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[open] Small time crime

avar open

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The night covers the artificial sky, though the glitz of neon and holograms advertising the various avenues of sin still brighten the streets and all of the sinner's revelries. The streets of this particular avenue are crowded, and above or between these buildings fly transports, full of those likely on their way to illicit acts, or perhaps carrying them out. The night is young, after all, and what would Pleasure Planet be without nights?
Avar has been tailing one of these hundreds of thousands of sinners the whole night, and much of the admittedly sunny evening. At his side is his trusty recorder, built by his own hand with leftover parts of cameras thrown out by brothel owners, broken likely on impact or from the corruption of whatever else was in the trash that day. Of course, it isn't enough just to take one of these cameras small used by perverts to get an illegal private show for themselves later.
Manufacturers nowadays like to bug all the products they make, so everything recorded gets fed back to the great machine. And sure, anyone can rig up a camera from spare parts and have it function without this annoying feature or remove any capability of having it connect to a server. Hell, even the target probably doesn't have anyone looking out for him on high and deleting whatever they find incriminating.
But money is money, and if a paranoid employer wants to pay a little extra for a fuzzball that can just eat their equipment should they get caught, then who is Avar to compain?
Though given the footage, perhaps the paranoia is warranted. Because after you watch a guy abuse various card machines by hovering what looks like a magnet at an angle over the bottom left of a hologram projector of a specific brand, manufactured at least four years ago, you probably want to pay a firm to wipe all such footage in your casino. You know, just in case. Or you could just ban recording equipment inside all casinos, but rules are made to be broken.
And it's not like they can kill Avar either should someone get pissed. What are they going to do, jettison him into vacuum? That'd be the fourth time.
The target raises a hand for an airborn taxi, probably going home or a hotel to sleep. Does the target's species need sleep? What the hell species are you if you have four arms, green scales, and a tentacle face? What the hell would such a guy be doing on Pleasure Planet?
What kind of species are you if you're a black metal thing with a fuzzy head? What the hell is a Lambda doing on Pleasure Planet?
Doesn't matter, figuring that out is not my job.
Avar's job was done several hours ago. All the extra footage was just bonus. He removes the data chit with everything he's captured, and opens his maw and eats the camera itself, all in one bite with nary a chew. It's tasteless for most species, but the silicon and steel plates give it a flavor similar to what wood might taste like to a human.
Not very appetizing to you or me, but to a Lambda, such tastes are exquisite.

"You got the footage?"
Avar hands the chit to the same guy he talked to just this morning. He's covered in an ink black coat and his face is obscured, with a wide brim hat. The only physical feature Avar can make out is the eyes, which are two impossibly deep green flat discs with no irises surrounded by a black sclera. The human looking hands are gloved, and only the feet can be seen below the rim of the jacket. If he had any additional limbs, they're cleverly hidden.
"Guy just did it the whole night. Surprised no one caught him." Avar offered.
"He ain't hard to catch. It's keeping the proof that's the problem. You still got the camera?" 
Avar gaped open his maw again and pointed to it. It looks like a glowing furnace. "Already ate it."
Whether the coated man was disappointed or pleased, he didn't show nor did he comment on it. "The agreed amount should be in your account."
Avar's fuzz bristles, partially in excitement. He can finally get off this damn rock. And not too soon, because the thought Avar read from the coated man as he passed the chit troubled him so.
Poor furry bastard doesn't even know he's being used.

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