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In Topic: Even Angels Fall - **FLASHBACK TOPIC** Hikaru/Nisorin

15 May 2022 - 05:43 AM

Leirra sets her cup down and sighs a bit. "I'm not asking for no reason, Hikari. I know something has happened to him. But he's long been masking himself from us so I couldn't tell what happened. I've known him since his-well... A very, very long time indeed. I believe he's still alive, otherwise Creation would have passed to a successor like Hikaru's husband's domain did." She explains, looking to Hikari with concern. "And yes, I can feel that what happened to him has saddened you greatly."

In Topic: Even Angels Fall - **FLASHBACK TOPIC** Hikaru/Nisorin

01 May 2022 - 03:57 PM

Leirra sighs and nods. "She has always been very, ambitious... But that wasn't a mistake. Anyone would be concerned about their family getting hurt. After all, being her clone they are your family too." She says, looking out the window. "How is Eli? It's been such a long time since he's come for tea. Does he still like that oolong with a hint of cinnamon?"

In Topic: Even Angels Fall - **FLASHBACK TOPIC** Hikaru/Nisorin

17 April 2022 - 06:26 PM

As she watches, Leirra sighs in concern. By then end, she's shaking her head and looking almost angry. "How dare she? Just because you weren't strong enough to kill two of the strongest mages out there, she kills you? That's not how a parent acts. A real parent would have helped you get stronger, or accepted you couldn't answer helped you find something else you can do." She says, looking out the window. "That's what my sister and I did, all those eons ago. I'm sorry, Hikari, for bringing up bad memories."

In Topic: Insanus Pt. 7.5: Sumant Directo Potestate

10 July 2021 - 10:54 PM

Leirra shifts, finally finishing tightening her bracers. "Constantine, he was-" she suddenly cries out, spinning to face away from Mikami as it projects a memory onto a pane made from a magical barrier.

High Prefect Constantine and Prefect Aurelia both stood in surprise as the lone remaining Prefect Consul stood before them, angry as could be.

"Aurelia, please ensure Scholar Cato gets safely to his new home." he ordered the Prefect. "I'll deal with her."

"It will be done, Constantine." she nodded and took her leave with the other 4 Prefects.

Constantine turned his attention to her and approached her. Constantine was an intimidating figure, he stood about a foot taller than the other Prefect Consuls. His snow white hair clashed with his yellow irises.

"This is a good thing, this means that we were successful in creating embodiments of forces." he said calmly. "That man's life was a small price to pay in the name of progress. It is a shame that we had to use such a crude method, but I am convinced that our next subject will be in much better shape."

He held out his hand and a large orb appeared. It showed a man in a wheelchair in a large study room, reading a book. He looked to be in his mid-30s and had a distinctive hair pattern. It was jet black with a streak of silver in it. He set the book down in his lap which was covered by a blanket and calmly sipped a cup of tea, while he gazed into the adjacent fireplace.

"So calm yourself, and be happy. We are not destined to suffer the same fate as the Ancient Ones, my dear."

Leirra stumbles back a step as the barrier fades, growling as she forces it away. "Damnit! He was, the leader of our government. He was, mostly supposed to keep order in the consul, render judgement during inconclusive votes, but his actions during our own rebellion gave him far more power, in practice."

In Topic: Insanus Pt. 7.5: Sumant Directo Potestate

08 July 2021 - 11:54 PM

Leirra grits her teeth, taking a moment to focus. "Insana's Judge, Jury and, in a matter of speaking, Executioner. Creator, and attempted subjugator, of the Embodiments. High Consul of the Perfect, Constantine. One of my last acts was to charge myself with ridding Existence of his taint. Every time a fragment of him returns once again I can feel it. I'm compelled to hunt it down and dismantle it down to the most fundamental components, then shatter them." She explains, arms wrapping around herself in pain. "But this is wrong somehow... Like he's back but isn't. The compulsion is reacting like I'm trying to resist but there's nothing to hunt..."

Leirra looks to Mikami now, a third, bloody eye splitting open on her forehead.

T̷̡͗̒͋̚Ḫ̵̫̓̑̊̔E̶̦̣̟͂̾ ̷̦̀̒̒̀P̶͙̗̈́́͗̿̽Ȯ̶̖̝̙͌̈́̂W̴̝̙͛̔̍̕E̵̙̥̅͆̌́͒R̴̡͉͊͗ ̴̥̩̭͆̈́̇͘R̷̠̖͔̽A̶̢̬̮̟̥̓͑̆G̶̹̓̔͋Ě̸̮̘̠͕̔̀̐͠S̵͔̮̠̊ ̶̱̓̄̽͝W̸͇̹̩͓̪͌̈̓̽̌Ǐ̶̢̧͖̪͆̌̂͝T̵̡̻̯͇̈́̒̈́H̷̍̾̾͜ ̸̛̬͕̯̈́͆N̴͙̱̂͝Ọ̷̡̹̻̺͂̾W̷̼̼͓̻͓̿̏͊̄H̷͖̲̹̰̝͗E̵̝̻͍̎̑̒͌R̶̨̖̠̾̈́E̸͇̯͐́ ̶̧͉̫̜̬̏̓̊͝T̶̛͉̋O̵͓͗͝ ̵̦̘̔̿̀G̷̛͈̮͎̀͝Ȍ̸̝̱̩̞̹̌̅̓̚