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Heroforge Characters

07 September 2021 - 06:33 AM

Not anime, eh, but can still get close enough.








I'm Gone

26 June 2021 - 07:35 PM

Because of personal matters with a fellow RPer of which I do not condone, I'm gone. While it doesn't affect RPing as a whole, my characters are wrapped up with theirs, so sticking around would have little point as I'd have like only a few characters left to RP with as a whole.

While I am leaving the RP, this does not affect my standing with the story and founding of, itself. My characters are still MY characters and will not be signed over. As such, I still intend to work on the anime, as that project was more between K2 and I more than anyone else anyway. Others work was involved, but the idea for the anime and creation of it actually becoming a thing never required the person of which I refuse to rp with until the anime actually gets to that point in story, which can then be addressed and mediated through K2 whenever.

So my involvement in the story is still very much intact. Just not the rp side of things any more.

Funny Chatlog Thread

27 April 2021 - 10:55 AM

Hikaru — Today at 6:26 AM
Cannot find the right blender tutorial x.x

suarva — Today at 6:29 AM
For wot

Hikaru — Today at 6:35 AM
[6:35 AM]
Plenty of capes, but no cloaks.

Epiony — Today at 6:35 AM
sua is the right tutorial

Hikaru — Today at 6:35 AM
And before you say it, they aren't the same

suarva — Today at 6:38 AM
Ah a cloak

Hikaru — Today at 6:38 AM
Even tutorials that say cloak, I watch them and it's like 'dude that's a cape'
[6:39 AM]
If it just hangs off the back and only flows from the back, it's a cape. But how does one get the type that wrap around the front and can push to the back or not?

Epiony — Today at 6:39 AM

suarva — Today at 6:39 AM
Well ehm
[6:39 AM]
You can start with a cylinder

Epiony — Today at 6:39 AM
commission me for a cloak and ill make sua make it
[6:39 AM]

suarva — Today at 6:40 AM
Wait wot

Epiony — Today at 6:40 AM

suarva — Today at 6:40 AM

Hikaru — Today at 6:40 AM
Commission you to commission someone else?(edited)

Epiony — Today at 6:40 AM
xD im jk
[6:40 AM]
tho i have an idea of trying to make a cloak :0 wanna take ur chances with me?

suarva — Today at 6:40 AM
But basically I would use a cylinder to first wrap around the character
[6:40 AM]
Fit the top to the body
[6:41 AM]
Extrude out a hoodie and if needed fold it back to sit on the neck

Epiony — Today at 6:41 AM
sua makes it sound so easy qwq

Hikaru — Today at 6:41 AM
I'm trying to learn it myself. Like the modeling isn't hard, but rigging it,  it's how to make it move off and on the body, and not just hang there flowy like a wannabe super hero.

Epiony — Today at 6:42 AM
eh make it parallel to the character body
[6:42 AM]
then add bones
[6:42 AM]
it should naturally look flowy..

suarva — Today at 6:42 AM
Got a ref? For what you think it should look like?

Hikaru — Today at 6:42 AM
Like.. Lord of the Rings style

Angel — Today at 6:42 AM
(and colliders to the upper back)(edited)
[6:43 AM]
(don't actually listen to me listen to sua always)

Epiony — Today at 6:43 AM
dont listen to sua :0 listen to epi
[6:43 AM]
dont wear a cloak its summer

Hikaru — Today at 6:43 AM
But cloaks are a staple to any medieval character.
[6:43 AM]
Convince me otherwise.

Epiony — Today at 6:43 AM
; . ;
[6:44 AM]
[6:44 AM]
capes or cloaks not necessarily cloaks- but yessir qwq

Angel — Today at 6:44 AM
i think that depends on the more specific archetype but they're common in the genre id agree

Epiony — Today at 6:44 AM
maybe u took it off for a minute
[6:44 AM]
xD hikaru gonna block me-

Art Breeder Characters

07 April 2021 - 04:08 PM

Yet another character maker thread. (Since we already have Rinmaru, Picrew, Gacha, although Rinmaru is now gone/shutdown.)


More places you can design your character, this time using deepfake AIs! While there is an anime version, this works better if you go realistic style.


So far I've only been able to make Crea because 'real' humans have a hard time spiking their hair right and I haven't tried others.

But I love the results, even if she looks kinda 'young'. Hard to get that gentleness in the face I wanted with the older faces.


Basically to use it https://www.artbreeder.com/ you either look up or upload a photo to use as the base, something close. Like for Crea I looked through the blonde gentle looking women, selected that as a base, messed with the settings to customize it (sliders such as age, light/dark, etc). Then I once happy with that, looked up pink hair, selected the one in the style I wanted, messed with settings to mesh the two photos together, looked up a few other things I can't remember and then just had the AI mesh all the photos together till it got to something I liked.



And realistic Crea:




You CAN upload your own photos as bases. But I don't suggest that. ...That didn't turn out well.

But a new way to make our characters.


This shows all the different photo bases, and steps that were meshed together to get to Crea:


Even Angels Fall - **FLASHBACK TOPIC** Hikaru/Nisorin

18 December 2020 - 12:10 PM

The shrine of Eli, the one remainder that lain in North from the time that Hikari had very temporarily ruled in Lord Eli's absence. With the death of Eli she had taken up the rule if only to preserve her saviors land in the way he had left it. Hoping to to honor Eli by doing so. As it turned out, she needn't worry as Eli had made his miraculous return and so this shrine, it's giant, like really giant statue of a much more handsome Eli than he really was, towering above in the center of the city of North. Despite his return, to her delight, Eli had left the statue and so Hikari had made it a part of her daily tradition to visit, clean, and sometimes when no one was around kiss the statue.


Today was no different.


"Oh Fido, isn't he so lovely? Our Lord Eli?" She floated in the air, wings outstretched and levitating Fido near her as she stared dreamily into eyes of the Eli statue. "Of course, the real Eli is soo much nicer. But he..." She stopped as Fido whined which she took as an answer and shook her head.


"No no! I mustn't think like that and neither should you Fido! Lord Eli did not send us into danger on purpose. He just... he was mistaken, that's all! Even L-lord Eli must make mistakes sometimes, right? He's not Perfect."


Fido merely whined more, the dog tilting its head to the side as if in confusion.


"Alright! Let's finish cleaning the statue and then we can go pick more flowers for Lord Eli, make more cake for Lord Eli, and then if we have time, we can pick up where we left off learning to sew for Lord Eli from yesterday! I'm sure with my Lord could use another blanket, or maybe a swea--"




"You're right! Statue first!" Hikari looked back to the statue, staring into its eyes once more before she kissed it on the nose, and then snapped her fingers a shower of rain and soap falling from an appearing portal which was then followed by wind.


"All clean! Now let's go pick fl---" Hikari was cut short as she nearly fell out of the air, her hand to her head as she suffered what she could only assume was vertigo. She landed to the ground just to be safe.


"ARF! ARF!" Fido barked as Hikari landed, clearly picking up on the fact that something was wrong.


"It's okay boy, don't worry! I just got a little dizzy is all, it was weird though, for a moment I felt my m---" She paused once more as she had to grab Fido to keep from falling, the dog whining in response. "Okay maybe not so well..." The girl continued to grab onto Fido for support as she fell to her knees. Flashes were now going through per mind, pieces of not her own memories, but what seemed her mothers memories. At first, the most recent, ones that showed where her mother was. But then others more later ones, as fast as they flashed in her mind, they disappeared, and more flashed through.


It was so many memories so fast that Hikari's mind became overloaded to the point she lost her balance and soon after that lost consciousness causing Fido to start howling in worry.