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In Topic: I declare myself victor.

18 August 2021 - 06:02 PM

I hereby take all of Zai's land and declare myself the new victor.

In Topic: Hello World

24 January 2021 - 08:06 PM

Maxwell was taken quite aback. This response truly did imply a child like innocence. Generally, it took states many years of trade and good relations before they could be said to be "allies". Yet someone wanted to engage in such a relationship with the K Empire. Well, first thing's first... Maxwell got to work on his response. He decided to continue with the rather informal tone the sender was using, as he was still quite sure this was a prank from some children, but he maintained a professional tone throughout just in case.

Your request to engage in diplomatic relations will be considered warmly. 
We welcome new allies and trading partners. 
First thing's first -- which faction do you represent?

In Topic: What now?

20 August 2020 - 06:12 PM

Lying nonchalantly on an ivory bench upon the rooftop was a young man with long, white hair that gathered in clumps around his shoulders. He wore black skinny jeans, an unbuttoned, white shirt that exposed his bare chest, and black boots. He was lazily smoking a cigarette, with a very bored and depressed look in his eyes. He watched as clouds of smoke escaped from his lips and lazily floated into the atmosphere above. How suffocating. Just like love.


"Leave it alone, Treachery," Heartbreak insisted, shaking his head at the adult's child like questioning. "They're too powerful for minor embodiments like us to be playing tricks on."

In Topic: Unpick the Thread

02 August 2020 - 07:26 PM

"No," replied Kaleb, blinking with astonishment, "Reliving the same day? What a terrible fate for anyone. However; that sounds like the work of some science fiction novel. Sheriff, are you sure you're okay? This is very strange talk."

It would seem that Kaleb knew nothing about any sort of time loops that might be going on in the area.

In Topic: What's in a name!

29 July 2020 - 06:27 PM

"Who are we?" the smoker asked, raising his eyebrow, "Well, I suppose we're whoever we need to be. However; for now you may call me Mr. Ego. Now, do come in and tell me what you think about my friend's predicament. Id here has just been evacuated from his planet, that is under attack. What do you think he should do?"


Downstairs, the newcomers would find a beautiful castle inside, though no trace of people at first glance. The foyer was magnificent, with walls of white, trimmed with red and gold. Two tall plants stood on either side of the main entrance, and stained glass windows surrounded the double doors. On either side of the entrance, archways led into neighboring rooms. Ahead, a grant, magnificent staircase led upstairs, the stairs made of marble, with a grand chandelier lighting the way. Beyond the staircase, a hallway led to many more rooms.


Upstairs, there were even more rooms, and a grand landing or gallery which overlooked the first floor, from which the many hallways of the second floor began. Grand, white columns held the structure together, and a beautiful glass ceiling lit the gallery and the foyer below. There were undoubtedly more staircases and more stories in the palace, but the main staircase only led to the second story.