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Perfect Society

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The Council of Prefects: The Council of Prefects is a small group of the 7 highest ranking Perfect, consisting of 6 Prefect Consuls, and led by the High Prefect Consul who acts as the leader of all the Perfect. Decisions are typically made by committee and typically actions require the majority or entire agreement of the Council. They issue writs, laws, and directives to the different castes of Perfect Society.


Known Prefect Consuls;

-High Prefect Consul, Constantine

-Prefect Consul, Aurelia of the Order of Protectors

-Prefect Consul, Lierra of the Order of Lifeshapers


Former Prefect Consuls;

-Prefect Consul, Iohn of the Order of Scholars

-Prefect Consul, Matthaeus of the Order of Adjudicators


Castes (More to be added later):


Order of Lifeshapers: A caste of creators and nurturers headed by the High Lifeshaper. They are chiefly responsible for creating life and seeing that it thrives. This group was also involved in the rearing of early Embodiments and teaching them.


Order of Builders: A caste of engineers and builders who fabricate and construct buildings, cities, ect for the society. Headed by the Master Builder.


Order of Tribunes: A caste of judicial magistrates who sat to judge Perfect and the lesser creations in accordance with the laws set forth by the Council of Prefects. They are headed by the High Iudex of the Grand Tribunal, the highest court in the land.


Order of Adjudicators: A caste of agents who enforce the laws and judgements of the Perfect in accordance with the Council of Prefects and the Order of Tribunes. They are headed by the High Seeker


Order of Protectors: A caste of soldiers and officers who form the military arm of the Perfect society. They are often sent to quell uprisings of both lesser races and separatists alike. They are headed by the High Legate.


Order of Scholars: A caste of academics, teachers, and historians. They are the record keepers of the Perfect and the primary teachers. They conduct research and often work with Lifeshapers. They are headed by the High Didact.

My Characters:
Lt. Cmndr. Mark Tepper- Former CEO of Grunder Ind.
AI Delta- DAIS Director
Supr. Cmndr. Thel Valdamee- Supreme Commander of the Mechera Military/Interim INTERPOL Chairman
Fleet Adm. Aki Sora- Commander of the 3rd Zarethian Fleet
Mark Halsey/Tepper II- High Librarian for the Great Records of Time
Lord Nathan Church- Vampire, Galactic Inc. President of Security
Countess, Tera Mikami- Ruler of New Dementia
Admiral, Regis F Hermitage- Former Director of the Zarethian Hand
Vice Admiral, Lucien Z. Rychart- Pirate Lord [Zealot]/Demented Prince
Antonio Stradivari, Demonic General of the Army of Hell
AMI, city of Sulvian's AI
Insana, The Embodiment of Insanity.

Col. Tarkov, Zarethian Systems Security Sr. Field Officer (Former HIRU Colonel)
High Seraphim, Grunder Tepper- General of the Armies of Heaven

My NPCs-

Iudex, Juris de Facta- The Embodiment of Order

Lady Justitia de Facta- The Embodiment of Justice
The Giant Golden Dildo on the Sex Planet aka the Embodiment of Sex (Spoof)

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