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Character Tracker II

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Same as the topic from the archives. Track your characters whereabouts.

Asura: Just sent Insana to the Perfect era, now waiting for him to return in order to solve the mystery of things erased from time. Waiting on Lyoko.

Hikaru: Still trapped (since 2012) in New Dementia. Waiting on Lyoko.

Hikari: Borrowed some book from Asura for Eli. North? Waiting on whoever.

Rev and Gen: In Lus trying to figure out the intricacies of ruling an empire and whether or not war is one of those things. Waiting on Lyoko.

Kurai: On the Insanus planet, having tried to trace Hikaru's signature. Waiting on Lyoko.

Kotah and Ezael: Last seen in Caelum. Status unknown.

Naki: In the Sage Dimension getting tutoring from Cole. I need to post.

Alyss: On Earth tricking some poor victim. I need to post.

Treena: Sealed.

Rin and Kuro: Dead, last seen with a reaper. Waiting on Hiro.

Relle: Last seen in Sage Dimension. Status unknown.

Gwyn/Satya: Unknown

Fido: With Hikari.
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Faote: Watching people die
Yaethe: Still being a royally ordained Knight in K city for probably political rather than practical reasons, and still hasn't actually done anything to earn it.
Synthe: Travelling space in a nomadic pilgrimage for something.
Avar: Looking for work.

Troll Mouse: Apparently lives to squeak another day and is probably trolling some poor schmuck right now.


Shu: Running the show on Rassera.

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