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In Topic: Piecing Together the Fragments of Time

Today, 10:18 AM

Halsey nodded and followed. Just before he was about to enter to portal he stopped just a step short after Jay had gone through. He turned to Asura one more time.


"Oh!" he exclaimed and reached into a pocket and withdrew a small business card. "I almost forgot. I spoke with a man known as Seraph the Seeker. I spoke with him about the books, and he said he would be in touch as soon as he could. I hope that isnt too much trouble." He said and gave a cheeky smile before entering the portal and disappearing.


As the portal closed on him, the business card floated to the ground. It was white with a golden symbol on it. A set of scales suspended by the tip of a large sword and a blindfold hanging off the tip.

In Topic: Piecing Together the Fragments of Time

Today, 09:32 AM

He looked to Asura and to his bag of holding and then back to Jay. He was supposed to be the High Librarian of the Records, but that job seemed to have its limitations in how far Asura was willing to entrust him with information and duties.


"Lead the way." he answered to Jay.

In Topic: Piecing Together the Fragments of Time

Today, 06:52 AM

He shuddered when she mentioned the clocks. He didn't like clocks for some reason, nobody really knew why.

"I, um..." he hesitated. "I was going to get those last..." he said.

He turned to Jay.

"I'm assuming I don't actually have a choice in the matter, do I." He responded somewhat expecting to be whisked away regardless of his answer. "Where are we going anyway?"

In Topic: What now?

Yesterday, 09:46 PM

The city was sparsely populated at the moment as a few people were wandering here and there. Some minor Embodiments chatting and saying hello to each other, agents of other Embodiments running about to conduct the bidding of their masters. Though once a vibrant, lively place, this city has fallen to much disuse since the times long past. A man wearing a purple hooded robe with golden trimming rushed past and accidentally bumped into Faote.


"Excuse me m'lord." he said hurriedly and apologetically. He quickly bowed to Faote, recognizing him as an Embodiment of some sort, and rushed ahead.


Before Faote in the street was a small party of people. Some were dressed in silver armor, and some were dressed in black magistrate's robes. One person stood out in particular. A woman. She was very pale, and had long, flowing, jet black, hair with a silver streak to it. She also donned silver armor with a distinctive golden trim on it, and most striking was that she wore a blindfold. Curious indeed.


The man in the purple robes stopped before the party and bowed to the lady before handing her a scroll and scurrying off.

In Topic: Piecing Together the Fragments of Time

Yesterday, 07:37 PM

In a flash of light Halsey appeared in front of them. He was wearing his librarian's robes and held what looked like a small tote bag around his left arm. It appeared he was in the middle of paying for something as he had his arm outstretch with what looked like Zarethian currency.


"Here you go." he said with a smile on his face. It quickly disappeared as he released that he had been transported away from his transaction and stood before Asura. He quickly withdrew his arm and put the money away.


"Lady Asura, um, i havent quite finished the list yet. Its proving to be a challenge." he said somewhat exhausted. "Do you know how hard it is to find a Teffilin Bone Crab at this time of year?"