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Peoplewatching (Open)

26 June 2020 - 01:18 PM

A young man sat at a park bench, flipping a coin and humming quietly to himself. Jesse Grace had lived quite an interesting life, he always figured that by now he'd be a rich man living in a manor surrounded by beautiful women. Unfortunately, his life had taken him to now- Sitting on a park bench, sipping a coffee and waiting for something terrible to happen.


Any time anyone tries to save anyone, ruin it. Bring bad luck on to any would be heroes.


He'd been there for an hour now, hoping for a building to light on fire or a hostage situation to go wrong. Truth be told he was bored, he'd hexed the whole area around him for an hour or so but all he really managed was to make people lose winning scratch cards or skateboarders get distracted at just the right time and fall in the lake(He was up to three of those now, it remained hilarious).


He finished off his coffee, throwing it into the nearby trashcan as it made a series of impossible bounces and landing inside the can "This is it, this is what life has become" He muttered under his breath "Fuck it, heads and I go get another coffee"

He flipped the coin a final time and, of course, it landed on heads.

Unpick the Thread

22 June 2020 - 09:20 AM

A silver portal opened in the middle of an old, musty room in the Guardian HQ- Disturbing the dust around it.

The room had likely fallen into disrepair even when the Guardians had been here, it was the sort of room that was perfect for infiltration- After all there was a security system here, even if it wasn't necesarrily hostile avoiding it seemed like the best course of action.


Jay stepped out of the portal, the book of one K2323 open in his hand. He turned to his companion, pulling up his glasses to sit on top of his head "So K2323's last known location is here. Reading on it looks like he met.... Huh, me." The Templar looked upon the book with a puzzled expression, allowing it to drop out of his hands and disappear back to the Archives of Time "Well, that sounds bad!" He laughed a little as he started making his way through the HQ, beckoning Halsey to follow.


He slowly made his way to K2323's last known location, the room where he supposedly met some version of Jay.

Come Home, Weary Traveller

28 May 2020 - 10:46 AM

The Citadel, marking the most northern point of Inarin, was barely used these days. There was once a point when travellers far and wide came to ask the Citadel of the Templars and of the future, a job now taken up by the Oracle living in the mountains. There was a point when it's Master, the Templar Elder, would use it as a hub- Training his apprentices in the Templar Arts. Now the Apprentices are beyond the need for training and the Master is gone.

These days, the Citadel was merely a monument- An item of sightseeing by the citizens who lived in the nearby towns and cities.


That is, until the moment the portal opened within the Citadel's command center.


The round room, primarily covered in seating but with a throne-like chair in the middle, lit up the moment the portal opened. The Citadel recognised it as a Templar Portal, one used by Nek and Inari, but did not expect Jay Stryder to step out of it. The Elder was tired, stressed and hurt but he carried himself with the swagger that the Citadel would expect from it's Master. He approached his throne in the middle of the room and sat, leaning back and sitting silent for just a moment.


Welcome Home, Elder.


The Templar smiled, waving weakly to the air "I was expecting to get a bit more fanfare, but this is nice too. Do me a favour, open the windows and call my apprentices. Don't tell em I'm here, I want it to be a surprise."


As you wish.


Jay looked over his battered body, sighing as he examined his ostentacious old cape and outfit. He snapped his fingers, changing outfit to be a bit more inconspicuous(OOC: see my avatar for details). The man that disappeared fighting Shift had grown, returning as a tired warrior that simply missed his friends. He swivelled on the chair to face the portal he stepped out from, awaiting Halsey.