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In Topic: Rule of Nines (CLOSED, Backstory)

Today, 03:31 AM

Dropping the contract, Gabby stepped back, shocked. For a solid 30 seconds, she watched the contract, wreathed in golden flame, but continued to persists. "What the..." Gabby muttered under her breath. In her entire life, she'd never seen something that Holy Fire couldn't burn. Hell, she used to set flame to pools of water just to watch the steam pour off. Immediately, she flipped her hood up. Well. I suppose I should have known it wouldn't be that easy. At least there's no flashing lights and blaring alarms. Her eyes darted around the huge throne room, but she couldn't see anything else. Fine. We find the fox.


Striding out of the room, Gabby started pounding the halls. The first person she saw, she asked if they knew where Inari was.

In Topic: Rule of Nines (CLOSED, Backstory)

Today, 01:57 AM

Well. She's not here right now anyway. Fuck it.


Gabby's hand ignite in gold hold fire. The contract burns away in her grasp.

In Topic: Rule of Nines (CLOSED, Backstory)

Today, 01:00 AM

I, I had a dream of schism,
Living in premonition, flowing from
The same place I learned to give in


Cool and easy, Gabby entered the throne room, impressed by it's size. I hope I get a chance to burn it to the ground. She thought to herself, and noted the floating paper in the middle. She paused, and scanned the room, looking for any one, or anything, that may be around. She whistled softly, "Ara Wa Ruh"  as her spellbook appeared floating near her. Once again, she scanned the room, before flipping through her tome, memorizing a few stray incantations. She decided to continue to be discrete for now, as she approached the floating page, her spellbook floating behind her as if tethered. Well, what have we here? She approached the floating page, humming almost under her breath. Every puff of air escaping her lungs, dust kicked up around her feet, instinctively releasing bursts of magic. She moved her lips for a whistle, but as she did so, the hum continued building in the backround. With the whistle, the contract approached her. Why would she just leave this laying around? She muse to herself. This felt very suspicious. The humming continued, as dust devils started to slowly swirl in a radius around her. This could easily be a trap. But she could also be so overconfident in her control, that she wouldn't bother to hide it. Gabby closed her eyes, focusing on the magical energy around her, feeling for magical signatures. Nothing was here other than the floating contract. Throwing her hood back, Gabby seized the contract, looking at it closer.

In Topic: Rule of Nines (CLOSED, Backstory)

Yesterday, 06:24 PM

The rubber sole of her sneakers made little noise against the stone flooring as she maneuvered through the halls. Gabby neither went fast or slow, didn't avoid eye contact or encourage it a long the way. She stayed casual, recalling the floor plan in her mind. As she reached an intersection of halls, she paused to look down each direction. No sign of the fox girl yet. She briefly mused on the next direction to take, and decided to turn towards the main chamber Purple Thumb had pointed out to her, where Hikaru had performed the execution.



"Okay, why not just disguise yourself as her?" Nails had asked.

"Absolutely not." Gabby replied, her fists instinctively clenched.

"What? Why not? That would make this whole thing easier." Gabby locked eyes on  Nails, and did not look away.

"I spent most of my life pretending to be somebody else. I'm not going to do that. Ever again." Her voice was firm, with full resolve. Nails stared back at her in disbelief.

"Look, I understand this is important to you, but isn't it more important to get these people out?"

"Thinking like that turns you into someone like her. Always stand by what you believe, first and foremost. Everything else is second."



Hovering in empty space, tethered to his ship's airlock, Nails carefully placed the obsidian disc in space. Attached to his space suit were about a dozen rescue kits with respirators, and a compact plasma carbine was slung within easy reach of his right hand. A bandoleer of grenades finished the look. He sat, floating, with only the sound of his breathing to keep him company. Godspeed you, Rainbow Girl. He thought to himself.


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Yesterday, 05:58 PM

Gabby literally has an entire playlist.




Biggest ones, though are The Mara Effect pt.3 and Blessed Be, by Spiritbox.