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Piecing Together the Fragments of Time

Yesterday, 10:41 AM

Just a little longer...


Asura stood within the Records near the Embodiment section of the great archive. Near to her was a table, she had made appear, and on it were a small pile of books. In her hand, Asura held another pocket watch different from the ones she normally used to send people back in time. This one instead of being the usual gold and silver was instead a solid black with silver specks around it, Asura's attempt at replicating the aesthetic of space.


"Now should be good..." Asura lifted her staff which was in her other hand, as it normally was and tapped the bottom of the ground near to her, a silver ring going from around it up the rod of the staff and outward from the hourglass to create like a radar throughout time as it faded into nothingness. It was a call. A summon.

Picrew Characters

23 May 2020 - 11:46 AM

Like the other dollmakers, make your characters as close as possible.

Except... Picrew has like a ton of doll makers on the one site. Soo....

Pick which ones you want to use yourself.


1: https://picrew.me/image_maker/4893













Gen and Rev





Kotah and Ezael




Filia Temporis

17 May 2020 - 04:11 AM

"And out here we have many trees, a lake, a wide variety of grasses and sometimes if you are lucky, you may see an animal or two." Crea's voice could be heard saying by anyone near to them as she led a young girl around behind her. The girl had long black hair that dragged the floor behind her and wore a knee-length white dress with short sleeves. She had a curious look in her eyes, as she followed Crea and looked at what Crea pointed at.

"Really?" She asked, eyes wide.

"If you stay really quiet." Crea answered, leading the way as she continued. "Other creatures scare easily, and may not be so quick to trust. So you have to stay quiet."

"I wanna see, I wanna see!" The girl ran ahead a ways, looking around her as she went, leaving Crea to catch up. Crea merely laughed as she walked slowly, allowing the girl more freedom to run ahead and explore. This was their first outing outside after all. Ever since Crea had made her plan. Ever since she had created brought to life the girl that now ran ahead of her. The girl that was none-other than the Embodiment of Time... Crea now walked in deep thought, reflecting to that night....



It had already been several weeks since Crea had last talked with the Embodiment of Order and yet the conversation had continued to weigh on her mind. Day and night, morning and afternoon, it was always there in her thoughts, never quite leaving her alone. So much had been discussed, and yet ... so very little. Only the edge of the line, and not everything that accompanied it. There was so much more to everything, and perhaps even more than that, things even she did not know. At least she suspected such...

If only Crea could do something about it. If only she could change it...  Maybe not even change it, but just to counteract it... To put for that one good act in a sea of countless bad ones..

Perhaps it was for that reason Crea now found herself pondering such a thing in the dead of night, walking the great halls once more, this time beneath the moonlit sky, wandering at such an hour that all others would surely be asleep. But alas, Crea could not sleep. Not tonight. Not when she finally had it, that idea that she had pondered for so many weeks. That one act of good that she could perform. That one act that could possibly open the door to many others... It just had to work.

Candle in hand, Crea soon approached a door after rounding a hallway. This door was smaller than the rest, the door to one of many study rooms that lie in the monastery. A place secluded that gave her the silence and isolation that she required. The perfectly place to avoid the others from knowing. Not that she had to hide any act of creation, necessarily. But Crea knew that the other Perfect would be against what she planned to do. For they had never dared.

Of all the Embodiments the Perfect had created... Of all the beings and lives they had ruled over. There was one that the other Perfect never dared to create. One force they had never dared to touch... For if they created that Embodiment, then they would have to acknowledge the existence of that force. Time. And in tandem, the things that time brought with it. Beginnings and Endings. If the Perfect created Time, they would have to face the reality that they had had a beginning and that they too would also have an end, as far as that may be.

This was a concept the Perfect had refused to acknowledge. A concept they ignored, and tried to laugh off as mere fiction. Just as they had the Arami Scrolls, and so many other artifacts of power or things that could bring on the fabled ending. That one true enemy... Death. Impossible for immortals. Or was it? Even the Perfect as 'perfect' as they claimed to be were not immune and deep down, they all knew this.

