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Trial of the Century [WIP]

11 July 2019 - 06:11 AM

Somewhere Outside of Dimensional Plane "Shattered"

Unknown Date


Hushed talking filled the air as a groups of beings flooded into the amphitheater-like seats overlooking a small area illuminated by a white energy. Beyond it sat 5 pedestals arranged in a semi-circle with the center one raised slightly higher than the rest.


"Can you believe it?" one being said to his friend is a sense of awe and amazement.


"Can you believe what? This show or him returning?" his friend responded, obviously feeling different. It was a feeling of shame and sadness.


"I mean both!" he explained. "After being gone for so long, he came back. Even more, do you realize this is one of the few times the Council has ever convened in history?" the being motioned his armed outward to the vast room that seemed to stretch ad infinitum.


"We'll see, friend. We'll see. Lets take our seats." his friend replied and they both sat down in some of the upper echelons of the seating area.


Beyond the pedestals was an unmistakable symbol. A sword angled upwards with a set of scales hanging down from the tip and a blindfold hanging from the central pole of the scales. A symbol most ancient and enduring.



The Grand Tribunal, Domain of Order


Embodiments from all over existence were filling up the expansive courtroom. As they did, the hushed conversations grew louder and bolder. This was the first time in the history of existence, since the destruction of North and South, that the Grand Tribunal had been called to order against an Embodiment. Some had shown for support of one side or another, but many were there simply for the spectical of it all. Many embodiments were relatively young and had been successors to their originals at some point or another. Seeing such an unprecedented meeting of their kind, something not seeing since the writing of what was now known as the Ancient Rules, was awe inspiring and to some, humbling.


The talking almost immediately died down as 5 unmistakable figures approached and took their places on the pedestals. On the right stood Lady Asura, the Embodiment of Time, she stood with composure and focus as her gaze locked on the middle area. Eli, the Embodiment of Creation stood to her left and to the right of the center pedestal. He seemed less focused, almost troubled by the situation he now found himself in.


On the left sat Lady Skye, the Embodiment of Space. She, like Eli, seemed troubled and the saddest of them all. To her right sat Kota and Ezeal, the Embodiments of Destruction. They seemed the more indifferent of all who were in attendance.


The talk died down almost completely as the final figure approached. A pale figure with black hair who was dressed in robes. What was striking about him was that he was blindfolded, but this did not seem to hinder his movement. He took a set of scales he had been carrying and set them on a shelf just behind his pedestal, then drew a sword and did the same. As he turned his back to the large crowd, many could see something emblazoned on the back of his attire. A numeral representing 2.


This was none other than Juris de Facta, the Embodiment of Order.

Insanus Pt 4: The Confrontation

29 September 2018 - 09:30 AM

Hikaru would find herself awoken from her dream, clad in a simple robe. She found herself looking at the beautiful night sky filled with blues, purples, and reds. It was like looking into a nebula, its swirling colors seemed to have no bound other than the horizon. She could feel the soft grass beneath her, it was an empty field. Walls of thick fog surrounded her location and all that was there was the hooded figure holding his book, and a letter.


It cocked its head tot he left and then to the right, examining her.


The nightmare went on.


09 August 2018 - 07:00 AM

"Show me the darkness and I will show you the light." -Iudex Juris de Facta, The Embodiment of Order, unknown date



Kurai would be teleported to the planet, Insanus into a vast jungle of pussywillows, they grew high into the night sky, under a purple moon. The grounder was full of life, plants of various type, most of them mutated monstrosities corrupted by the planet's master, the infamous Embodiment of Insanity. There was a strange fog surrounding the area, limiting her visibility in all directions to only about 10 meters. Behind Kurai was a patch of large sunflowers with 2 stems extending beyond the main and in front of her, she could feel a signature of a powerful being, not an embodiment, but something was on this planet.

An Ancient Evil

29 July 2018 - 09:25 PM

The Southlake Facility, a highly secretive military research installation. A gulag of sorts, kept as the closest of secrets among the upper echelons of the Perfect. Lord Insana Primoris, the Embodiment of Insanity, found himself here. A mind corrupted had told him that here, in this god forsaken place, lie answers. His source wasn't very forthcoming with details, but he did reveal a number. 96.


A vast doorway, etched in runes, slowly opened into a large room. It was dark with the only lighting coming from symbols and runes etched everywhere, glowing red. Insana looked around the room at the runes, they did not seem to be designed to keep people out, if so they had done a poor job. These were designed to keep someone, or something, in. He set his sights on the far wall, opposite of him. He couldnt really make out what it was. He took a few steps closer to see then...




