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Quarantine Prompt

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Write your characters in quarantine!


HikaruToday at 3:01 PM
Writing prompt: Pick a character and write what they would be doing in quarantine/how they'd deal with it.




ZERE couldn’t help but wonder how the fuck he’d gotten himself into this situation. Go to Earth, KiaB had said. Do some intelligence. The Sage Three had been gone for twelve years -- why was KiaB sending him here, to Earth? Did he really think they were hiding out on this primative rock full of dirt eating chimps?


None the less, Zere was here, always the good and faithful servant to the Anrufe. If the Sage Three were hiding out on Earth, Zere would find them. Only… Something strange had happened in the last few months. The humans had… All quit their day to day activities, gone into their homes, turned on their primitive entertainment boxes, and… stopped doing anything else. Apparently there was some disease spreading throughout the planet.


Now, Zere didn’t exactly care about whatever primitive disease the humans were dealing with this month. But the thing was (and this was the really shitty part), part of Zere’s mission was to blend in with the humans. He had cut his talon-length claws, shedded his black Anrufe cloak for a suit and tie, and even visited an Earth dermatologist to treat his rotting skin. As far as the humans concerned, Zere was Michael Rivvens, a stock trader from Manhattan.


In some ways, Wall Street had proved entertaining to Zere in the first few months. Sure, it didn’t quite live up to the satisfaction of FUCKING BASHING YOUR ENEMY’S SKULLS IN, but there was a perverse sense of satisfaction to be gained in day trading. In some ways, it was a human form of battle. Constantly checking these communication devices, yelling, “BUY BUY BUY!!! SELL SELL SELL!!” every few minutes. Zere had actually… Sort of been enjoying it.


All the more reason that this was proving INSUFFERABLE for Zere. He couldn’t slay his enemies, watching them choke on their own blood! He couldn’t massacre villages of his enemies, watching their youngest beg for mercy as he killed the village elders first! He couldn’t even go to his day job as a stock trader in Manhattan. He was confined to his 200 square foot apartment, and what’s more, according to the primitive communication box, it was possible that he would be here for MONTHS to come.


Even now, sitting on his couch, a huge part of him was tempted to raise his fist right now, generating his Bokargiik spell, ending the lives of everyone within a 1500 foot radius of him by boiling their insides. Alas, he resisted, instead choosing this moment as the perfect opportunity to start a new hobby -- knitting. He’d been wanting to learn knitting for awhile, and like Wall Street, he found some satisfaction in the weaving of the needle, in and out, in and out.


He thought of his friend Jeff, fellow day trader. Jeff and his wife were expecting their second child any day now. He hoped they were okay during this time in which their frail human bodies were so susceptible to this human virus. If he were going to carry out a genocide on the human race tomorrow, he thought he might save Jeff till last, allowing him and his family to cherish some last moments together. Alas, Zere had no such plans right now.


Maybe I’ll knit a blanket, Zere decided as he weaved the thread. A baby blanket. That would be nice…


It wasn’t the battlefields of Kalagor, but Zere was learning to find some satisfaction right where he was. But when this is over, I’m blowing up a planet… Zere smiled at the thought as he calmly started knitting the baby blanket for Jeff’s future child, content and at peace with the thought of his future genocide plans.




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