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The Konoqi

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Mesorae Goldlight, AKA The Konoqi (Shadow Prophet)




The Umbra Faith


Long ago, a splinter group of Perfect left the populated cities and headed for a hilly region in East known as the Dirtlands. These Perfect did not see themselves as gods, but as a humble race that had gained great power, and thus should seek to understand their power and existence as a whole. These Perfect detested the name their brethren had taken for themselves, and instead called themselves Scholis. Over time, they grew to be a culturally distinct region, with their own language and religion as well.


Thirty eight years ago, Mesorae was born among the Dirtlands. Not much is known about his past, but it is known that, from an early age, he became a student of The Umbra Faith. He moved from temple to temple as a child, and eventually ended up at the Grand Shadow Temple, rising through the ranks of the faith. For some reason, however, his growth track met an end, and he was sent to represent the faith in Faviste, arguably the cultural capital of the Perfect. There, he is the Court Astronomer at Aedier Palace, where many of the elite Perfect reside, spending their days in luxury and decay.


There, Mesorae has gained the title of Konoqi. In his own language, it is an honorary title meaning "Shadow Prophet" -- a title he has not earned. In the court, it is a title used in contempt and jest, an insult to his form. None the less, many a Perfect at the court has come to him for his insight into scholarly topics. While he is heeded for his advice on practical matters, few give his words on religion weight, as he preaches that someday the Shadow Lord will return and once more submerge the world in darkness. Still, he preaches on..




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