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History: The Zarethian Hand and the Hand of the Council [WIP]


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Author's Note: Since K2 was technically the original creator of the Faction known as the Zarethian Hand, details in this topic are subject to his scrutiny and approval. 






The Zarethian Hand is a well known and fearsome extension of the Zarethian government. It acts as the eyes, ears, and most importantly, the hand of the 18 person Zarethian Council who run the empire. Today it is a modern day Intelligence agency specializing in the gathering and analysis of intelligence as well as acting upon said intelligence in a limit capacity with its "Special Defense Units". The Hand has a very modern organization under a Director who also old the ex officio title of "Hand of the Council", who is appointed by the Council and has historically been held by both civilian and military officers, all of which have had extensive experience in espionage and intelligence.


The Hand can trace its origins back to the early times of the empire when the Council was formed from the previous warring factions within. The Council chose a Spymaster to coordinate its covert activities within the empire and abroad. This individual was the predecessor to the modern day Director. 


Over the years, the Council's Hand and his agents protected the empire from threats within and outside, often with no acknowledgement, working from the shadows and away from the public eye. Until the turn of the 21st century, the Hand remained a highly secretive and mysterious organization, often only in whispers throughout the migrant fleet. It wasn't until calls for transparency and more oversight from the Senate and the populus triggered a massive reorganization of the Hand in 2022 converting from its highly archaic structure to one more modern as it was placed under the watchful eye of Lt. General Johnathan Anderton, a former Zarethian Marine Corp Intelligence Officer. 


In 2027, no more than 5 years after its official creation as a public agency, the Hand suffered its first major shake up as its first director was shot and killed during Operation: CHECKMATE when Anderton's Chief of Tactics, Eric Mann, attempted to rescue commandos attached to the 4th Naval Special Warfare Group on an unnamed planet when the group came under attack by then Director Anderton and a contingent of troops attached to GHOST Battalion. After a brief firefight, Mann managed to rescue a lone Non-commissioned officer from the ordeal who went to testify about the Operation and Anderton's corruption and betrayal. This was a major political embarrassment for the Hand as they were still trying to gain the public's trust. 


In early 2028, Eric Mann was named the second Director of the Hand. Under Mann, the Hand once more became a shadowy organization, rejecting much of the oversight promised by his predecessor, due to Mann's close connections with the Zarethian Councilors. 


[Reserved for K2's History of the Mann Directorship]


In Late 2054, Eric Mann was branded a traitor and was quickly deposed by the Zarethian Council who appointed then Vice Admiral Regis Hermitage to Acting Director. Following the events of the Post-Plexan Peace Conference (P3C) and the Destruction of False Heaven, Hermitage soon proved his worth in the fallout as nations soon sounded the drums of war and conflict fast approached.


After a lengthy investigation by the Council and their staff, on March 22nd, 2055, Regis Hermitage was promoted to Admiral and officially sworn in as the 3rd Director of the Zarethian Hand and the Hand of the Council. Director Hermitage immediately purged Mann's upper staff and reorganized the Hand into a modern day Intelligence agency. Several months afterwards, Director Hermitage appointed his Assistant Director. On June 7th, 2055, Hon. Amy Jacobs, the lead investigator of Hermitage's suitability to fill the role, as the 5th Assistant Director of the Zarethian Hand.

My Characters:
Lt. Cmndr. Mark Tepper- Former CEO of Grunder Ind.
AI Delta- DAIS Director
Supr. Cmndr. Thel Valdamee- Supreme Commander of the Mechera Military/Interim INTERPOL Chairman
Fleet Adm. Aki Sora- Commander of the 3rd Zarethian Fleet
Mark Halsey/Tepper II- High Librarian for the Great Records of Time
Lord Nathan Church- Vampire, Galactic Inc. President of Security
Countess, Tera Mikami- Ruler of New Dementia
Admiral, Regis F Hermitage- Former Director of the Zarethian Hand
Vice Admiral, Lucien Z. Rychart- Pirate Lord [Zealot]/Demented Prince
Antonio Stradivari, Demonic General of the Army of Hell
AMI, city of Sulvian's AI
Insana, The Embodiment of Insanity.

Col. Tarkov, Zarethian Systems Security Sr. Field Officer (Former HIRU Colonel)
High Seraphim, Grunder Tepper- General of the Armies of Heaven

My NPCs-

Iudex, Juris de Facta- The Embodiment of Order

Lady Justitia de Facta- The Embodiment of Justice
The Giant Golden Dildo on the Sex Planet aka the Embodiment of Sex (Spoof)

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