The doors had closed by themselves. The lights from outside now gone, the room was even darker. Insana attempted to cast a spell to light the area, but to no avail. Something was preventing his magic? Impossible. Embodiment powers were unblockable, or so he thought. He tried once more, but it failed as well.


A growl could be heard from across the room, almost as if it were laughing. Insana was not phased by this.


"At last we meet, young one." a low, growling voice called out. Its very sound carried with it a sense of ancient power. The sounds reverberated off of the walls and the runes glowed brighter, reacting to its very voice. As the lights grew brighter, Insana could make out that there was a beast of sorts. It was absolutely massive. It towered above him, at least 10 times his height, and about half as wide. It stood looking down at the Embodiment, silhouetted against the lights.


"W- Who are you." Insana called out.


"I am the last of those who gave you life. The last of those who gave you breath and shape and form. I am the last of those whom your creators rose up against and ruthlessly destroyed. I am the last Primordial. And our answer is at hand." the being introduced itself.


There was silence in the room. A Primordial? Something older than the Perfect? How could this be? These questions raced through Insana's mind.


"I have waited eons for you to come, child." the being said.


"I am Lord Insana Primoris the Embodiment..." Insana announced but was cut off.


"I know who you are. I know why you have come." the being interrupted him. It lowered its head and brought it closer to Insana. It had wide, insect like eyes, but they looked as if they held galaxies inside. It glittered with the beauty of space and time. Its mouth was slit vertical and had hundreds of teeth.


"I can see what is in your heart, young one. I can see the hate and the animosity you hold." the being said as it brought a tendril out of the darkness and placed it on Insana's chest. "And it pleases me...."


When the tendril touched Insana, he felt a sense of fear. Something he had not felt in a long time. He opened his mouth to respond but was immediately interrupted before any words could come out.


"Yes. You, like your creators, seek to destroy the ones who have given you this life. And I shall be the one to expedite this undertaking. But before I give you the tools for your own damnation, I ask you one thing. Are you willing to sacrifice everything? Are you willing to unseal this power? One the key is turned, I fear there is no way to lock it one more. Those who did have long since returned to the common dust." the being asked the Embodiment in front of him.


"I am, great Primordial." Insana responded, resolute.


The being erupted in laughter, it shook the very walls that contained it as the runes once more lit up with activity. "You would open [Pandora's Box] and damn this world and yourself to achieve this goal!" the being shouted in exhilaration. "Many eons ago, the thief who calls himself Constantine took an artifact of great power from us, as an act of defiance. We called these the Arami Scrolls. It is a great tool of creation and power. Whatever is written on its parchment will come to pass." the being explained.


"Where do they lie?" Insana asked.


"I know not." The being said. His tendril motioned to the runes in the room. "These accursed symbols keep me here, and everything else outside of my reach... They seek the key, just as you do. They seek my knowledge of times long passed. I have refused them time and time again as I awaited the arrival of the daemon the Perfect have created so perfectly to come, as we have foreseen. I know not of where the scrolls now lie, but most assuredly they lie under heavy guard."


"How do I use them?" Insana asked.


"Speak the words and they will break the seal. Once broken, this cannot be replaced. Write the future and it shall come to pass. Beware its allure, young one. I may become one with my brothers and sisters soon enough, but if my life is the cost of retribution against the thief, Constantine, and his followers, so be it. I have waited eons in the darkness as they have seized our triumphs as their own. The Primordial will have their revenge, and you will be our instrument, young one."


The tendril came back down and drove itself into Insana's chest. His mind was flooded of memories of the battles between the old ones and the Perfect. Images of the scrolls and of Constantine. How he hated that man. Finally a memory of the words. The key to unlock the scrolls. The tendril withdrew and Insana found himself on his back, with the being overlooking him.


"Go." it said. "And never return to this accursed place."


Insana slowly got up and stood before the Primordial. He opened the door and walked out into the darkened hallway that led to it. The doors closed behind him and he was confronted with Falken crouched and watching the 2 guards fighting each other.


"We must take our leave, Falken." Insana said. the other embodiment nodded and stood up. Insana whipped his cape around them both and they melted into the floor, leaving the facility. Once they had gone, the 2 guards stopped fighting as they came to their senses, disoriented and confused. They both looked to the door, engraved upon it the number "96".

