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Name: Paradox
Appearance Image (Optional): lsSe64Q.png
Appearance Description (Optional): --
Actual Age: N????U??L?????L???? ????D?????A?????T???A?
True Age (Optional): N????U??L?????L???? ????D?????A?????T???A?
Visual Age: V????A????R???I???A?????B?L????E????
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Race: P???? ???A?? ???R??? ???A??? ????D???? ???O???? ?????X???? ????T???A????U???T???O????L???O?????G????Y????
Faction: T?????A?U??T???O???L????O?????G?????Y??
Personality (Optional): --
Mental Disorders and Diseases (Optional): Obsession-Compulsion. As a entity that could accurately be described as a sentient computer function, Paradox's mindset is logical and ordered to a fault, and she is very much a creature of routine and pattern. As a result, she's very prone to repeating actions seemingly meaninglessly as she falls into a new pattern, following inscrutable orders only she comprehends, and chaos unnerves her greatly.
Combat Level: Paradox is a function. Quite literally speaking-"she" is a Hunter-Seeker entity designed by reality to seek out and eradicate anomalies and impossibilities, if possible. To this end, she has a greater degree of autonomy than most Tautologies, and could be considered sentient. One could say she possesses a great deal of power-the capacity to quite literally delete parts of reality. However, it bears repeating-she is a function, designed for a very specific task. Theoretically it would be possible for her to erase something nonanomalous at a whim, but to do so-to act contrary to her intended purpose-in itself is anomalous, and as such her own power would delete her immediately. Not that she would want to, of course-her 'mind' was programmed to be loyal to her task and her task alone regardless(and she also of course is AWARE of this, and perfectly fine with it).

All of that said, she's actually fairly weak for a Tautology anyways-her intended task is reconnaissance, assassination, and covering-up rather than scorched earth. Find the anomaly, fix it, and hopefully bug out before anyone even realized there was something impossible to begin with. If there's something she absolutely 100% cannot deal with, her instructions are to escape and recompile the data with other agents of reality for them to deal with it. Fortunately, being an agent of reality herself does give her a few nifty tricks to do this with.
(IE, the above is an explanation of what she is and how she works, below are the abilities proper)

The first is, of course, her potential to unmake and/or edit. Limited in scope for her, beyond her programmed Acceptable Targets(IE anything that doesn't conform to Reality)-she can only utilize it on smaller anomalies. Counting more steps in a stairwell when ascending than descending? She'll edit its parameters into acceptable ranges. Non-euclidean sculpture in the park? She'll discreetly unmake it and work within the populace to make it sound like it was always just a rumor or urban legend. Creature-that-defies-understanding? If she can, she'll untangle the threads of existence to see what it was SUPPOSED to be instead of what it ended up as and return it to a natural state, but if not then better to just unmake it rather than let it go around being impossible everywhere. Ingrounded terrorizing the populace? Lolno, that's above her paygrade. After she actually deals with an impossibility, she usually engages in a disinformation campaign-not that existence REALLY cares if people know about anomalies(as long as they're eradicated who gives a shit) but she chooses to err on the safe side and make it out to be a urban legend anyways...After all, the impossibility came about somehow, and it wouldn't do for people to intentionally try to recreate it. Technically this quirk is keeping in line with her intended purpose of policing reality for unreal things popping up, so the slightly aberrant personality trait is tolerated.

The second, and most often used capability she has, in her ability to slip in and out of this layer. It's difficult to parse into mortal terms. The easiest way to use an analogy that our reality is a flat plane, spreading through the X and Z axis. She is able to exist at one spot on this flat plane, and then slip along the Y axis OUT of it, and then along the Y axis at a entirely different location back into it. Sort of teleportation but needlessly more convoluted. Ironically, her favoring this method of transit has caused her to create more than a few urban legends of a disappearing "rumor girl" among various civilizations, with a few people swearing they saw someone vanish in a glitch of frames, but to this day there is no conclusive evidence.
Equipment and Technology (Optional): --



There isn't much to say about her history. She's definitely old-probably. At least, she-or possibly her predecessors-have been seen almost as long as reality has had set rules, although given her nature, it's possible that she is only "run" when there are errors to be discovered and fixed.

Other: --



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