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[APPROVED] The Fist of Conquest by member Shrike!

30 August 2018 - 07:58 PM

Name: The Fist of Conquest
Description: The Fist of Conquest is an Empire that Claus created, more of a coalition of the more conquest minded Vulmurians out there who share the same ideals as Claus, that conquest is the way of the future. To that end, this empire is very expansionist, and plans to develop the equipment and resources needed to subjugate most of the inferior species out there, to make them their servants. The group is vicious, brutal, and not afraid of using disreputable tactics, such as torture and genocide of planets in order to get their goals accomplished. This empire is not the nicest one out there, and would be best avoided by most sapient races if the chance presents itself.
Racial Composition: Vulmurians, and eventually any slave races.
Leader: Claus Kisaragi
Size (Optional): 800,000
Membership: Vulmurians
Size of Fleet: 500 Ships (At present_

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[APPROVED] Claus Kisaragi by member Shrike!

29 August 2018 - 08:38 PM

Name: Claus Kisaragi
Appearance Image (Optional): mordred_by_10721-d76nz25.jpg
Appearance Description (Optional): --
Actual Age: 15
True Age (Optional): 15
Visual Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)
Race: Vulmurian
Faction: Unaffiliated
Personality (Optional): Claus Kisaragi is arrogant, and believes the universe should belong to the Vulmurians. Cocky, he believes himself to be unbeatable and believes no one can stop the Vulmurians from acquiring the Universe, and then dethroning the Embodiments. Claus is sarcastic most of the time and arrogant. Of course he is also narcissistic, believing himself to be the best example of the Vulmurians there is in existence. Claus also believes his family to be weak, because he believes Lucas needing Lucy to keep himself on track is a sign of weakness. Claus also believes the weak should be culled from the universe at large, and views most of the races as inferior to the Vulmurians. Claus also believes that all planets in the Galaxy should have a Vulmurian in charge of them and does not care what other people, even other Vulmurians think of the idea. At the same time Claus disagrees with some of the practices of the Vulmurians, like the Trophy Wife system, believing it to be a "Useless Ideal" because it hinders the progression of the Vulmurians into an actual threat that can conquer the Embodiments. Claus is extremely rude to those he believes lesser than him, and is not afraid of using his wit to make his opponents angry with them. However, despite his many flaws, there is one thing Claus does respect, and that is power. Having enough of it could make him respect you. 
Mental Disorders and Diseases (Optional): Narcsisism
Combat Level: Claus is a master at armed, and armed combat. He is also capable of all standard Vulmurian Abilities. Another technique in his arsenal is that Claus has Umbrakinesis at his disposal. Claus also has the ability to manipulate both sides of existence. Claus is also capable of a variety of capabilities using EM Waves. Claus is highly skilled with ranged weapons, and demolition weaponry. He's also a masterful spaceship pilot, and very good with machinery, and gymnastics. Claus is also capable of opening rifts of darkness, and summoning weapons out of them at will. Furthermore, he is capable of directly warping reality on planets, or in space, no need to do weak things like fireballs, or similar when one can directly affect reality. 
Equipment and Technology (Optional): Will request the stuff he uses.
History: Claus Kisaragi was the first born of Deryll and Ivana Kisaragi. Born during a period of civil war because some of the clans did not agree with the systems that had been established, Claus was raised in secret by Ivana so as to hide him and his brother and sister from the bulk of the war. When it ended, Deryll was badly hurt and so had to step down as the Elder of the Samurai Tribe. Unfortunately, this meant Claus, and Lucas had not much of a childhood as they were forced to begin their training immediately in order to replace him as the Elder. From about the age of 6, all Claus knew was painful and brutal lessons by men who didn't care about his wellbeing, who were all competing for the right to replace him as potential Elder of the Samurai Tribe. Eventually he won control of the Vulmurians at the age of 15, and has ever since then started organizing them into a powerful Empire, one he can use to conquer all the worlds out there, and subjugate the various races to his will. At present he only controls a large faction of Vulmurians. 
Other: --

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A Bad Day

13 August 2018 - 08:34 PM

Cameron Dolos was not in the best of moods. When he had woken up this morning, he had hit his helmeted head on the area over the cot that he had slept on, as the cot was the only thing he had in the D-lab that could support the weight of the containment suit he wore. This was not the only bad thing that had happened to him though. No, following that, he had slipped on his way to 'shower'  IE cleanse his body with a machine that would suck all the bacteria and what not out of thee armor, before completely destroying it on a molecular level. All in all he was not in the best state of mind at present. Something that was made worse by the fact that oh yes, Galaxy was still out there causing problems. As he was now, he was not powerful enough to survive should he have to face Galaxy in a fight. What he needed were new ideas. 



[APPROVED] Vulmurians by member Shrike!

