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[APPROVED] The Fist of Conquest by member Shrike!

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Name: The Fist of Conquest
Description: The Fist of Conquest is an Empire that Claus created, more of a coalition of the more conquest minded Vulmurians out there who share the same ideals as Claus, that conquest is the way of the future. To that end, this empire is very expansionist, and plans to develop the equipment and resources needed to subjugate most of the inferior species out there, to make them their servants. The group is vicious, brutal, and not afraid of using disreputable tactics, such as torture and genocide of planets in order to get their goals accomplished. This empire is not the nicest one out there, and would be best avoided by most sapient races if the chance presents itself.
Racial Composition: Vulmurians, and eventually any slave races.
Leader: Claus Kisaragi
Size (Optional): 800,000
Membership: Vulmurians
Size of Fleet: 500 Ships (At present_

This request has been approved




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Oooh slavery. I approve. Try not to get wiped out before you can do damage.





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