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Site Updates

Get official staff updates here!

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We Love Lyoko222 Day - last post by Hikaru

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General Talk

Need to take a break from the RP? Come here to chat about other things with your fellow members.

  1. Creative Corner
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  3. Feedback
  4. OOC Roleplays
  5. Shatteredverse Game
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Roleplay and Character Themes - last post by KOLE


Are you new to the forum? Give us your lifestory greetings here!

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Blahargle - last post by Avatar of Grima


Want to become an affiliate and advertise your site? Do so here. Just please be respectful and do not spam your links.

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World Building

Have anything you want to discuss or add to the Multiverse? Have a cool plot idea that you want to get input on? Got a suggestion for an article to add to our Knowledgebase? Just want to discuss the intricate workings of the Roleplay? Here is the place.

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History: The Zarethian Hand... - last post by Chase

Adoption Agency

Although it is sad, Members do sometimes abandon their concepts and ideas. Whether this is a plot, faction, character, or even an entire race, it does happen. Luckily we have the Adoption Agency for such things to find a home. Come in, look around, who knows? Maybe you will find that one special character that meets your longings or discover a plot that helps your own characters and story along. You'll never know until you try.

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The Positive Dimensional Core. Think of the Outerverse as a sort of giant battery, powering the realms around it. Those who visit the Outerverse will find it quite empty. A variety of landscapes exist here -- meadows, deserts, forests -- but there seems to be no people.

Taken over and owned by the Aralangs

  1. Aralia
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Rule of Nines (CLOSED, Back... - last post by KOLE

??? Cradle Of Souls ???

You don't know how you've gotten here.

You are on a large island that floats high in the sky. The island seems to be falling apart. It is mostly made of soil and volcanic ash. Erosion has eaten away the outer-edges of the island and soon the entire island will crumble.

In the center of the island is a majestic temple with long, tall columns. It looks as if it could have been built by the Greeks or Romans. Ancient, ancient magic radiates from this place, and a lot of it, too. Dare you enter...?

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{OPEN} A Brand Ne... - last post by Kaleb

Mortal Dimension

Those who inhabit this realm have chosen the path of science, the glorious quest for knowledge. A purely technological realm through and through, the laws of physics are the laws of the land. Sail the stars in a grand spaceship, settle on a planet and build a society. Unlock the true potential of the universe. Join such races as the Human, the Mechera, and the Zarethian. Make the Mortal Dimension your home.

Magic users, beware! An organization known as the World Without Boundaries has recently formed here. They have started a crusade against magic and will not rest until all magicians in this dimension are expelled or destroyed. Enter at your own risk.

  1. Milky Way Galaxy
  2. Saeculum Galaxy
  3. Andromeda Galaxy
  4. Insanus Galaxy
  5. Tri-Aid Galaxy
  6. Rakon Galaxy
  7. Shark Galaxy
  8. Uncharted Space
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The Hacker's Quest (Open) - last post by Hikaru

Sage Dimension

Those who inhabit this realm have chosen to seek out the unseen, to dedicate their lives to the forces of magic. A variety of mythical creatures and magicians and warlocks and witches inhabit this mythical realm. Climb the invisible mountains of the North! Swim across the Unswimmable Lake! Conquer beasts and become the ultimate spellcrafter.

This land is a safe-haven from the World Without Boundaries, a refuge for all lovers of magic. Technologically advanced devices are not allowed in these parts. Robots may be detained on site.

  1. The Magitorium
  2. The Unified Sage Kingdom
  3. Era Valley
  4. Ruins of Eta City
  5. Glacian Valley
  6. The Stone Mountains
  7. The Genesis Kingdom
  8. Caelum
  9. Ancient Dragon Ruins
  10. Ninrae
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{Hikaru / OPEN} S... - last post by Hikaru

Other Dimensions

Explore other realms! Go above and beyond! A number of dimensions of all types exist out there, inhabited by all kinds of creatures. What's stopping you?

  1. Alpha-XB-109
  2. Aralang Dimensions
  3. Mechera Dimension
  4. Narikian Home Dimension
  5. Abandoned Guardian HQ
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A Distortion In Time: I... - last post by Kaleb


The Negative Dimensional Core. Like the Outerverse, Plex is a battery source of sorts for the dimensions around it. Unlike the Outerverse, however, Plex only has one landscape -- dark skies, dark soils. Dark hills. Dark grass. Dark everything. Many know of the legends regarding Plex -- it once was infested by a great evil sorcerer which tried to doom all of existence. That sorcerer, however, has been vanquished, and the dark skies of Plex are empty.

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The Reaper Wants To Eat You - last post by Avatar of Grima


When the body dies, the spirit is ushered away by the reapers, to face judgement in the Spirit Realm. This is the afterlife. Many enter, but few return.

  1. North
  2. Spirit Realm
  3. South
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What now? - last post by Chase


Beyond the Dimensional Plane and even the Afterlife. This is the area outside of the Dimensional Plane, but still within Reality. The further reaches of Existence. Many Embodiment Domains are found here, the Realm of Deletrius, and much much more.

  1. Realm of Deletrius
  2. Outer Domain of Time
  3. New Dementia
  4. Neo Nox
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Piecing Together the Fragme... - last post by Chase

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Deleted threads, out of play planets? It's all in here.

