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Other Dimensions

Explore other realms! Go above and beyond! A number of dimensions of all types exist out there, inhabited by all kinds of creatures. What's stopping you?



Dimension Alpha-XB-109 is a dimension at the very edge of the Planes. Largely unexplored, this dimension was once used by the ISAF as a staging point long, long ago. After the ISAF departure, Grunder Inustries LTD utilized it for resources and classified weapons testing. The the very far corner of the dimension where it reaches the edge of the planes, a strange installation named the Apex Site sits.

  1. The Apex Site
  2. Ancient Starclan Ship
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Mechera Dimension

A nation built upon the rule of Law
Home dimension of the Mechera Empire, and for all intents and purposes entirely controlled by it. Armadas of Mechera ships patrol its sectors, and most of the colonized planets are terraformed into sprawling metropolises or the rare food-producing planet, to accommodate the 'valued' member races of the Empire.

It does possess stars and planets and galaxies and whatnot, but most are of little concern to the inhabitants of the Mortal Dimension. Suffice to say, this is where the vast majority of the Mechera live, and Mechera territories in the Mortal Dimension are frontier colonies.

Rumor has it that very recently, several sectors have fallen into some form of Civil War. However, thus far the war has yet to spill into the Mortal Dimension colonies.

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Narikian Home Dimension

The home dimension of the Narrikians, the Garrison Dimension of the Narrikians and the Logistics Dimension are dimensions that are near each other, but yet outside of normal space and difficult to reach unless you know the precise dimensional coordinates. The Home Dimension consists of a lot of planets, each with their own environments. The most notable planet is the planet D-Major which is the Capital of the Home Dimension and basis for many planets like it. This planet is an entire city that has basically taken over the planet, with mixes of parks and beautiful greenery. The planet's home to about 20 billion Narrikians. The next most notable planet is the planet of the Artists, Design. Design is a world populated plainly by artisans, and those who love to create things such as potters and many others. On this planet, there's mainly technology to assist them with that, but also a Garrison of Soldiers, and a ship yard to assure the safety of them.

Owned by the Home Narikian Empire

  1. Garrison Dimension
  2. Logistics Dimension
  3. D-Major
  4. Invent
  5. Design
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Abandoned Guardian HQ

For years, this dimension was the home of the great Dimensional Guardians, scientists who studied the dimensions and swore to protect them at any cost. Now, this place is but an abandoned archive of the lost, great people. A small dimension, it consists of a massive building of wood and glass that floats in a grey, cloudy sky. Some sort of security system patrols the headquarters but generally doesn't bother anyone who isn't trying to do anything destructive.

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