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In Topic: Insanus Pt. 5.5: Quid Pro Quo

18 November 2020 - 09:50 PM

Juris gave an exhausted sigh. He gave a circular motion of his hand and the pages flipped a few over to a page labeled 'exigeretur'. Once again the latter rearranged themselves to show the word 'Enforcement'.


"Be it agreed by Embodiments-in-Council..." Juris started as the words on teh page formed in sync with hos diction. "that Embodiments are henceforth responsible for establishment and enforcement of subsequent rules, laws, and policies governing agents of a specific force. The governing Embodiment is henceforth given complete and total autonomy in respect to putative actions towards their own agents, in which case the Courts nor the Tribunal have no jurisdiction." he explained.


"Now, you might be safe should you leave here while i am imprisoned, but what of when I shall be set free?" he asked her and took a few steps forward. "I am Order, and I have plans within plans, within plans themselves. You are but one instrument of my liberation, and if you defy me, there will be no safe place, no sanctuary, no avoiding the swift and constricting chains of imprisonment that I will impose upon you the moment of my release." he told her, in no uncertain words. "Though avoiding punishment should not be your only incentive. Should you do as I have asked, I will release you from service upon my liberation from this place. So what say you, Mortale?"

In Topic: Buried in the past

18 November 2020 - 09:36 PM

"The situation with the sage, Hikaru Tyris, is more of a personal matter to Insana. He sees a dark path she is heading down and fears it may be a similar one that he himself traveled." Tera said. "Though we know now that she seeks the Scrolls of..." she paused, mid sentence as if trying to say the last word, but unable to speak it. The artifact was something so shunned by Insana himself that those in his domain were forbidden to speak it.


She took a deep breath and sighed. "The scrolls. His holiness is determined that she abandon that line of inquiry, but it seems unlikely considering the reason she seeks them. A mother's love is a force to be reckoned with, yes?"

In Topic: Insanus Pt. 5.5: Quid Pro Quo

15 November 2020 - 04:24 PM

Juris kept his amused look even as Hikaru threw her tantrum, surely it would only be a matter of time before she realized what she had agreed it. Though, the smile turned to a disappointing frown as the look on her face seemed to signal that she did not know the text of the book.


"Basically.." Juris sighed, and snapped his fingers as the text on the book started to rearrange itself into her native tongue. "By accepting my agency, you have accepted the force of Order into yourself. It flows through you until such a time where I shall revoke it." he explained and summed up the more technical language of the text. "Mortals were never expected to benefit from this, deal of sorts, more than we were. Since there are too many things in too many places for us to take care of without tiring ourselves out." he stopped and thought for a moment. "Well some of us at least, our agents go out in service of us."


He smiled again. "So, young sage. Your Embodiment calls you into service, and it is your decision of whether or not you'll benefit from it."

In Topic: Buried in the past

14 November 2020 - 04:08 PM

The danger is unleashed only if you substantially disturb this place.



Tera shook her head. "I do not wish for you to enter this place on my behalf. It is likely, as you have said, impossible to enter so long as Insana controls this domain. I sought only to warn of what is to come, and ask that you help him." Tera said. "All of this time of lying, hiding, and deceiving.... One can only go on for so long with the guilt of it all. Even an Embodiment. He needs to move past it, but..." she paused. "I feel that he may have gone past the point of no return, as does he."



This place is best shunned and left uninhabited.



Tera looked back to the structure as a wall of black dust slowly obscured it from their view.

In Topic: Buried in the past

13 November 2020 - 02:22 AM

What is here was dangerous and repulsive to us.

This message is a warning about danger...



Tera was a bit lost, as not even she knew exactly what Lierra spoke so cryptically of, but it was obvious that she knew something was in there that could scare even the likes of her. It only served to cement her own terror. She had walked amongst the obelisks and read their ominous warning, written in Embodiment and Common. It warned whoever approached of its danger, and ever since she had heeded its warning... until now.



The danger is still present, in your time, as it was in ours.



"Insana has taken much care in making sure this place is never found, and that no one knows its contents. What is in their in its entirety, I cannot say for certain, but..." she paused, hesitant to continue. "I know that is where the Scales of Truth lie." she admitted. While not saying that Juris was indeed incarcerated there, she had made it known that his totem was kept in Insanity's domain, a serious implicated in and of itself.


"There are other things in there as well, but they are unknown to me." she added, silently.