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In Topic: What now?

Yesterday, 09:11 PM

The City of Townsville




The City of the Embodiments was a remarkable place. High in the sky over an ocean in some hidden section of South, it would seem as if a chunk of Earth had been ripped off some missing continent below, and pulled into the atmosphere in such a way that it permanently defied gravity, just floating there. The island itself was huge, the size of a sprawling metropolis. However; the city that rested atop was not one full of mortal inventions such as cars and electricity, for the embodiments had no need for such things. Instead, there were many streets and buildings made of precious metals like gold and silver, as well as others that did not exist in the Mortal Dimensions.


Of course, the Embodiments spent most of their time in their own realms. Besides that, this city had only been built after the creation of the dimensional plane, as Hell had for the longest time been a mere dimension, until finally being recently released from that prison and made to rest outside the plane itself, taking on the name of South in replacement of the destroyed Erebus. Why, then, did this place exist? And why were there so many mostly empty, though beautiful, buildings in this city? These were questions for another time, though just part of the mystic beauty that was this city. A neutral meeting place for the Embodiments now, its true purpose unfulfilled.


A swirling vortex of temporal energies opened on the street shortly after Faote's disappeared. From this vortex, Nek Atlas emerged, a bit flustered, his long, blonde hair slightly tousled from the journey. He slicked back his hair and straightened out his tunic as he spotted Lady Asura in her child like form, as well as a beautiful woman Nek did not recognize. Who is that..?


Nek took stock of his surroundings. Buildings made of gold and silver. Roads that looked less like means of transportation and more like works of art, filled with beautiful statues. He could feel a breeze in the air. This city was remarkably... Quiet. No cars. No shouting. None of the usual noise of a city. Just... Where were they?


The swirling vortex remained open behind him as Nek waited for Inari and Skye to come through. There was a bit of awkward waiting time in between, and Nek didn't yet dare approach Asura and the strange woman without his entire party assembled. Don't notice me. Don't notice me. Don't notice meeee... Shoot, I think they noticed me. Nek managed an awkward wave/bow to the embodiments before pretending to look away, whistling a tune to himself as he fiddled his thumbs.

In Topic: A Darkness Will Swallow You Whole

Yesterday, 08:50 PM

"Wait, really?" Nek asked, astonished that Skye was actually asking to help. To be fair, most of what he knew about Skye, was what he had heard from Lady Asura. "Okay... But I don't think Lady Asura is in her domain right now."


He closed his eyes, concentrating. Time was like a river, and he was standing in it, or rather, floating in it. Most people were simply caught up in that river, forced to go with the flow. Nek, however, was a Templar, and thus in many ways an extension of the river itself. He tried to feel where the current of time was the strongest, upstream so to speak. After a few moments, he seemed to find what he was looking for, because he opened a portal of swirling temporal energies.


"Shall we?" he asked. Not waiting for an answer, he hopped through the portal.

In Topic: What's in a name!

Yesterday, 06:30 PM

Hope's eyes grew wide as she sensed the violence going on elsewhere. In a flash of golden light, she vanished. Left behind, however, was this brilliant castle that she had built. There was much to explore. Who knew what awaited Cameron in any of the other rooms...

In Topic: Guess Who

Yesterday, 06:19 PM

The Outerverse did not seemed pleased by all this fighting. The ground began to shake, as a tree violently burst forth from the ground, sprouting out as a leaf at first before growing into a full sized elk-wood tree, with many, many branches. These branches kept sprouting out violently, along with leaves, all over the place, and even vines bursting forth from the wood. These branches and vines began to thrash forward towards both Kurai and the Cameron clones, seeking to restrain them from fighting further.

In Topic: Unpick the Thread

Yesterday, 05:53 PM

Kaleb watched as Jay attempted to stand, using his staff to support himself. Never mind the fact that Kaleb had never seen the sheriff carrying such a staff before; why was he this weak? Kaleb lent his shoulder to his friend for support. At about this time, Winston, the driver of the horse carriage, returned with a canteen of water which he offered to Jay.


"What ever do you mean, it's been awhile?" Kaleb asked Jay incredulously. "Why, I just saw you yesterday. What illness has befallen you, my friend? You seem to be rather weak. Where is your horse? Come, we were just heading to the race tracks." He started to lead his friend towards the horse driven carriage. "We can give you a ride, though I do think perhaps you should be in bed. This nasty campaign must be doing a number on your health, my friend; you really must take care of yourself. Shall I have Winston call upon Doctor Margo?"