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[APPROVED] Shaedryn "Shaed" by member Hikaruverse!

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Name: Shaedryns "Shaed"
Ruling Faction: N/A Chaotic Neutral
Physiology :

A low class of demon, cousin to the changeling. Shaedryn are not far removed from that of your normal demon creature. Their bodies are made to withstand the hot and cold temperatures of South, as well as physical pain. They have no organs, but are made from magic, spirit and negative dimensional energy. (I guess they could live in Plex easily?)

Shaedryn feed on negative emotions, hate, suffering, despair, depression and most of all loss.The despair of loss is their most valuable food source and what attracts them to people in time of hopelessness, mostly after a death.

Physical Apperance:

In their base forms, Shaed's take on almost a catlike appearance, but made of fire. Their tails are long and skinny like that of a rats, their ears sharp and curved like horns, and their paws are near wolf-like in size and the fact they always have the claws out. They are all black with flames surrounding every body part, and they like to wear chains, whether it's around their necks, draping their bodies, or hanging from the tip of their tails.

This is their base form.

As the Shaedryn are shapeshifters, they take the form of whatever they are 'replacing' whether that be a human child, or a deceased pet. Sometimes confused with ghosts if they are new to shapeshifting, but normally they try to replace the loss with a live copy.

They can only USUALLY be seen in their base form by Reapers, Embodiments, and who they allow to see them. To the rest of the world they only appear when they take the form of the deceased. UNLESS in rare occasions that person is sensitive to seeing spirits/ghosts/the paranormal OR a huge tragedy has occurred and so many deaths has caused them to congregate, which made them allowed to be viewed for a while.


The Shaedryn being a lower class demon do not have many abilities that one would call special.

It would be better to explain what they are and what they do, than to explain their abilities.

The Shaedryn are demons that are attracted to the deaths and the loss felt from those deaths. The bigger the tragedy, the more show up. They feed on the despair, hate, and loss the deaths bring, and multiply from it. In huge tragedies such as (False Heave) there would be swarms of them. The only thing is, they cannot be seen except by Embodiments, Reapers, and those sensitive to the afterlife.

Because they are attracted to death, they will normally be attracted to incidents of loss. Say for example if you suffered the death of a loved pet and refused to let go of that pet, where you refused to say goodbye, wanted them to stay with you and didn't believe them dead. (where this idea came from... ...Coco) You believed so strongly that you wanted them to stay with you thus trapping their spirit as a ghost. Sometimes INSTEAD of a ghost of the animal that died, you would get a Shaed. The Shaed would take the form of your loved pet that only you could see

The Shaed would then feed on your loss, and despair, as it stayed by your side. To you, your pet would be back, and you wouldn't feel sadness anymore because your despair had been taken away. A good thing? No. Because slowly you wouldn't feel anything at all, no sadness from things that should be sad, sympathy, and soon no happiness. The Shaed would feed on these things, until you were a shell of what you once were, and then it would steal your Spirit to South with it, trapping you there with it as it went on to the next victim. As for your pet? Because you were so selfish, the pets spirit would be trapped in its body, buried unable to pass on, as the Shaed made sure it couldn't interfere.

They don't only do this to pets however. The Shaedryn do it to children dead before their time that their parents couldn't let go of, or your best friend, maybe even your grandparent. The Shaedryn don't discriminate. As long as there's that mortal need to not let go or say goodbye, they will take advantage of it.

Beyond that, the Shaedryn are harmless, except to speed up things, they may act like any demon and CAUSE tragedies to happen. So maybe your pet didn't die from you, but a Shaed close by.

Oh right, also. Cats can see them.

Typical Lifespan:

Immortal. Can probably be destroyed with powerful holy magic though.


Demonic. See Abilities and History.


They were created by the embodiment's to be assistant to the Reapers in order find deaths quicker, being rewarded when they did a good job of the despair of the area. But when they started to become too many and cause tragedies they were sentenced to South with the rest of the 'demons.'

Thanks to this they are stranded in South until:

A. They are summoned (Ouija board, demon summonings, failed necromancy, etc)
B. They are accidentally Summoned by a person suffering a loss that refuses to let go. (See Abilities)
C. South has gone haywire and released a few.
D. Rogue Reaper
E. Other circumstances.

Breeding (Optional): They don't breed. They multiply when they are completely full, a new one forms on the back of the full one and splits off from it.
Private?: No

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Hrm. Pretty interesting. Approved! And sorry about the loss of Coco... :(

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Actually pretty interesting! I doubt that the Reapers themselves would begrudge them their daemonic nature for what it matters, so if you're alright with it I could actually see a few non-rogue Reapers keeping them around for their intended purpose, even if they end up causing tragedy in the mortal realm.



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