Long overdo sequel

11 July 2018 - 11:49 AM

Continued from http://archives.shat...g60853#msg60853



2315 Hrs GST
February 2, 2052
Top Floor, Grunder Industries Headquarters

Sudentor, Aralia

Operation: ACE
COL Regis F. Hermitage
|-Callsign: FALCON
HIRU-NavSpecWar JOINT Task Force
Team: Echo 3-1








Elevator doors opened as Second Lieutenant Andrei Tarkov, Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Anastasiya Petrov, and the HIRU Colonel Regis Hermitage directed their weapons outwards to the impressive looking reception area that served as the final hurdle to speak with the richest man alive, Mark Tepper -- The Chief Executive Officer of Grunder Industries. A ruthless company ran by an equally ruthless man. Their resume included what many outlets saw to be terror for hire, genocide, and warmongering. In spite of it all, its weapons, personnel, and equipment could be seen in almost every conflict across the universe.


Tarkov was the first to move out of the elevator. The reception area was empty. The desk on the right side of the large room was not staffed, unusual even at this time of night. Petrov followed Tarkov and hugged the opposite side of the room along the wall, keeping her weapon pointed at the small stairway and glass door with "Mark Tepper, Chief Executive" emblazoned on the door, almost redundantly. A sign of his narcissism. Hermitage was the final one to leave the elevator and walked directly forward, across the middle of the room.


"Echo 3-1, this is Alpha 2-9, we have confirmation that the Ace of Spades is in the deck." everyone's communicator sounded off. He was here.


Without a word, the three agents stacked of the right side of the door. Petrov took point, her slender hands of the handle ready to go. Hermitage was second, and Tarkov took the rear.


"Echo 3-1, this is Crossroads break break break." a female voice demanded their attention. "Abort mission. I say again, abort mission."


The three looked at each other in disbelief. "Son of a..." Tarkov started but was stopped by Hermitage who placed his left arm across Tarkov's chest, keeping him on the wall.


"Crossroads, this is Falcon. We are at the top of the deck. Ace of Spades in here." Hermitage replied.


"Target has caught wind of the mission. Aralangs rescinded their permission. Abort now." the voice said, repeating her orders. "I say again, Falcon. You are to...*static*" Hermitage turned off his communicator. The other 2 did the same.


Tarkov tapped Hermitage's shoulder, and Hermitage tapped Petrov's shoulder. The moment his hand hit her, she threw the door open and was inside in an instant. She stayed right and pointed her rifle at the large desk ahead. Just beyond it was a man wearing a black suit, hands cupped behind him, staring at the city skyline, almost as if he were waiting. Hermitage followed and went center. Tarkov entered and took the left side, crossing the entrance. All three we now fixed on the man.


"Mark Tepper!" Hermitage shouted. No reply.


"I am placing you under arrest under article 73, subsection 17 of the INTERPOL Accord." Hermitage shouted again and held up a piece of paper, folded.


"Its been a while, Vice Admiral." The man replied. "How are the Zarethians treating you?"


Hermitage didnt respond. Tarkov looked at Petrov, and Petrov to Tarkov.


"Whats it been? 30 years? " The man turned around. He had pale skin, jet black hair, and a thin black tie help onto his white dress shirt by a metallic black tie clip. This was Mark Tepper.


"No guns please." He said and waved his hand. The rifles the three were armed with flew across the room, hit the wall, and clattered against the floor. Petrov immediately reached for her pistol, but was knocked back by an unseen force and was left unconscious. Tarkov tried to follow suit, and was met with the same result. The 2 agents slumped against the wall as Hermitage and Tepper looked at each other.


"Hermitage, you have orders." Tepper said in a very annoyed tone of voice. "We don't know about Lazarus yet and you.."


"Oh the ISAF be damned!" Hermitage shouted and threw the paper he held with he left hand down on the ground.


"So is that what you're here for? Treason?" Tepper questioned him in an even more annoyed tone. He approached his former comrade with a sense of purpose, and anger. A quick thrust of his arm sent the large, and very heavy desk flying across and hitting the wall. Tepper stopped about 5 meters away from Hermitage. The 2 men narrowed their eyes. "You took an oath. An Oath to me, to your nation, and to the Commander!"


"He is an interloper!" Hermitage shouted again.


"Blasphemy!" Tepper shouted even louder as Hermitage was throw up towards a skylight. It shattered on impact with his body and Hermitage found himself on the roof of the large tower. He landed of his chest and gasped for air. Tepper jumped through another skylight and examined his foe.


Hermitage could feel the heavy rain pouring down on the 2 men. He braced himself and tried to get up. Tepper looked toward the sky for a moment, as if the take on the ambience of the scene they now found themselves in. Hermitage took the initiative and leaped to his feet, drawing his sidearm. He was met with Tepper doing the same.


