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Art Breeder Characters

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Yet another character maker thread. (Since we already have Rinmaru, Picrew, Gacha, although Rinmaru is now gone/shutdown.)


More places you can design your character, this time using deepfake AIs! While there is an anime version, this works better if you go realistic style.


So far I've only been able to make Crea because 'real' humans have a hard time spiking their hair right and I haven't tried others.

But I love the results, even if she looks kinda 'young'. Hard to get that gentleness in the face I wanted with the older faces.


Basically to use it https://www.artbreeder.com/ you either look up or upload a photo to use as the base, something close. Like for Crea I looked through the blonde gentle looking women, selected that as a base, messed with the settings to customize it (sliders such as age, light/dark, etc). Then I once happy with that, looked up pink hair, selected the one in the style I wanted, messed with settings to mesh the two photos together, looked up a few other things I can't remember and then just had the AI mesh all the photos together till it got to something I liked.



And realistic Crea:




You CAN upload your own photos as bases. But I don't suggest that. ...That didn't turn out well.

But a new way to make our characters.


This shows all the different photo bases, and steps that were meshed together to get to Crea:


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