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In Topic: Insanus Pt. 5.5: Quid Pro Quo

19 November 2020 - 12:09 AM

"I shall say, dear Great Uncle..." Hikaru said the term with sarcasm, drawing it out with emphasis, "..that should you call me that again, there will be no deals ever and as a side note, when I do get the scrolls, I will be sure to end the Embodiment regime." Despite saying this, she stepped back ever so slightly as if in fear, but tried to hide it.

"But whatever, fine, you win! It is not as if it matters anyway.. With that memory stunt Insanity's little lapdog just pulled to keep it from Leirra.. I can almost bet that will be the same outcome when I do get to leave, especially.." She held up her wrist for a second to show the mark she had just gained the knowledge of, having not noticed before, "..if this means that they have the same power over me that you claim to have. Which basically makes our deal from before useless. Had I my magic, there are seals that I could possibly set to trigger after leaving that would restore those memories. But had I my magic, I would not even be here talking to you in the first place." She rolled her eyes.

"Oh and to add to the list of things that are about to go wrong, apparently Insanity is not even here, or so his lapdog also claims. Which explains how we even got this far in trying to make a deal. If he returns, that will ruin it even more if he can sense that you made me an agent, like Leirra did. So in the end? Forcing me into helping you does nothing!"

Though she had explained the situation to mock Order on his 'victory,' Hikaru herself was far from happy with how things were turning out. Now that she had the knowledge that Insanity was gone, things made more sense and her questions from before on why certain things weren't stopped were now answered. But that left the uncertainty of what would happen when he returned. Would the previous attempts at a deal to help Order get out be simply overlooked, or would he would hold it against her and inhibit her own exit of this place? Hikaru could almost scoff at the whole thing. That girl had told her not to meddle, and yet here she was thrown right in the middle of it, stuck as an agent of both and being threatened to help one of them without knowing what would happen when the other caught wind of it.

Hikaru sighed. If they were going to get out, now was the best time. With Insanity gone, and with Leirra still there, it was the best chance. But how could she convince Leirra to try to help if every time she talked to Leirra, she had her memories wiped of current events and her every statement undermined? She didn't exactly have her magic to use telepathy, and even if she did there was the memory issue. With her memories being able to be wiped as easy as they were, there was no way to tell Leirra what was going on ... unless...  Hikaru's gaze had continued to linger on her wrist as she had thought, and now shifted over to the book, before she looked down, still thinking.

"Unless you agree to do things my way now." Hikaru finally broke her thoughts and added to her last statement from before. "Which first involves catching Leirra in the physical world before she leaves."

In Topic: Insanus Pt. 5.5: Quid Pro Quo

15 November 2020 - 05:38 PM

The look on Hikaru's face could not capture just how many emotions she was going through at that moment. Shock? Anger? Hatred? Disgust? At both him and herself? She did know she wanted to strangle him and had to use every ounce of will power she had, not to even try, by reminding herself that this wasn't even the physical world to attempt such a thing. Instead she grit her teeth and clenched her fists so hard that if it had been the physical world, her nails would have drawn blood.

"...And if I refuse?" She muttered in question, her gaze leaving the book to return to glaring at him. "I am the eldest of the Sage Three, the three most powerful magic users in Existence, I serve NO ONE!"

In Topic: Insanus Pt. 5.5: Quid Pro Quo

12 November 2020 - 11:51 PM

Seconds of silence passed as Hikaru took the time to process just what exactly had been said... When she finally did however..

"WHAT?!! NO! Hell no! Absolutely not! I would never have agreed if I knew it meant having you in my head all of the time! What is more! If you can do it, that nutcase probably has the same access! NO! I REFUSE! GET OUT AND REMOVE YOUR AGENCY WITH YOU! NOW!!!!"

She stopped yelling only to glare at him darker than ever before, a look of pure enraged hatred written across her face.


Stupid Embodiment. How dare he...


While still seething, curiosity got the best of Hikaru as she started to calm somewhat down after her outburst. Her eyes shifted every slightly downward to glance at the book, though she didn't break the glare she held.


From what she could see from looking down, Hikaru knew immediately that she would be unable to translate it. The language seemed to be the same as what the Revelation Magic spell book had been written in. But where Revelation Magic book had been spells, formulaic in nature along with some theory that could be made out, this was actual text that called for more time to try to translate; and Hikaru as much as she had bragged about being able to use Revelation magic had never been able to translate the book in its entirety.  She just couldn't find enough texts to go off of from when she tried. Then the book had been consumed, and was now no more except for what she held within memory, and the magic itself.


Now it was the same with this book. She couldn't read much of it if at all. Of course, Hikaru was never about to admit this to Order. Hell no. Especially since she still wanted him out!

In Topic: Insanus Pt. 5.5: Quid Pro Quo

12 November 2020 - 10:19 PM

"First tell me how you are even here." Hikaru eyes narrowed further as she continued to glare at him while choosing to ignore the insult. "If I considered the Aralangs and their damn mind reading an invasion of privacy, then I sure as hell do not want the Embodiments in here either. The mind is a sanctuary, and I do not remember inviting you..."

In Topic: Insanus Pt. 5.5: Quid Pro Quo

12 November 2020 - 04:39 AM

With how much she had exhausted her spirit out by using it to the last dredges of energy, Hikaru would normally have been unable to maintain any sort of spiritscape or mindscape given that it was the literal spirit and thus mind drained. But with Leirra having directed energy to restore it, Hikaru's spirit was now starting to slowly heal. It just wasn't enough to have her fully conscious yet... ..or change the scenery of her own mind for that matter.


Which she quickly realized as she tried to will the darkness away only to have it remain. It seemed this would not be the same as before.


"...For one who claims they have other options, you seem pretty damn desperate to make a deal." Hikaru finally commented after she had given up on trying to change the area and now crossed her arms glaring at him. Her expression however, was one of confusion With the memories of what had all just transpired returned to her, she knew where she was and why, and she knew who was before her. But it did not answer the question of why he was before her. With her father it had been because he was Ingrounded. How had Order done the same?