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Pinned  Ship Request Regulation: 29DEC15

Dec 29 2015 04:22 PM | Chase in Getting Started

Important Information about ship requests. Please read.

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Pinned  About The Roleplay

Dec 16 2013 02:40 AM | Kaleb in Getting Started

In the early days, the universe was calm. Many races were just as primitive as the humans were. There were some who grew to be more advanced, of course, building spaceships and exploring the stars. But at the end of the day, everyone sort of kept to th...

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Pinned  A Warm Welcome!

Dec 14 2013 06:35 AM | Kaleb in Getting Started

Hello, and welcome! The Shatteredverse is a free roleplay set in a fantasy/science fiction multiverse. Frankly, the board is a bit unique. Not only do we have fantasy elements on the board -- characters who use magic, various mythological creatures, s...

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Pinned  How to use the board.

Dec 16 2013 02:13 AM | Kaleb in Getting Started

This article will deal with how to use the board itself -- how to reply to posts, how to navigate throughout the board, how to update your profile information, etc. If you'd like to skip this section and get right down to the nitty, gritty details abou...

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Pinned  IC Rules

Dec 05 2013 09:00 PM | Kaleb in Getting Started

These are the rules you should follow when you're roleplaying.

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[APPROVED] The Fist of Conquest by member Shri...

Aug 30 2018 07:58 PM | Shrike in A-Z

Name: The Fist of Conquest Description: The Fist of Conquest is an Empire that Claus created, more of a coalition of the more conquest minded Vulmurians out there who share the same ideals as Claus, that conquest is the way of the future. To that end,...

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Claus Kisaragi

Aug 29 2018 08:38 PM | Shrike in A-D

Name: Claus Kisaragi Appearance Image (Optional): Appearance Description (Optional): -- Actual Age: 15 True Age (Optional): 15 Visual Age: 15 Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual (Straight) Race: Vulmurian Faction: Unaffiliated Personality (O...

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Aug 11 2018 01:55 AM | Shrike in Races

Name: Vulmurians Ruling Faction: Council + Strongest Physiology : The Vulmurians initially due to a genetic defect were up to 20 feet tall in height, with a very brittle bone structure which was especially unsuited for the planet they live on now, the...

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[Approved] Technology Request: Dyson Sphere by...

Jan 02 2016 11:06 PM | Gaserlake in Faction Technology

Name: Dyson Sphere Description: This is a huge structure that encompasses a star. The Aralangs are able to mass-produce these megalithic solar panels that blot out all of the light of the star to acheive maximum efficiency. The energy output from this...

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[Second Opinion Needed] Geothermal Energy Harve...

Mar 09 2016 09:19 PM | Shrike in Narrikian Technology

Name: Geothermal Energy Harvester Machine Description: Created from designs given to them by the K-Confederacy, and their own modifications to the designs the Geothermal Energy Harvester machine was made for a specific purpose. What this machine...

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