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Policy Reminder- 29JUL20

29 July 2020 - 11:51 AM

Hello everyone!


Due to some recent events I have felt it important to remind everyone of ToS and site policy regarding content. It has been affirmed many years ago (Sometime after the shut down of DD) that content is NOT to be removed from the site (i.e. deleting IC posts, editing posts to effectively delete said content, ect). Members are free to edit posts, as long as there are no replies to it yet, OR there has been a mutual agreement between all parties in the topic for them to do so. Members are also free to agree amongst involved parties to nullify entire topics with the approval of Administration if they so desire, which will be looked at on a case by case basis by myself and K2323.


If you have any questions, please feel free to PM myself, or K2323, on site or Discords.



Down the Rabbit Hole

13 July 2020 - 11:06 PM

Insana Primoris, the Embodiment of Insanity, found himself thrust from the Records of Time through a flash of light and then darkness. After a moment he could see something. Little specks of light, dancing, but moving in his direction, away from him. As he flew forward, the specks grew brighter and streaks of light began to weave between them, making a web of sorts. This was the fabric of time.


The roller coaster he found himself aboard was not over quite yet as a bright light materialized at the end of the tunnel. It was blinding, obscuring most of his vision. He accelerated fast and faster towards it then.... Darkness again. Not the darkness from before, but as if his eyes were closed.


"Insana?" a female voice called out. He recognized it, but hadn't heard it in eons. It was Crea's. His heart jumped a bit when he opened his eyes, finding himself in his past self. He immediately clicked the watch, thereby separating himself from time. He was now a ghost. He slid from the bed, and fell to his rear. He back pedaled into a corner of the room he found himself in. There he was.... Laying on the bed. He looked so young. So innocent. So confused. Two women stood before him. One he recognized as Crea, the Embodiment Mother, the other he identified as Aurelia, a Prefect Consul who had brought him to Crea that fateful day.


"Insana Primoris?" Crea called out to Past!Insana.


"Lifeshaper, I take my leave. please forward any information about him to me so that I may Inform the High Prefect Consul." Aurelia said, in a very formal tone of voice.

In Character Changes: 3-Day rule

04 July 2020 - 11:12 PM

Effective July 2nd, 2020 the Three Day Rule has been changed after debate and subsequent voting by members at 5 to 2 in favor of revising the rule into a Seven Day Rule.


As of now, in order to expedite the flow of the game and to not impede the progression of characters and empires, users will have 7 days (168 Hours) to produce a response post to a topic, otherwise the actions taken in the previous user's post takes effect (Subject to IC Rules).


Exceptions will be made if the user has posted an LOA or hiatus for valid reasons. Administrative adjudication will also be rendered if it is found that a user is abusing the Seven Day Rule to simply delay the outcome of a topic, or for any other malicious reason.


We understand that people are grown adults with lives, jobs, bill, families, and hobbies. We are committed to supporting users in any way we can and understand that this is a hobby and should not ,take precedent over IRL issues.



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Insanus Pt. 5: The Paradigm Shift

24 June 2020 - 09:29 PM

"Yes, brother. Let us have some tea..."

-Last entry in the book of Juris de Facta, Embodiment of Order




How long had he really been here? The calendar stated it was December 2062, but he knew such things were trivial and arbitrary. Something mere mortals ascribed to intervals of time more consistent with the relative length of time they lived. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, simply figments except he had made the second hadnt he? The Tempus, he remembered it well. The first one he made was precise and accurate. Ornate and beautiful. He hadnt really made it with Time in mind, but upon meeting her as a child he felt drawn to bestow it upon her. To keep things in Order.


He hoped she was doing well, eating, not working herself too much. He worried about her much like he would an actual little sister, if Embodiments could even have such a thing. Hikaru had made a point, they were really just faking it most of the time. Familial connections to each other were really just sentimental at best. This didnt stop him from feeling the way he did about some of his fellow Embodiments however. It didnt stop him from feeling the way he did about Crea, their symbolic mother.


Crea... The Lifeshper. She who gave life and nurtured all creations. She must have been so disappointed in them....


This garden in this ruined city occupied only by ghosts of his memories was a memorial to her and to the Perfect. This was his small space of peace and quiet. Though Insana had imprisoned him here many eons ago, he did not seek to torture Juris. It seemed he had sought to silence the Iudex or impede him somehow. Juris was close to something, and he had a lot of time to think about what it was. There were just too many missing pieces. He had to get out somehow, and as a cruel twist of fate had it, his fellow inmate seemed to be his best best so far.


"RISE!" a shout rang out in the small square where Juris had his small garden -- his place of tranquility. A tranquility shattered the moment Hikaru once more regained consciousness. In an instant she had jumped to her feet with a display of violet and red accompanying her.


"Well, it seems tea time is over for now." Juris said to was woman sitting across a small table from him. "Tomorrow then?" he asked.


"Of course, Juris." the woman said and took her leave before Hikaru would look over.


Juris simply sat and waited for Hikaru to recompose herself, hands neatly folded in his lap.

Trial of the Century [WIP]

11 July 2019 - 06:11 AM

Somewhere Outside of Dimensional Plane "Shattered"

Unknown Date


Hushed talking filled the air as a groups of beings flooded into the amphitheater-like seats overlooking a small area illuminated by a white energy. Beyond it sat 5 pedestals arranged in a semi-circle with the center one raised slightly higher than the rest.


"Can you believe it?" one being said to his friend is a sense of awe and amazement.


"Can you believe what? This show or him returning?" his friend responded, obviously feeling different. It was a feeling of shame and sadness.


"I mean both!" he explained. "After being gone for so long, he came back. Even more, do you realize this is one of the few times the Council has ever convened in history?" the being motioned his armed outward to the vast room that seemed to stretch ad infinitum.


"We'll see, friend. We'll see. Lets take our seats." his friend replied and they both sat down in some of the upper echelons of the seating area.


Beyond the pedestals was an unmistakable symbol. A sword angled upwards with a set of scales hanging down from the tip and a blindfold hanging from the central pole of the scales. A symbol most ancient and enduring.



The Grand Tribunal, Domain of Order


Embodiments from all over existence were filling up the expansive courtroom. As they did, the hushed conversations grew louder and bolder. This was the first time in the history of existence, since the destruction of North and South, that the Grand Tribunal had been called to order against an Embodiment. Some had shown for support of one side or another, but many were there simply for the spectical of it all. Many embodiments were relatively young and had been successors to their originals at some point or another. Seeing such an unprecedented meeting of their kind, something not seeing since the writing of what was now known as the Ancient Rules, was awe inspiring and to some, humbling.


The talking almost immediately died down as 5 unmistakable figures approached and took their places on the pedestals. On the right stood Lady Asura, the Embodiment of Time, she stood with composure and focus as her gaze locked on the middle area. Eli, the Embodiment of Creation stood to her left and to the right of the center pedestal. He seemed less focused, almost troubled by the situation he now found himself in.


On the left sat Lady Skye, the Embodiment of Space. She, like Eli, seemed troubled and the saddest of them all. To her right sat Kota and Ezeal, the Embodiments of Destruction. They seemed the more indifferent of all who were in attendance.


The talk died down almost completely as the final figure approached. A pale figure with black hair who was dressed in robes. What was striking about him was that he was blindfolded, but this did not seem to hinder his movement. He took a set of scales he had been carrying and set them on a shelf just behind his pedestal, then drew a sword and did the same. As he turned his back to the large crowd, many could see something emblazoned on the back of his attire. A numeral representing 2.


This was none other than Juris de Facta, the Embodiment of Order.