"You dare draw on your Commander?" Tepper asked. "Not very gentlemanly of you, Regis. Is this really how you want to end this?"


"How long have you known!" Hermitage replied. "How long have you known that Falken is not who he says he is!"


"A long time, Regis." Tepper replied


"And the Great Deceiver?!" Hermitage followed up.


"He's the one who told me." Mark said as he lowered his weapon. "Not too long after I arrived here with the fleet. He sought me out, and I denied his most annoying efforts to 'bless' me." He explained. "343 is a task force of exiles! Did you not know that? People that Razgriz wanted to get rid of, but couldn't kill. My brief returns to campaign have just given him proof to the people that I am not dead."


"Why fight for him then?" Hermitage asked


"Because im a soldier. I took an oath. I cannot attempt to understand the decisions that the gods of this plain make." Tepper replied.


"They arent gods. Gods cant die. They can!" Hermitage shouted. "I took that maniac's offer, because i know what Razgriz has done!" Hermitage brought down his weapon and revealed what looked like a tattoo on his left wrist.


"Then you are a bigger fool than I thought. You don't make a pact with the enemy, Regis." Tepper said.


"Then lets settle this!" Hermitage shouted.


Tepper threw his head back in laughter. Tossing his sidearm aside, he replied. "Lets."


Hermitage tossed his aside as well. The two men stood in the rain, under the light of Aralia's full moon. Tepper took off his glasses and threw them behind him with a considerable force. They pierced the rain as it went tumbling off the building to the streets below. A brief wind blew Tepper's jacket as the 2 stood ready.


Hermitage rushed and threw the first punch. Tepper immediately countered, grabbing his arm and throwing him down to the ground. Hermitage recovered and tried to kick, but was countered again, this time Tepper lifted him and threw him down once more. Hermitage hit the ground and rolled out of the way and Tepper's fist impacted the roof, denting it.


Hermitage recovered adnw as met with Tepper throwing a punch. He countered Tepper's first attack by grabbing his arm and throwing him down, but Tepper rolled and immediately recovered. He threw another punch towards Hermitage and was countered once more, Hermitage restraining Tepper's arm behind his back. Tepper performed a spin move, and elbowed Hermitage in the face, forcing him to release.


Hermitage then attempted to grapple, but Tepper responded by evading and kneeing him in the face, bringing him down to the ground again. Hermitage threw his feet up and kicked Tepper away and recovered. Tepper threw his head back in laughter again as he grabbed his jacket and literally ripped it off of his person, sending it flying in the wind. "YES!" Tepper shouted, obviously satisfied with the challenge so far.


Tepper very aggressively attacked Hermitage. Landing several punches to his torso and then a right hook to his face. The shots sent Hermitage backwards to the edge of the building. Tepper attempted to take the opportunity and threw another punch, but was skillfully evaded. Hermitage grabbed Tepper's left arm and restrained him once more, but was met with several elbows to the face from his right. Hermitage threw his elbow into the back of Tepper's head, sending him flying forward, away from the edge.


Hermitage rushed forward and tried to follow up with a kick, butt was evaded. 2 more punches throw to Tepper were also blocked. Hermitage landed a right hook and threw a kick, but Tepper blocked the kick and another punch. Hermitage attempted another series of 3 kicks, but Tepper blocked them all with his arms. Hermitage tried one last time, and landed his foot square in the middle of Tepper's chest, sending him staggering backwards. Hermitage swung his body around for another kick, but was grabbed by Tepper and throw to the ground. Tepper then bodyslammed Hermitage, knocking the wind out of him.


Hermitage laid there sprawled out as Tepper mounted him. Tepper threw multiple punches in quick succession, disorienting Hermitage even more. Tepper then started to hammer fist his face, yelling while doing so. After 8 times, Tepper slowed down and took a breath. He then hit Hermitage's face another 4 times. In his final strike, Hermitage opened his eyes and blocked the punch, grabbing Tepper's hand. Thinking fast, he dislocates Tepper's right index finger and kicked him off. Tepper grabbed his finger and forced it back into place as Hermitage recovered on all fours.


"Grrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaa- TEPPER!!!!!!!!!!!" Hermitage shouted. Years of hate finally coming to the surface. His hands raised up and clenched towards the sky. Its echo could be heard trailing off into the distance.


"REGIS!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mark shouted in reply.


The two men, both blacked, bruised, and bloody, stood across from each other. Awaiting the next strike.