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[APPROVED] Claus Kisaragi by member Shrike!

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Name: Claus Kisaragi
Appearance Image (Optional): mordred_by_10721-d76nz25.jpg
Appearance Description (Optional): --
Actual Age: 15
True Age (Optional): 15
Visual Age: 15
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)
Race: Vulmurian
Faction: Unaffiliated
Personality (Optional): Claus Kisaragi is arrogant, and believes the universe should belong to the Vulmurians. Cocky, he believes himself to be unbeatable and believes no one can stop the Vulmurians from acquiring the Universe, and then dethroning the Embodiments. Claus is sarcastic most of the time and arrogant. Of course he is also narcissistic, believing himself to be the best example of the Vulmurians there is in existence. Claus also believes his family to be weak, because he believes Lucas needing Lucy to keep himself on track is a sign of weakness. Claus also believes the weak should be culled from the universe at large, and views most of the races as inferior to the Vulmurians. Claus also believes that all planets in the Galaxy should have a Vulmurian in charge of them and does not care what other people, even other Vulmurians think of the idea. At the same time Claus disagrees with some of the practices of the Vulmurians, like the Trophy Wife system, believing it to be a "Useless Ideal" because it hinders the progression of the Vulmurians into an actual threat that can conquer the Embodiments. Claus is extremely rude to those he believes lesser than him, and is not afraid of using his wit to make his opponents angry with them. However, despite his many flaws, there is one thing Claus does respect, and that is power. Having enough of it could make him respect you. 
Mental Disorders and Diseases (Optional): Narcsisism
Combat Level: Claus is a master at armed, and armed combat. He is also capable of all standard Vulmurian Abilities. Another technique in his arsenal is that Claus has Umbrakinesis at his disposal. Claus also has the ability to manipulate both sides of existence. Claus is also capable of a variety of capabilities using EM Waves. Claus is highly skilled with ranged weapons, and demolition weaponry. He's also a masterful spaceship pilot, and very good with machinery, and gymnastics. Claus is also capable of opening rifts of darkness, and summoning weapons out of them at will. Furthermore, he is capable of directly warping reality on planets, or in space, no need to do weak things like fireballs, or similar when one can directly affect reality. 
Equipment and Technology (Optional): Will request the stuff he uses.
History: Claus Kisaragi was the first born of Deryll and Ivana Kisaragi. Born during a period of civil war because some of the clans did not agree with the systems that had been established, Claus was raised in secret by Ivana so as to hide him and his brother and sister from the bulk of the war. When it ended, Deryll was badly hurt and so had to step down as the Elder of the Samurai Tribe. Unfortunately, this meant Claus, and Lucas had not much of a childhood as they were forced to begin their training immediately in order to replace him as the Elder. From about the age of 6, all Claus knew was painful and brutal lessons by men who didn't care about his wellbeing, who were all competing for the right to replace him as potential Elder of the Samurai Tribe. Eventually he won control of the Vulmurians at the age of 15, and has ever since then started organizing them into a powerful Empire, one he can use to conquer all the worlds out there, and subjugate the various races to his will. At present he only controls a large faction of Vulmurians. 
Other: --

This request has been approved




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