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Beyond the Dimensional Plane and even the Afterlife. This is the area outside of the Dimensional Plane, but still within Reality. The further reaches of Existence. Many Embodiment Domains are found here, the Realm of Deletrius, and much much more.


Realm of Deletrius

The Realm of the lost. A negative dimension filled with the things lost, unfound, and others that had just disappeared, as well as botched teleportations. All white, with a single plane of floor that extends the whole dimension in all directions. Things taken by black holes and other botched spells, often end up here as well. Beware of floating anchors with ships attached. Recently revealed to be the result of a major contradiction, thus as a result it is a land of irrationality.

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Outer Domain of Time

The Outer Domain of Time, a completely white realm that mortals see if they try to enter the Domain of Time. Unlike the Inner Domain, nothing can be seen here, and access is very possible.

  1. The Records of Time
  2. Tempus Alterum
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[Open][Deadlands] Fractured... - last post by Shrike

New Dementia

The Realm of New Dementia is the origin of all insanity. It is naturally a dark and depressing place for the most part. The skies are always filled with black, purple, and blue (Sometimes pink) star constellations. On the flip side, there is also another half called New Mania. New Mania is still considered to be apart of ND, but features colorful and insanely happy characteristics. It is always sunny, and the plant life is bright and colorful. In the center of the Realm, lies the City of Insania. The city is literally split down the middle and divided between the between the two sections. In the City lies the Palace of Demonea de Lycon where the 2 courts are housed, and the Lord's (In this case the Countess') manor is held. Only those blessed by the Demented Priests may enter this realm. The Embodiment of Insanity Rules supreme.

  1. Dementia
  2. Mania
  3. Insania
  4. Palace
  5. The Vault of Madness
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Insanus Pt. 5.5: Quid Pro Quo - last post by Hikaru

Neo Nox

The Domain of Destruction; With the crowning of the new embodiments of Destruction, Nox has been recreated anew from the combined souls of the successors. Unlike the place of darkness that was the original Nox, this new Nox has been formed into a place of beauty with violet and gold skies painted in an eternal sunset and grass of darkened black.

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