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In Topic: Insanus Pt. 7: The Throne of a Dying World

Yesterday, 09:24 PM

As she ascended the trail leading up the hill, 4 silhouettes came into view ahead. As she got closer, the haze would lessen to reveal 4 statues surrounding a circular plaza and just beyond it a large monastery behind a locked gate ahead. In the center of the plaza was a stone marker with a plaque atop it. Inscribed upon the plaque was;



The Four Guardians of Evlihim who selflessly gave their lives to ensure a future for all.


Prefect Consul, Iohn of the Order of Scholars

Prefect Consul, Lukas of the Order of Builders

Prefect Consul, Matthaeus of the Order of Adjudicators

Prefect Consul, Marcus of the Order of Tribunes


May their eternal watch continue to protect all life."


Each one of the statues was of a different man, beneath bore the name of the one it memorialized.

In Topic: Insanus Pt. 7.5: Sumant Directo Potestate

10 July 2021 - 09:48 PM

Mikami stepped back when the third eye opened and drew her arms back towards herself. "Constantine?" she asked confused. While she knew a little about the times before the planes, it was limited to what little Insana chose to divulge. She knew of the Perfect, of Crea and the other Embodiments, and of the natural beauties of East, but not much else. She had heard of Leirra referred to as a "Consul" but never knew much of what it meant outside of a gesture of respect.


"You must forgive my ignorance, but who exactly is he? Insana over the years has chosen to say very little of the times before the Embodiments." she said.

In Topic: Insanus Pt. 7: The Throne of a Dying World

09 July 2021 - 08:54 PM

"We find ourselves once more alone, a fallen god on a ruined throne. In wastes of ash, her path unfurled, upon the throne of a dying world." he could be heard saying in much the same manner as the beginning of their encounter as she descended the stairs.


Once at the bottom, she found herself in the ruins of a city. It seemed familiar to her in an uncanny way, almost as if she had been there many times before. In glimpses and flashes she could see scenes of people walking about, conversing, and going about their daily lives. As she passes buildings and structures, pieces would fall off to the side and crumble its piles of dust, as if they had been held together precariously, an omen to the state of this place.


As she ventured out of the city, she would start to follow a path that led up a large hill that seemed to tower over the city which lie in a large valley, or so she could infer. At the start of the path, a sign could be seem with a clear message written on it in Embodiment but as she looked at it, the letters seemed to form into Common tongue...


"Sending this message was important to us.

We considered ourselves to be a powerful culture.

This place is not a place of honor.

No highly esteemed deed is commemorated here.

Nothing valued is here.

What is here was dangerous and repulsive to us.

This message is a warning about danger.

The danger is still present, in your time, as it was in ours.

The danger is unleashed only if you substantially disturb this place.

This place is best shunned and left uninhabited."


Next to it was a large gate with the words "Evlihim Praetorium" inscribed above it.


In Topic: Insanus Pt. 7.5: Sumant Directo Potestate

08 July 2021 - 09:17 PM

Mikami withdrew her hand when she got shocked, and looked at Leirra with concern. "Whom do you speak of? Who is trying to come back?" she asked. Whoever it was, it was enough to make a seasoned Embodiment shake like a leaf.

In Topic: Insanus Pt. 7: The Throne of a Dying World

07 July 2021 - 10:22 PM

"Though it does not exist here, we have a perceptively infinite amount of time. Somehow you have found a way to waste it with petty talk and useless questions." Constantine responded without bothering to look back. "So stay if you wish, but know that I would rather spend an eternity alone than around the likes of you, child. Your answers likely lie in Evlihim, so go and you may be able to leave this place and me."