deeper into the D-lab in order to look around and find something he could use. Eventually he just gave up and teleported to the Outerverse in order to simply talk with it. Talking might work, he supposed. He hoped. 



Cameron sat down on the ground under a palm tree in the Outerverse. His whole body was vibrating like a cell phone because of the line of thought he had earlier as he was in the D-lab.  "Listen Girl, I'm sorry I tried to take you over, alright?" He asked, his hand on the ground. "I just... I just was panicking because of something from my past that I can't go through again...." He stated, as he talked to the Outerverse. "With your permission, I would like to give you something no one else likely has. A name of your own, if you would allow me to give you a name. I'd also like to give you the ability to communicate with people directly. I can't... I won't take you over like I tried when I came here earlier." 


Don't think about your past, don't think about your past, don't think about your past. 


Unfortunately in his attempts to not think about the past, the memory of his most recent panic attack came to the surface. Cameron went wide eyed,  and started to hyperventilate. What would the Outerverse do now? 


22 June 2020 - 08:10 PM

Cameron had ended up in the D-Lab thankfully rather than in a blackhole or any other locations. A frown on his face as he went through it, Cameron was looking for any books on the Outerverse that could help him take control of the Outerverse. Well make it willing to work with him to be honest. He didn't want to own the OV,  he wanted it to trust him and work with him so he could use it to help him fix the madness that could happen before it did. Plex was not something the Galaxy needed again. Since he wasn't an Embodiment, well... he needed the power the Outerverse had in order to handle the madness.  "There has to be a way to get the Outerverse to willingly submit."  He said, as he looked at the various books in the D-Lab.