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"It seems that we are both at somewhat of a loss of what to do." Halsey chuckled. "I do miss those circles, they made things very easy."


It seemed so long ago that he was the Head Administrator of False Heaven, though only 8 years had passed. 8 years, and it still weighed heavy on his conscience. Though not particularly close with Faote, he did seem him as a respectable figure both in his knowledge, and ability. With that, he felt like he had failed in his eyes. The mention of epoch circles reminded him of Eve... What ever became of her?


My Characters:
Lt. Cmndr. Mark Tepper- Former CEO of Grunder Ind.
AI Delta- DAIS Director
Supr. Cmndr. Thel Valdamee- Supreme Commander of the Mechera Military/Interim INTERPOL Chairman
Fleet Adm. Aki Sora- Commander of the 3rd Zarethian Fleet
Mark Halsey/Tepper II- High Librarian for the Great Records of Time
Lord Nathan Church- Vampire, Galactic Inc. President of Security
Countess, Tera Mikami- Ruler of New Dementia
Admiral, Regis F Hermitage- Former Director of the Zarethian Hand
Vice Admiral, Lucien Z. Rychart- Pirate Lord [Zealot]/Demented Prince
Antonio Stradivari, Demonic General of the Army of Hell
AMI, city of Sulvian's AI
Insana, The Embodiment of Insanity.

Col. Tarkov, Zarethian Systems Security Sr. Field Officer (Former HIRU Colonel)
High Seraphim, Grunder Tepper- General of the Armies of Heaven

My NPCs-

Iudex, Juris de Facta- The Embodiment of Order

Lady Justitia de Facta- The Embodiment of Justice
The Giant Golden Dildo on the Sex Planet aka the Embodiment of Sex (Spoof)




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The Templar sighed- his friend was lost in the illusion. Completely and entirely.

"Y'know, I think the heat's gotten to me. Listening to too many drunken ramblings and paying too much mind." He patted Kaleb on the arm, setting to walk away. He stopped short, wincing in pain- He was in no fit state to be wandering around this illusion alone "Actually, I don't suppose I could take you up on that offer of a ride into town? Could do with a stiff whiskey and some shade." Jay would need to play this one smart, he had no intention of meeting his own counterpart. At the very least he could spent an hour to recover in a shaded caravan instead of under the hot sun.

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