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Up for Adoption: The Twins of Destruction

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That's right. I'm putting Kotah and Ezael up for adoption. Twin Successors to Destruction


I generally have a hard time RPing older male characters, and as kids it was somewhat fine. But then add to the fact they were brainwashed by the Aralangs. I just don't have enough knowledge in the areas he had his empire have (guns, that type of tech,, etc oh my) to RP them right, and it shows in the fact I hardly RP with them. And when I do, the posts are awkward, and I feel like I'm doing something wrong in the writing.


Points to note if you adopt them.

Age: 15

Kotah has brick-red hair. Clairsensing abilities (like all the clair-abilities, not just clairvoyance, the request on the archive board lists them.) Spirit Guide is a Lynx.

Ezael has gold hair. Empath (can sense, take on, and project emotions). Spirit Guide is a Bobcat.

Both have Koty's violet eyes.

They share the title and powers of Destruction as it split since they were both the successors. Last I had them they didn't know what to do with it though. Got direction from Nisorin, but it was poor direction.

They were brainwashed/trained to hate Hikaru/kill her but  then got memories restored (which aren't many since they were aged from babies instantly) and learned some magic from Nisorin's characters, but not much. So who knows how they stand with her now. Whoever adopts can figure that out.

Last seen: Caelum topics.




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More Information:


Of course, anyone who adopts them can always change personality. But if story or personality is wanted up to now. Here is what I have so far winged.


Double, Double Twins in Trouble (Babies got aged and kidnapped)
Trainingzorz (Brainwashed)
Where they found out about Hikaru after being brainwashed and given their memories back was somewhere in the Chaotic Search topic. Main points were though, they were brought to Hikaru, she unsuppressed memories and magic that were locked. They were given choice their mother or ASF. Hikaru sensed danger and teleported them to the Outerverse.
New Arrivals (Meeting the Relorian Iroku, Vision Quests(HippieStuff)
-Somwhere in Takeback! topic. Hikaru tricks the kids into being infected by the Garelang virus when she had sealed her conscience again and lost all thought/mercy/emotion. They got infected till the virus was gone later.

After getting uninfected they wound up here. Last post was their idea.
-Sometimes after getting uninfected they wound up separated, Kotah at the next Excel Tournament before the Eclipse of Magic cancelled it and he left. Ezael accidentally upsetting a random Aetas and ended up teleported to Hell during the time it was falling a part. Various topics.
A Familiar Place (Neo-Nox created, newly succeeded twins to Destruction pulled there, lost at what to do, some guidance???)
The Other Sages (Later found Caelum ((BreakOffSages)) and met up with Gaser's ASF defector till K2 brought whatever in)

Another attempt at Caelum when the OV was calling for help. ... Gaser was hardly interested in playing his guy and RPing dialogue at that point. It was 'boring'. So it went nowhere.



So... Personality affected thus far.

1. Wanted their mother and father.

2. Brainwashed to not want their mother and father or know them, and kill their mother.

3. Revealed about their mother, Hikaru gives them memories/magic back by healing at least the physical damage to the mind and unsupressing things.

4. Sent on vision quest as internal kids to 'play' and rediscover their Sage connection to magic further.

5. Infected with a virus by their mother... thus putting more amnesty between them.

6. Both their mother and the aralangs disappear, left not knowing who to trust and where everyone went, abandoned. Then their father dies.

7. Succeeds Destruction, given vague to no information about what to do as Destruction and left with no direction. ((Because Orph pulled the "Koty was a spell and personality fake" crap succeeding and merging with Destruction gave no personality to add to theirs. Just memories.))

8. Meets ASF defector who I guess befriended them then left them.


If I were to guess. Lost kids with no direction after being abandoned by everyone they've come to know. (Great time for Iroku to refind them.)

Where they stand on their mother... I'm not sure. As they were trained to kill her but then gained their connection back.. but then betrayed. Probably very untrusting if I were to guess.

Still has no idea what to do as Destruction.

Probably  less likely to trust people now.


Things I never really RPd.

I always RPd them more lost than anything. They were knowledgeable on some stuff but I didn't know how to RP Gaser's ASF crap properly.

The Arrogance that Aralangs  + Destruction would have put into them. Since Orph said Koty wasn't real, didn't know if it was a thing.



Dunno if this all helps.






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Disregard, found something to do with them after all, and attempting to RP them.

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