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Even Angels Fall - **FLASHBACK TOPIC** Hikaru/Nisorin

18 December 2020 - 12:10 PM

The shrine of Eli, the one remainder that lain in North from the time that Hikari had very temporarily ruled in Lord Eli's absence. With the death of Eli she had taken up the rule if only to preserve her saviors land in the way he had left it. Hoping to to honor Eli by doing so. As it turned out, she needn't worry as Eli had made his miraculous return and so this shrine, it's giant, like really giant statue of a much more handsome Eli than he really was, towering above in the center of the city of North. Despite his return, to her delight, Eli had left the statue and so Hikari had made it a part of her daily tradition to visit, clean, and sometimes when no one was around kiss the statue.


Today was no different.


"Oh Fido, isn't he so lovely? Our Lord Eli?" She floated in the air, wings outstretched and levitating Fido near her as she stared dreamily into eyes of the Eli statue. "Of course, the real Eli is soo much nicer. But he..." She stopped as Fido whined which she took as an answer and shook her head.


"No no! I mustn't think like that and neither should you Fido! Lord Eli did not send us into danger on purpose. He just... he was mistaken, that's all! Even L-lord Eli must make mistakes sometimes, right? He's not Perfect."


Fido merely whined more, the dog tilting its head to the side as if in confusion.


"Alright! Let's finish cleaning the statue and then we can go pick more flowers for Lord Eli, make more cake for Lord Eli, and then if we have time, we can pick up where we left off learning to sew for Lord Eli from yesterday! I'm sure with my Lord could use another blanket, or maybe a swea--"




"You're right! Statue first!" Hikari looked back to the statue, staring into its eyes once more before she kissed it on the nose, and then snapped her fingers a shower of rain and soap falling from an appearing portal which was then followed by wind.


"All clean! Now let's go pick fl---" Hikari was cut short as she nearly fell out of the air, her hand to her head as she suffered what she could only assume was vertigo. She landed to the ground just to be safe.


"ARF! ARF!" Fido barked as Hikari landed, clearly picking up on the fact that something was wrong.


"It's okay boy, don't worry! I just got a little dizzy is all, it was weird though, for a moment I felt my m---" She paused once more as she had to grab Fido to keep from falling, the dog whining in response. "Okay maybe not so well..." The girl continued to grab onto Fido for support as she fell to her knees. Flashes were now going through per mind, pieces of not her own memories, but what seemed her mothers memories. At first, the most recent, ones that showed where her mother was. But then others more later ones, as fast as they flashed in her mind, they disappeared, and more flashed through.


It was so many memories so fast that Hikari's mind became overloaded to the point she lost her balance and soon after that lost consciousness causing Fido to start howling in worry.


18 December 2020 - 11:34 AM

It had been hours since the kids Rev and Gen had taken their lessons from the earth files they had procured and even more hours on top of that since they had roped Freya into it as well as the three of them sat there in the control room of Lus watching more videos and coming up with ideas for new technologies, beings and other things.


Every now and then they would look up to see what Trashcam was up to, to see if he'd finished his tutorial yet; and even moreso to see if Bubbles (the Kaiju ARI named by Freya) had woken from his nap and tried to eat Cam yet. Not that they would have let it if it tried, but just that it was part of the experiment of Bubbles protecting them.


But now they were growing bored, and the responses from the messages they put out had not helped any. Earth had completely ignored them, which confused the kids as to how could something with such awesome stuff such as mechas, ninjas, and colored teams fighting monsters be so quick to ignore them? Earth seemed friendly in the videos they had watched, yet they still had no response. K Empire, SCOUTs origins had replied a bit, but had yet replied to their last, the same with Mars which the kids were still unsure as to what it contained, having been the one to really not answer a thing.


However, now they had actually gotten a response. The planet known as Violet had explained who they were (which it turns out they already knew them from before) and had said they'd send someone. Progress! And better yet, more friends!


"I hope he replies soooon." Rev whined as he watched the same floating screen that he had been watching for last half hour. "The more friends we can get bef---"


"IROKU'S HERE!" Gen had suddenly cut into what Rev had been saying, causing him to look up in surprise.




"YEAH! He appeared just now!" She jumped down from her seat she had been sitting at on one of the bigger not-floating screens. The stool she was sitting on taller than the both of them. "He's near Trashcam. We should go meet him! Freya, you haven't met Iroku, right? He's one of our rolemodels! We met him him as one of our first he'd be uhhhh he'd be our daddy! I think..." She tried to explain by comparing Iroku to Hasseo still not quite clear on what a 'daddy was' just a rolemodel that took care of them and taught them.


"WAIT WAIT WAIT!! He can't come now!" Rev suddenly jumped up. "If the Mechera reply and send someone, especially if it's that Gregory guy, then it'd be bad. Remember the last time those two met? They did not get along."


"That's because Iroku wanted to save the planet without tech, and was already mad at Archon and the Archive Commander. This time they're not here, and the planet has been saved long ago. So they shouldn't fight... I hope.." Gen looked unsure of herself but only for a moment. "I'm sure it will be fine! We'll just explain to both. I'm letting him in!"


"Just don't let Trashcam in yet, he hasn't leveled up and Bubbles still needs a playmate!"


But before Rev had said the last statement, Gen had already pressed a button to open a portal near Iroku, and by proxy Cameron.

A Stray Child

18 December 2020 - 11:11 AM

Era Valley, once home to two great Kingdoms at war with one another; The Genesis Kingdom of Dragons, and the Phoenix Kingdom. For years the two stayed locked in feud with one another until a new King on the Genesis Kingdoms side and a mostly forbidden romance tied the remnants of both kingdoms together into what would later become known as Era Village; the birthplace of the Sage Three.


It was here where the village once stood before Hikaru released an evil known as Zere and destroyed it, that now Hikaru's own son Kotah appeared in a bursting shockwave of magic and Destric energy so powerful that it sent a pulse throughout the entirety of the Sage Dimension, and even possibly reaching the outskirts of the mortal dimension.


As soon as he appeared, he fell into a heap on the ground, which the shock wave had destroyed much of, seemingly unconscious. His twin brother was nowhere in sight.


16 July 2020 - 01:57 PM

@Chase needs to post like everywhere.



Testing the Waters

11 July 2020 - 02:19 PM

Atop the Citadel suddenly appeared what looked like a child. Grey hair, grey skin, grey clothes, all grey except for the eyes that were pitch black. Except, this was no ordinary grey where it was just different shades. No. The shades of different grey blended so perfectly that it looked like the child had just stepped out of a black and white photograph.


Clutched in the child's hand was what looked like a white envelope.