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When the body dies, the spirit is ushered away by the reapers, to face judgement in the Spirit Realm. This is the afterlife. Many enter, but few return.



White floors. White streets. White, milky walls. White buildings. This holy realm seems to literally glow with a pure, white aura. Welcome to paradise.

This is the "good" afterlife, where those who are judged to be morally "good" are sent to rest in peace.

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Spirit Realm

The Spirit Realm is the first stop that the recently departed make. Frozen, like statues, the dead await their turn to be judged. When it is their time, they are brought to a court room in the Spirit Realm, presided over by two judges -- the Black Judge and the White Judge.

The Black Judge is a condemner, often looking harshly upon the wrong-doings of those who come before him.

The White Judge is a forgiver, compassionate and ready to allow the dead to begin again.

Your fate is in their hands. Make your case. And you never know. They've sent the dead back to life a time or two, and given them a second chance at life.

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Herbal Tea for the Soul - last post by Hikaru


Also known as hell. South is pretty much as bad as it sounds. Are you prepared to be tortured for all of eternity? If you've been sent here, you have been judged as morally evil and this is your punishment.

Recently under new management, South is now led by a strange man named Bob. Bob wears a janitor's outfit and is often seen walking around South carrying a mop. Nobody knows where he came from or how he managed to gain the loyalty of the undead demons.

  1. City of the Embodiments
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