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In Topic: Buried in the past

18 November 2020 - 10:00 PM

Leirra's eyebrow arches at that, looking to Mikami. "Well now, that is interesting... I wonder how it is she even found out about the Scrolls. Though I can't fault her motivations, certainly... Though I noticed you avoided my other two questions." She says, looking to Mikami. She sighs and looks back towards the fog. "I understand Mrs. Tyris was the one who called me, but what can I do?"

In Topic: Buried in the past

14 November 2020 - 05:02 PM

Leirra sighs and looks back to the fading view of the Vault. "...Why did he take the Scales in the first place? What wrong is he trying to undo? Is he haunted by his use of the Scrolls? Or further back even, to his so-called crimes that got him sentenced to become the first Embodiment?" She muses, more to herself than anything, before turning back to Tera. "...what is it you need me to do, Countess? Or Mrs. Tyris, for that matter?"

In Topic: Buried in the past

13 November 2020 - 07:59 PM

Leirra looks to her, eyebrow arched as she watches Mikami. "...are you asking me to go retrieve them? I'm not even sure it's possible for me to get in, considering this isn't my domain. Even if I can get in, the, presence, of that may complicate things." She asks, turning back towards the Vault. She shudders, but doesn't go into hysterics.

In Topic: Buried in the past

13 November 2020 - 01:02 AM

As she looks out over the Vault, she shudders. Her hands ball up into white knuckled fists and her clothes stiffen, the fabric shifting to metal from an instinctive sense of danger. "...there is much to fear in this place, Tera, but one thing that must never be released. Even if it causes the deaths of billions it must not be released.I can feel them from here, only because I've seen them. I've seen them used twice, in fact... Both times to completely eradicate a species already capable of rewriting fundamental laws of existence. I'm not surprised even you aren't allowed." She says, eyes locked on the Vault, memories of tragedies and genocides rushing through her mind. Yet again she looked old, and older still the longer she looked. Then she laughed, manic and near crazed. She suddenly slams her eyes shut, biting her lip to stop herself as she takes a ragged breath. "...Damnit... I'm sorry... Why, did you bring me here?"

In Topic: Insanus Pt. 5: The Paradigm Shift

12 November 2020 - 03:16 PM

Leirra looks to her, eyebrow arching as the hallway shifts. "Can I trust you? I have lived a very, very long time Countess, longevity of that sort does not come from trusting many people. Compounded with this is what the one whom I trusted most behind my husband did to us, and the fact that you are being so secretive, honestly makes it harder. But I believe we have the same goals in the end." She muses, looking out over the structure. Her form gradually shifts back to the young appearance she arrived using.

"...I will trust you, Countess... But be careful. The ends do not always justify the means. I do not know why Order is here, or why he is being kept from his daughter. Or even how. But you had best take care. If you get caught, her fury will not be overcome. Even I will be hard pressed to protect you."