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With the RP, with the community attached to it, with all of it.

I'm sick of being the only one to give a damn, and as was told to me before 'keeping it alive,' when I tried to leave due to inactivity before and is was threatened to shut down the site completely if I did leave.

I managed to get un-obsessed with this RP once before, but came back to finish out the stories to my characters so they weren't left open or trapped forever. That was in July 2019, nearly 7 years my main character has been STUCK IN THE SAME PLOT.

There was several times K2 wanted to bring back the board, gain activity through giant plots to capture the spirit from previous seasons, and he had to stop because my character and others characters were STUCK and could not participate.

In 2020, members started coming back for activity during quarantine and the RP was going again, but now? The topics they're in they are STUCK. If Jeebus or Zai, or hell even K2 came back to RP, their characters they were using are still stuck in their topics.

Now, it's 2021, and where does my character remain? STUCK IN THE SAME PLOT.

Effectively, no one outside of Hawkeye if he returned or Nisorin can RP anything anywhere without making new characters. But mains, are off the table.

I tried to point this out before, even left over it, how because of K2 and Lyoko being inactive no one could do ANYTHING in-character. I was told the RP would be shut down as 'I was keeping it alive.' So I came back again.

It's the same crap, over and over. Sure, some characters have developed, yes it's a good story and worth it IF IT WAS ONE OR TWO YEARS. It's now nearing NINE FUCKING YEARS. It looked like it would finally be over, nearing the end, and possibly be done this year. Where are we? Christmas 2021, with no end in sight, and worse.

The person that has those characters stuck has sold their soul to another RP. And sure, have other hobbies, and RPs. that's not the complaint here. The COMPLAINT is there's no balance. Where you spend nearly every day (steam and discord show) on the other RP, and answering tickets and being a mod there. You literally maybe post once a week, IF EVEN THAT as when I asked you to post, BEFORE you jumped on there, you ignored me, went home, jumped on there.

When it's pointed out? You proceed to completely ignore it even after you started the convo of 'what's up.' THEN make memes about it taking your time. AS WELL as months earlier taunting about how much effort you put into that one compared to this one that you now own and run which you brag about. Not to mention hiding from your other games you play to play that one as well.

Obviously, you want to put no more effort into this one, and even when you do manage to post ONCE MAYBE ONCE a week, in the one topic, there's like 5 more topics that you've stalled and locked characters of other people in! It's apparent you don't care.

It's apparent that you only post because I, and for a while Nisorin asked you to. At this point, especially now with seeing the great deal of more effort you spend on the RedM one, that you just don't care.

I'm not going to be the only one that cares.

If you spent half the effort on it you do on that other one or used to do on this one, we might be able to finish this plot off, as well as the other topics, put an end to the standstill and breathe new life into the board with attempt at members again now that everything wouldn't be STUCK ON COMPLEX STUFF NO ONE BUT US KNOWS.

But you won't. Even if this is 'talked out' (and your obvious ignoring as of recent shows it won't be) it will just be another few days of effort, then back to hoping for 1 post a week as everyone on the boards characters are stuck in limbo of stalled topics you've dropped.

The RP is dead. No one cares and I'm not going to be the only one attempting necromancy anymore.

Just kill it. I'm done.


((And NO I'm not signing over my stuff. If you want to sell a book so bad. Go write a book with the damn RedM people and their tranny loving members. I guarantee they wouldn't put up with their characters locked for nine fucking years.))


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