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Policy Reminder- 29JUL20

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Hello everyone!


Due to some recent events I have felt it important to remind everyone of ToS and site policy regarding content. It has been affirmed many years ago (Sometime after the shut down of DD) that content is NOT to be removed from the site (i.e. deleting IC posts, editing posts to effectively delete said content, ect). Members are free to edit posts, as long as there are no replies to it yet, OR there has been a mutual agreement between all parties in the topic for them to do so. Members are also free to agree amongst involved parties to nullify entire topics with the approval of Administration if they so desire, which will be looked at on a case by case basis by myself and K2323.


If you have any questions, please feel free to PM myself, or K2323, on site or Discords.



My Characters:
Lt. Cmndr. Mark Tepper- Former CEO of Grunder Ind.
AI Delta- DAIS Director
Supr. Cmndr. Thel Valdamee- Supreme Commander of the Mechera Military/Interim INTERPOL Chairman
Fleet Adm. Aki Sora- Commander of the 3rd Zarethian Fleet
Mark Halsey/Tepper II- High Librarian for the Great Records of Time
Lord Nathan Church- Vampire, Galactic Inc. President of Security
Countess, Tera Mikami- Ruler of New Dementia
Admiral, Regis F Hermitage- Former Director of the Zarethian Hand
Vice Admiral, Lucien Z. Rychart- Pirate Lord [Zealot]/Demented Prince
Antonio Stradivari, Demonic General of the Army of Hell
AMI, city of Sulvian's AI
Insana, The Embodiment of Insanity.

Col. Tarkov, Zarethian Systems Security Sr. Field Officer (Former HIRU Colonel)
High Seraphim, Grunder Tepper- General of the Armies of Heaven

My NPCs-

Iudex, Juris de Facta- The Embodiment of Order

Lady Justitia de Facta- The Embodiment of Justice
The Giant Golden Dildo on the Sex Planet aka the Embodiment of Sex (Spoof)

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