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[ABANDONED] Terrence Void

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Name: Terrence Void
Appearance Image (Optional): sakuyas-world-ikari01d.jpg?1431811481
Appearance Description (Optional): --
Actual Age: 8 years
True Age (Optional):  17 years 
Visual Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Straight)
Race:   Incarnation of Plex/ The Hero of Light 
Faction: Unaffiliated
Personality (Optional):

Terrence was created from the battle of Jay Stryder,  and Plex.   As the Incarnation of Plex,  and a mix of the Hero of Light there are conflicting parts of his personality.  Due to the parts from the Hero of Light,   Terrence is honorable and will not resort to attacking the families of heroic individuals,   because he knows he doesn't need them as enemies.   Terrence knows he's weaker than he should be,  and wishes to become as powerful as Plex originally was,  perhaps even stronger.  This desire is more of a burning passion that motivates him to attempt to do whatever he can in order to increase his own power,  so that he may remake Plex and become the Embodiment of both Light,  and Darkness.  Terrence is also smart enough to realize how Plex lost,  namely that it didn't have soldiers who could actually think for themselves.  This motivates him to seek out those he can deem worthy of the power of Plex. 





Mental Disorders and Diseases (Optional):  N/A 
Combat Level:


Highly skilled at using the powers of Plex, Terrence can use it to create constructs.. fire energy blasts and also fly. Furthermore he can also levitate himself and imbue his hands/legs with the power of Plex.   Terrence is also highly skilled when it comes to hand to hand combat, swordsmanship, a variety of martial arts,  and boxing. Gymnastics is also part of his training, as well as Parkour.  In addition he's also capable of influencing those who were corrupted by Plex and trying to sway them to his will.    Terrence can infuse individuals with his power,  essentially making them "Acolytes of Plex" meaning they can use limited versions of the powers he can use, depending on the level he infuses them with.  


Presently however,  due to the massive dispersal of energy he is NOWHERE near the power of more than a Plexan Spawn.   This would make him somewhat easy for a powerful enough individual to defeat.  He's also got many other capabilities at his disposal. 



Equipment and Technology (Optional):




Chronos Cutter: A katana made out of a one of a kind forging process,  and made out of material from Plex itself as well as some ore stolen from Inarin. This sword is a match for the Sword of the Ages,  and boosts the power of the Dark Templar who holds it.  The sword can be controlled with mere thought by Terrence,  even when there's no magic to be manipulated. The sword also amplifies his magical capabilities and has a sort of AAM Effect,  and AASE effect as well. 







Energy can never be destroyed or created, a fundamental law of the universe.   It's form can only be changed.  This is exactly what happened when Jay Stryder,  the Hero of Light defeated the entity known as Plex,  causing it to release it's energy. The energy was changed by the combination of the Outerverse's Positive Energy,  and the negative energy it generated.  This caused the energy to become sentient,  and self aware at the same time.  Discovering that it was nowhere near the full power it should be at,  the energy started to slowly build itself a corporeal body.  Acquiring genetic material from a whole host of species,  it searched through the genetic material and combined it in ways DNA couldn't normally be combined,  using bits of it's own power to make up the difference.  The final result was a unique body for itself,  one that would allow it to traverse the mortal plane.  Irritated at the loss of most of it's power,  Terrence has decided that he needs to regain the power that Plex wielded,  by any means possible. To that end,  he's started to search for acolytes. 





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Switch Acual Age and True Age. Needs Gaserlake's personal approval for the use of the Garelangs. I do not give my personal approval for the use of a Templar so please edit accordingly. Your personality confuses me, you say he lacks honor and yet you say he will not slay the families of heroic types. Also Shift isn't dead. ALSO that would make this character the incarnation of both the Warrior of the Light and Plex, essentially the steam that occurs when fire mixes with water. Most of the energy would have been lost/converted into another form (probably light, hence the blinding light at the end of the Battle of Plex?). FINALLY, no, this incarnation would only have a fraction of the power of Plex and would be similar to a Plex Spawn. Not able to take down an embodiment (certainly not create Inverse Embodiments as not even Plex could do that) but able to hold his own against them or diminish their power a bit in his sphere of influence.


I'm not sure if I feel comfortable giving you this power.

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Edited out the parts you had problems with,  even though I wanted him to have Time Powers, so no one could age him to dust... crap. 



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