Creating Time would make it obvious. Creating time would reveal it to outsiders. Creating time would cause them to have to face their fears, and possibly knock the others off of their peruvial pedestal.

But Crea was different. Crea acknowledged that even they would eventually have an end. Accepted it.  Just as long she had the time to pass on the values that mattered to the next generation and had done all in her power to guide them in the ways of what was right. As long as she had made a difference...

Then all of it would have been worth it and Crea would have nothing to fear.

But such was a far off hope, a dream and a plan to obtain that dream. First lie the task at hand, the start of that dream.

Now in the study, Crea closed the door behind her and placed the candle she held on a nearby wooden table; its surface laden with books. Crea bent over to the stack of books and began to dig, carefully picking them up one by one and thumbing through the pages. When she finished skimming a book, she would place it in sorted stack upon the table, cleaning the books up as she went along.

As the stack grew higher and higher, Crea finally stopped at one particular book she held. Its pages were silver, and the binding white with edged gold trimming around the sides. Crea flipped through this book more slowly, walking the room as she read. She stopped at a small shelf to the right of the room, where she picked up a small wooden box that lie on a shelf near the top. She took this box to the table and set it down, procuring from its insides what looked like a gold pocket watch, a vial of water, another vial, this one empty, and a bag of dust.

Crea set these new objects onto the table, and then placed the book beside them, the page she had left it on showing several writings in a runic alphabet. Once confirming that she had everything, Crea finally sat down and picked up the vial of water and the bag of dust. She opened the bag and poured it within the water. She then picked up the empty vial and made the motion of pouring it also into the vial of water. She then capped the vial of water and set it upon the table.

Next, Crea picked up the pocket watch, and stared at it, allowing it to make one full cycle of rotation before she quickly held her hand above it just as it hit the numeral for twelve, her hand in a gesture of pulling something unseen. As she pulled her hand far from the watch the watch first glowed gold and then began to turn a faint silver. Crea continued to pull the silver glow further and further away from the watch until she had it over the vial. She used her other hand to carefully uncap the vial and pulled the glow into it, quickly recapping the vial as soon as the glow had been entrapped.

The vial itself now glowing a brilliant silver, Crea stood up and walked to the center of the room, placed the vial on the ground. She then did a rather peculiar thing and reached up to her own head and pulled out a single hair, rich pink in color. She dropped this upon the vial and then stepped back, her hands held out before her.

Crea now closed her eyes as she cleared her mind, focusing all thoughts on the creative energy of the life around her. The trees outside. The sky above. The hidden insects within the walls and floors, every sense of life, every signature of spirit. Crea focused on it all, feeling her own connection to existence as she did so. Her breathing slowed, and her eyes closed. Crea started to recite the words of the incantation that she had prepared for this very day. This would be a different incantation from the one for the other embodiments.

"Great forces of Existence, I call you here. From near to far, from far to near. I call upon the force of Time to offer you now this gift of mine. The chance at life and all it brings. The universe rife with all its things. Please join me now, as this journey spins to write your story as it begins"

A shattering of glass was heard, the vial breaking Crea, however continued to keep her eyes closed, still grounding herself to the forces of life around her. It wasn't until all sound and light from the spell had ceased and Crea was met with an overwhelming signature of power that Crea finally opened her eyes. Before her, looking up at her stood a young girl who looked no older than 7. She had long black hair that dragged the floor and covered her face partially. Her eyes were black as well, however they were more of an onyx black, sparkling in the candlelight. She was nude, but thankfully her hair covered most of anything that would have shown.

With a warm smile, Crea leaned over, offering her hand to the child who just looked at it. "Welcome to life, Asherah." She gave a slight laugh before adding, "Let's get you something to wear, shall we? We have much to go over."




"LOOK WHAT I FOUND!" Crea was quickly broken from her thoughts and brought back to present as the girl, Asherah, now stood before her holding up a struggling lizard-like creature, its tail flicking rapidly as it tried to escape the child's hands.

"Very good." Crea smiled back at the child. "But for now, we need to let him go."

"But why?!"

"He's scared, see his tail flicking? That means he wants to get down."

