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Trial of the Century [WIP]

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Somewhere Outside of Dimensional Plane "Shattered"

Unknown Date


Hushed talking filled the air as a groups of beings flooded into the amphitheater-like seats overlooking a small area illuminated by a white energy. Beyond it sat 5 pedestals arranged in a semi-circle with the center one raised slightly higher than the rest.


"Can you believe it?" one being said to his friend is a sense of awe and amazement.


"Can you believe what? This show or him returning?" his friend responded, obviously feeling different. It was a feeling of shame and sadness.


"I mean both!" he explained. "After being gone for so long, he came back. Even more, do you realize this is one of the few times the Council has ever convened in history?" the being motioned his armed outward to the vast room that seemed to stretch ad infinitum.


"We'll see, friend. We'll see. Lets take our seats." his friend replied and they both sat down in some of the upper echelons of the seating area.


Beyond the pedestals was an unmistakable symbol. A sword angled upwards with a set of scales hanging down from the tip and a blindfold hanging from the central pole of the scales. A symbol most ancient and enduring.



The Grand Tribunal, Domain of Order


Embodiments from all over existence were filling up the expansive courtroom. As they did, the hushed conversations grew louder and bolder. This was the first time in the history of existence, since the destruction of North and South, that the Grand Tribunal had been called to order against an Embodiment. Some had shown for support of one side or another, but many were there simply for the spectical of it all. Many embodiments were relatively young and had been successors to their originals at some point or another. Seeing such an unprecedented meeting of their kind, something not seeing since the writing of what was now known as the Ancient Rules, was awe inspiring and to some, humbling.


The talking almost immediately died down as 5 unmistakable figures approached and took their places on the pedestals. On the right stood Lady Asura, the Embodiment of Time, she stood with composure and focus as her gaze locked on the middle area. Eli, the Embodiment of Creation stood to her left and to the right of the center pedestal. He seemed less focused, almost troubled by the situation he now found himself in.


On the left sat Lady Skye, the Embodiment of Space. She, like Eli, seemed troubled and the saddest of them all. To her right sat Kota and Ezeal, the Embodiments of Destruction. They seemed the more indifferent of all who were in attendance.


The talk died down almost completely as the final figure approached. A pale figure with black hair who was dressed in robes. What was striking about him was that he was blindfolded, but this did not seem to hinder his movement. He took a set of scales he had been carrying and set them on a shelf just behind his pedestal, then drew a sword and did the same. As he turned his back to the large crowd, many could see something emblazoned on the back of his attire. A numeral representing 2.


This was none other than Juris de Facta, the Embodiment of Order.

My Characters:
Lt. Cmndr. Mark Tepper- Former CEO of Grunder Ind.
AI Delta- DAIS Director
Supr. Cmndr. Thel Valdamee- Supreme Commander of the Mechera Military/Interim INTERPOL Chairman
Fleet Adm. Aki Sora- Commander of the 3rd Zarethian Fleet
Mark Halsey/Tepper II- High Librarian for the Great Records of Time
Lord Nathan Church- Vampire, Galactic Inc. President of Security
Countess, Tera Mikami- Ruler of New Dementia
Admiral, Regis F Hermitage- Former Director of the Zarethian Hand
Vice Admiral, Lucien Z. Rychart- Pirate Lord [Zealot]/Demented Prince
Antonio Stradivari, Demonic General of the Army of Hell
AMI, city of Sulvian's AI
Insana, The Embodiment of Insanity.

Col. Tarkov, Zarethian Systems Security Sr. Field Officer (Former HIRU Colonel)
High Seraphim, Grunder Tepper- General of the Armies of Heaven

My NPCs-
Father Resulka- Demented Priest
Mother Kilauea Pele- Manic Priestess
Regent, Octavius- Regent of the City of Insania

Iudex, Juris de Facta- The Embodiment of Order
The Giant Golden Dildo on the Sex Planet aka the Embodiment of Sex (Spoof)

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