11 August 2018 - 01:55 AM

Name: Vulmurians
Ruling Faction: Council + Strongest
Physiology : The Vulmurians initially due to a genetic defect were up to 20 feet tall in height, with a very brittle bone structure which was especially unsuited for the planet they live on now, the gravity easily breaking arms or dislocating shoulders and various other joints from the sheer strain of either moving around or flexing them, now they are usually 4 to 7 feet tall and with a darker complexion and greater physical strength than the first generation due to this adaption.
Physical Apperance: A first generation Vulmurian was white, almost caucasian in skin color, but due to the planet they now inhabit they now are darker skinned in complexion, nearing similarity to african americans in skin color,
Abilities/Traits: EM Wave Change: EM Wave Change grants them a 20% enhancement to their strengths across the board, increasing them to an additional fifth more than they would be capable of normally. Em Wave Change also allows them to use the Vulmurian Terminals. They cannot use them for combat when they are not Wave Changed.

EM Wave Weapons: Vulmurians possess one, maybe two Em Wave Weapons they can summon at will, of varying power level. Some of these are stronger than others, and some possess even more Em Weaponry than others would.

Elemental Specialization: Some are unfortunate enough to have this, giving them massive amounts of strength when it comes to one element, but leaving them weak to the counter element.

Frequency Shifting: By shifting the frequency of their EM Waves when transformed they are capable of “Teleportation” which cannot be blocked by typical Anti Teleportation Fields because it is not typical teleportation.

Hammerspace: The Vulmurians also possess Hammerspace capabilities because they can convert items into Em Waves, and then pull them out as needed, turning them back.

Caffeine Energy Boost: Coffee gives Vulmurians a massive energy boost, well caffeine does. Compared to humans, they get a 15 - 20 x energy boost from it. Giving a Vulmurian caffeine is highly unwise, if you value your sanity. This is especially true when they are young. Doing so could make them literally destroy your house in mere minutes.

Environmental Adaptations: The Vulmurians may possess environmental adaptations, such as enhanced strength / speed, gills, wings, etc.

Inherited Power: Vulmurians when dying are capable of passing on all their power that they’ve amassed in their bodies, to the nearest Vulmurian of their tribe.

Resistance to Plex: They possess a 5 - 10% chance more than any other race out there of resisting Plex and avoiding infection

Typical Lifespan: Thousands of years, though will stop aging physically at the age of 30, except for hair color.
Culture: Vulmurians are a brutal strength driven race, as most clans determine position through how strong one is and other variables that are determined by the clans themselves. Though in all but the Hunter, Angelus, Pirate, Knight, Archer and Samurai clans and their branches (Shinobi, Geisha, Assassin and Ronin.) capital punishment is liberally dolled out, concerning the rights of those in the nation as they admire and almost worship strength above all else they revere the embodiments as the absolute in strength, magical or physical. The trophy wife system was implemented fairly recently so far as time scaling goes, about 2 centuries ago by a Vulmurian by the name of Le Mu, long dead he may be but that system has stood the test of time, though women do have a great deal of their rights stripped if they are claimed as a ‘trophy wife’ by a Vulmurian male. When independent (as in, haven't been beaten or just too young for the system.) the women have the same rights as men, and oddly enough not coddled like most races, this has to do with their admiration of strength as the women are trained as equally as the men when they are young. Almost all current clan elders have killed the previous in combat for the right to lead the clan. The women that haven’t been claimed as trophy wives are greatly respected as they are doubtless to be very strong to have stayed independent for as long as they have. Though the Samurai clan and their branches would sooner refer to this system as barbaric and unethical.
History: An ancient race created by ??? that channels Tech Existence, but were made in secret. After a while, they learned about the existence of Plex from taking over a planet that had been affected by Plex. Suffice it to say, the Vulmurians were less than amused about Plex existing in the first place. When they found the planet, it was empty although had ruins of a civilization there. Over time they have lost any and all knowledge of who their creator was, and have lost all knowledge of what he even looked like. What they do not know is that a resistance to Plex was forced upon them by Cameron in secret.
Breeding (Optional): Standard Human Breeding, Cloning.
Private?: Ask Only

This request has been approved

Evonts [Prototype]

18 April 2016 - 08:59 PM

Name:  Evonts 
Ruling Faction:  None yet. 


For the most part,  the Evonts appear to be humanoid similar to the Perfect or the Imperfect.  However there are notable differences within their physiology.   While the Evonts may have the capability to genetically use magic,  most of them are unaware of the capability and simply instinctively use their magic for things they need,  such as summoning food and supplies. 




 - Magic:  The Evonts possess insanely strong magical abilities that are near the levels of Embodiments,  or they would if they actually practiced and learned how to control those abilities properly. 






Typical Lifespan:   3000-5000 years each. 


Culture:   The Evonts don't actually have a culture, as of yet. 




The Evonts were created by an Imperfect who stole a way to create,   and kept it secret from everyone else. 



Breeding (Optional):    Male and Female Intercourse. 

Private?: No