"Why's he scared?"

"Because you're big, and scary." Crea laughed. "And he's small, and fearful."

"But I'm not scary..."

"To the lizard you are. But don't worry." Crea held gently took the lizard from the girls hand and placed it on the ground. "You will soon meet others that won't scare as easy as the lizard. People like you."

The girl, Asherah immediately looked surprised. "When? When?"

"In fact, we are on our way now. I have a friend for you to meet." Crea held her hand out for Asherah to take it. When she did, Crea led her on. 'Out of anybody, I trust him the most for you to meet first. At least for now...' She thought to herself.

Character Tracker II

12 April 2020 - 08:49 AM

Same as the topic from the archives. Track your characters whereabouts.

Asura: Just sent Insana to the Perfect era, now waiting for him to return in order to solve the mystery of things erased from time. Waiting on Lyoko.

Hikaru: Still trapped (since 2012) in New Dementia. Waiting on Lyoko.

Hikari: Borrowed some book from Asura for Eli. North? Waiting on whoever.

Rev and Gen: In Lus trying to figure out the intricacies of ruling an empire and whether or not war is one of those things. Waiting on Lyoko.

Kurai: On the Insanus planet, having tried to trace Hikaru's signature. Waiting on Lyoko.

Kotah and Ezael: Last seen in Caelum. Status unknown.

Naki: In the Sage Dimension getting tutoring from Cole. I need to post.

Alyss: On Earth tricking some poor victim. I need to post.

Treena: Sealed.

Rin and Kuro: Dead, last seen with a reaper. Waiting on Hiro.

Relle: Last seen in Sage Dimension. Status unknown.

Gwyn/Satya: Unknown

Fido: With Hikari.

The Realities of Running an Empire

16 August 2018 - 09:45 AM

It had only been a few hours that Rev and Gen had left the City of Lus, yet to them they had been gone days, maybe even a couple of months. That was the thing with time between dimensions, certain ones went by faster than others. Now of course, the kids were back. They had returned without Relle as she had wanted to further explore the Sage Dimension, this of course left them with no one to learn from and basically bored. And what did Rev and Gen usually do when they were bored?


...Well that depended if they had ideas or not. This particular day, they had too many. What with their venture to the Sage Dimension on vacation and all. The problem was, with so many ideas, what should come first? Both kids pondered this question as they sat in chairs around a large table of various ARI and AI, Cheshire beside them.


"We made friends-- I mean allies." Rev started to say, "We have other friends that live here too. What's next?!"


"Well..." Gen looked up from what she was reading,  a small piece of thin metal in her hand that seemed to project a hologram with words on it. "From what we found out in the other Dimension where Relle took us, most Empires have lots and lots of land. Maybe we need more land?"


"But isn't Lus enough? It's a whole planet of land!"


Gen simply tilted her head to the side as she skimmed the holo-book. "Yeah but that place was an entire Dimension! And our friends Empires had more than one planet that they went to, remember?"


"OH YEAH!" Rev exclaimed. "But where do we get more planets? Do we make them?"


"CHESHIRE KNOW!" The Battle ARI who had seemingly been quiet up to this point now chimed in. "CHESHIRE HAS WATCHED AND SEEN WHAT THE OTHERS DO. Cheshire watches the recordings that we got from The Archive and Aralangs. Cheshire has seen their ways,  the ways of the other Empires. Yes, Cheshire has seen their vile secrets"


"Uhh Cheshire..?" Rev looked confused as did Gen, the both of them looking at the ARI puzzled.


"THEY STEALS IT! The other Empires fight and destroy and steal land from each other, back and forth, back and forth, until no land left and most people dead! DEAD DEAD DEAD!"


Both children went silent as they looked at each other. That couldn't be right. Could it?


"DEAD!" Cheshire shouted once more, her eyes turning red for a few seconds and then settling back to blue. "Shall Cheshire research plans?"


"Uhhh..." Rev looked at Gen.


"Maybe we should find something else to do next, and leave land to last?"


"WORKS FOR ME!" Rev concluded. "But what..."


Both kids sighed.