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Embodiment Laws, Customs, and Society

Aug 28 2020 01:32 PM | Lyoko222 in Races

The Ancient Rules[Excerpts Translated From Embodiment Language to Common. Some words have no direct translation to common and are therefore expressed using the closest word(s) for the idea being portrayed.] BE IT AGREED by all Embodiments present this...

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Aug 11 2018 01:55 AM | Shrike in Races

Name: Vulmurians Ruling Faction: Council + Strongest Physiology : The Vulmurians initially due to a genetic defect were up to 20 feet tall in height, with a very brittle bone structure which was especially unsuited for the planet they live on now, the...

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Nov 04 2015 02:10 AM | Kaleb in Races

Name: Sorssk Ruling Faction: Sorsski Order Physiology : Normal body temperature: 100 degrees farenheit. Organs: Blood is pumped from the upper body, just above the limbs, to the entire body. The Sorssk have low amounts of iron in their body and le...

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Bio-Tech Life Forms

Nov 02 2015 01:59 AM | Shrike in Races

Name: Bio-Tech Life Forms Ruling Faction: IDON Physiology : The bio-tech life forms are capable of reproducing, but when they do they create smaller versions of themselves. Their organs consist of ones to filter poisons, toxins, and other problems in t...

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Nandi (Bear) Sage

Dec 15 2014 03:25 AM | Kaleb in Sages

Name: Nandi (Bear) Sage (wip) Ruling Faction: The Confederacy Of Forests Physiology : 1) Unlike most Sages, the Nandi spend a considerable amount of their time in True Form. 2) ...Which is the form of a bear. 3) They store magic within their...

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Okami Sages

Oct 21 2015 03:32 AM | Hikaru in Sages

Name: Okami Sages Ruling Faction: Themselves Physiology : Like most other Sages, the Okami Sages have no physical differences from Humans (Or Perfect) apart from their souls which power their magic. They are immune to most physical attacks as their fur...

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Blood Dragons

Mar 27 2015 04:42 AM | Iaz in Races

Name: Blood Dragons Ruling Faction: N/A Physiology : Blood Dragons can spawn from any race. In fact, some characters may already be Blood Dragons and not even know it! But how is this possible? Blood dragons isn't as much of a race than it is a blo...

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Mar 27 2015 06:14 AM | Iaz in Races

Name: Lambda Ruling Faction: N/A Physiology : The Lambda, otherwise known as ‘Machine Eaters’ throughout the galaxy, stand at a fairly short 4 to 5 feet, not counting the fur on their fuzzy heads. Aside from their bright fur that permeates their head...

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Nov 14 2014 09:15 AM | Avatar of Grima in Races

Name: Possessed Ruling Faction: Technically none, although there is a large population that lives on Night Haven, where they have a seat on the Council. Physiology : Unchanged from base species, physically speaking at least. Spiritually is a entirely d...

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Dec 17 2013 10:57 PM | The Blade in Races

Name: Clockworks Ruling Faction: Preternatural Coalition Physiology : A clockwork is not so much a species of its own right but instead is actually a a type of disease. What it does though is what makes it rather extraordinary. First of all, the entir...

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