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Buried in the past

12 November 2020 - 10:06 PM

Sending this message was important to us.

We considered ourselves to be a powerful culture...



Tera Mikami, the Countess of New Dementia and Insana's top agent, stood next to Lady Lierra, the Embodiment of Love. She had transported them both outside of a large monolithic structure surrounded by a barren wasteland. It seemed foreboding and ominous in nature, though such things were unlikely to phase another Embodiment. Several obelisks circled around the structure, but not much else was visible to them from the distance they stood.



This place is not a place of honor...

no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here...

nothing valued is here...



"Tis not Lady Justice I fear." Tera answered and turned to the structure. "This is the Vault of Madness. A place forbidden to enter, even by me. Whatever is in there is what I fear, Lady Love. Whatever it is that Insana hides away from everyone is what truly terrifies me."

Insanus Pt. 5.5: Quid Pro Quo

11 November 2020 - 09:57 PM

Hikaru would find herself still unconscious in ND, but in an empty space deep in the crevices of her mind.


"You know..." a voice called out to her. "All you had to do was agree. Quid Pro Quo. This for that." it followed up. It was the unmistakable, commanding voice of Juris de Facta.


"And it seems dear Lierra has come searching for answers as well, or you probably." he emerged from the darkness, rubbing his temple with his left hand. He was holding a rather large book in his other. "So are you ready to talk again?"


He look up from his hand, into her eyes and suddenly her memories of him would come flooding back, for now at least.

Perfect Society

14 August 2020 - 02:45 PM

The Council of Prefects: The Council of Prefects is a small group of the 7 highest ranking Perfect, consisting of 6 Prefect Consuls, and led by the High Prefect Consul who acts as the leader of all the Perfect. Decisions are typically made by committee and typically actions require the majority or entire agreement of the Council. They issue writs, laws, and directives to the different castes of Perfect Society.


Known Prefect Consuls;

-High Prefect Consul, Constantine

-Prefect Consul, Aurelia of the Order of Protectors

-Prefect Consul, Lierra of the Order of Lifeshapers


Former Prefect Consuls;

-Prefect Consul, Iohn of the Order of Scholars

-Prefect Consul, Matthaeus of the Order of Adjudicators


Castes (More to be added later):


Order of Lifeshapers: A caste of creators and nurturers headed by the High Lifeshaper. They are chiefly responsible for creating life and seeing that it thrives. This group was also involved in the rearing of early Embodiments and teaching them.


Order of Builders: A caste of engineers and builders who fabricate and construct buildings, cities, ect for the society. Headed by the Master Builder.


Order of Tribunes: A caste of judicial magistrates who sat to judge Perfect and the lesser creations in accordance with the laws set forth by the Council of Prefects. They are headed by the High Iudex of the Grand Tribunal, the highest court in the land.


Order of Adjudicators: A caste of agents who enforce the laws and judgements of the Perfect in accordance with the Council of Prefects and the Order of Tribunes. They are headed by the High Seeker


Order of Protectors: A caste of soldiers and officers who form the military arm of the Perfect society. They are often sent to quell uprisings of both lesser races and separatists alike. They are headed by the High Legate.


Order of Scholars: A caste of academics, teachers, and historians. They are the record keepers of the Perfect and the primary teachers. They conduct research and often work with Lifeshapers. They are headed by the High Didact.

Policy Reminder- 29JUL20

29 July 2020 - 11:51 AM

Hello everyone!


Due to some recent events I have felt it important to remind everyone of ToS and site policy regarding content. It has been affirmed many years ago (Sometime after the shut down of DD) that content is NOT to be removed from the site (i.e. deleting IC posts, editing posts to effectively delete said content, ect). Members are free to edit posts, as long as there are no replies to it yet, OR there has been a mutual agreement between all parties in the topic for them to do so. Members are also free to agree amongst involved parties to nullify entire topics with the approval of Administration if they so desire, which will be looked at on a case by case basis by myself and K2323.


If you have any questions, please feel free to PM myself, or K2323, on site or Discords.



Down the Rabbit Hole

13 July 2020 - 11:06 PM

Insana Primoris, the Embodiment of Insanity, found himself thrust from the Records of Time through a flash of light and then darkness. After a moment he could see something. Little specks of light, dancing, but moving in his direction, away from him. As he flew forward, the specks grew brighter and streaks of light began to weave between them, making a web of sorts. This was the fabric of time.


The roller coaster he found himself aboard was not over quite yet as a bright light materialized at the end of the tunnel. It was blinding, obscuring most of his vision. He accelerated fast and faster towards it then.... Darkness again. Not the darkness from before, but as if his eyes were closed.


"Insana?" a female voice called out. He recognized it, but hadn't heard it in eons. It was Crea's. His heart jumped a bit when he opened his eyes, finding himself in his past self. He immediately clicked the watch, thereby separating himself from time. He was now a ghost. He slid from the bed, and fell to his rear. He back pedaled into a corner of the room he found himself in. There he was.... Laying on the bed. He looked so young. So innocent. So confused. Two women stood before him. One he recognized as Crea, the Embodiment Mother, the other he identified as Aurelia, a Prefect Consul who had brought him to Crea that fateful day.


"Insana Primoris?" Crea called out to Past!Insana.


"Lifeshaper, I take my leave. please forward any information about him to me so that I may Inform the High Prefect Consul." Aurelia said, in a very formal tone of voice.