  1. Destroyed
  2. Out of Play
  3. Archived Topics
  4. Archived Forums
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"From the Beginning...... - last post by Hikaru

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Information about the RP

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Evonts [Prototype] - last post by Chase


Home to the Perfect, a race of god-like beings, and their creations. Filled with vast landscapes of metropolises dotting scenic valleys.

  1. Nord
  2. Southlake Facility
  3. Halls of Evlihim
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Filia Temporis - last post by Hikaru


A very mountainous realm where the race known as the Imperfect live.

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  • Piecing Together the Fragments of Time 
    : The Records of Time
    : Hikaru (Yesterday, 10:41 AM)
    121   replies: 16
    : Chase (Today, 06:52 AM)
    He shuddered when she mentioned the clocks. He didn't like clocks for some reason, nobody really knew why. "I, um..." he hesitated. "I was going to get those last..." he said.He turned to Jay. "I'm assuming I don't actually have a choice in the ma...
  • Rule of Nines (CLOSED, Backstory) 
    : Outerverse
    : KOLE (May 16 2020 06:30 PM)
    214   replies: 16
    : KOLE (Today, 03:31 AM)
    Dropping the contract, Gabby stepped back, shocked. For a solid 30 seconds, she watched the contract, wreathed in golden flame, but continued to persists. "What the..." Gabby muttered under her breath. In her entire life, she'd never seen somethin...
  • What now? 
    : City of the Embodiments
    : Zai (Yesterday, 08:05 PM)
    20   replies: 1
    : Chase (Yesterday, 09:46 PM)
    The city was sparsely populated at the moment as a few people were wandering here and there. Some minor Embodiments chatting and saying hello to each other, agents of other Embodiments running about to conduct the bidding of their masters. Though...
  • Roleplay and Character Themes 
    : General Talk
    : Hikaru (May 09 2018 10:17 PM)
    812   replies: 8
    : KOLE (Yesterday, 05:58 PM)
    Gabby literally has an entire playlist. https://open.spotify...0Sa-d5Fj2GOQSeA Biggest ones, though are The Mara Effect pt.3 and Blessed Be, by Spiritbox.
  • {Hikaru / OPEN} School Days 
    : The Magitorium
    : Kaleb (Jan 24 2016 12:25 AM)
    1,037   replies: 5
    : Hikaru (Yesterday, 12:35 PM)
    "So when you say you're a third star student... " Naki questioned when she'd caught up to him. Zeeke still following behind her.  "What does that mean...? Does it mean you're really really high, or really really low? Does it mean you're power...
  • Log. 
    : Creative Corner
    : Zai (Yesterday, 03:49 AM)
    22   replies: 0
    : Zai (Yesterday, 03:49 AM)
    For context, I was putting some comments awaiting moderator approval in the knowledgebase for a very specific character I wanted to be deleted because it did nothing but made me cringe. As a joke, I started this captains log thing where the main c...
  • The Hacker's Quest (Open) 
    : City of Lus
    : Kaleb (Jan 31 2014 11:53 PM)
    803   replies: 10
    : Hikaru (May 26 2020 10:51 PM)
    The moment Vors touched the stick, a popup prompt materialized showing stats of the stick. The main one being that it had 5atk. The name showed as 'Stick of the Novice'. When the Hunfungus Mayshroom had been attacked this time, it showed dama...
  • Evonts [Prototype] 
    : Information
    : Shrike (Apr 18 2016 08:59 PM)
    239   replies: 2
    : Chase (May 26 2020 09:09 PM)
    Late reply much?
  • The Agent, the Traitor, and the Lady [K2] 
    : Teffilin
    : Chase (Mar 19 2016 07:28 AM)
    2,549   replies: 10
    : Chase (May 26 2020 08:51 PM)
    Aki looked to Kveta and then to the two men on the ground. Her eyes narrowed at them. "Get him up." she ordered to Herakovich. The man quickly pulled Tarkov up to his feet, still holding his arm behind his back. Tarkov's head was tilted...
  • Insanus Pt 4: The Confrontation 
    : New Dementia
    : Chase (Sep 29 2018 09:30 AM)
    2,541   replies: 77
    : Hikaru (May 23 2020 01:24 PM)
    Hikaru had been counting on that being a comeback. Luckily, she had already had that figured out. She held up her hand and began listing off reasons. "One, I want Insanity dead for this. If that involves freeing you or working with others, so be i...
  • Information about this RP 
    : Information
    : Chase (Apr 17 2016 04:03 AM)
    285   replies: 3
    : Chase (May 23 2020 11:59 AM)
    High Iudex, Juris de Facta aka "Embodiment Number Two" 
  • Picrew Characters 
    : Creative Corner
    : Hikaru (May 23 2020 11:46 AM)
    18   replies: 1
    : Hikaru (May 23 2020 11:46 AM)
    https://picrew.me/image_maker/36849Asura https://picrew.me/image_maker/229486KuraiMore to come...
  • Filia Temporis 
    : Halls of Evlihim
    : Hikaru (May 17 2020 04:11 AM)
    201   replies: 16
    : Hikaru (May 22 2020 11:33 AM)
    "What is balance?" Asura immediately asked in an attempt to understand all the terms being tossed at her. She held up the watch to eye-level as her ears caught the sound of every tick that struck. Unnoticeable at first, the ticks started to get sl...
  • We Love Lyoko222 Day 
    : Site Updates
    : Chase (Apr 02 2016 10:38 AM)
    631   replies: 3
    : Hikaru (May 18 2020 11:05 PM)
    Chase is so great he totally had the right to give the board to northfire.


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