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For territories that have been destroyed.


Station 99

Welcome to Station 99, the biggest trading post in all the galaxy! A grand, neutral space station orbiting a planetless star, Station 99 welcomes all races! The massive station supports well over a million people and its space-docks are constantly bustling with traffic. Home to a number of restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers, and even a zero-gravity golf course!

The Station is protected by the World Without Boundaries. Warning: Any sorcerers, Sages, wizards, witches, or otherwise magical beings would be wise not to come here.

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Seed - last post by Maykurasaki


A fairly uninhabited planet in the uncharted regions of space. Currently populated by a little over 3,000 people. Contains small cities, the climate is similar to that of a regular livable planet. Contains lakes, and rivers. Some mountainous regions, along with some areas that are wooded. Mostly a sunny planet, has rain every once in a while. Doesn't ever really get that cold.

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Fall of Enistos - last post by Kaleb

Fort Cloud MK II

A City ship that was brought over from the Narrikian Home Dimension. The metal the ship is made out of is Aionis, lead, and also the same materials the Aralangs used in the hulls of their ships. The City Ship has an array of defenses, such as Plasma Cannons, Missile Launchers, Tractor Beams, Torpedoes and even a few hundred Immobilizers on the exterior. Sonic shielding has been installed in the City Ship so as to prevent the Immobilizer from knocking out the crew of the ship, in it's entirety. In addition, the city ship serves as a hub of Commerce for the Narrikians in this dimension presently. The City Ship is powered by Solar Energy presently. Alternatively there's dozens of backup generators, as well as power plants inside of Fort Cloud MK II powering the entirety of the place. Pocket Dimensions within Pocket Dimensions exist within the City Ship, storing workers, construction equipment, and even a couple of factories. Dozens of generators are throughout the station, powering and maintaining the pocket dimensions. The City Ship was named Fort Cloud MK II after a world that the Anrufe took from the Narrikians, and made into an unstoppable base of operations. This has several hangar bays. Certain markings have been etched onto the walls, floors and ceilings for no discernible purpose.

Ownership: Imperial Dynasty of Narrikia
Hostile?: Special Conditions (See Below)
Special Conditions (Optional): If you're a Negi or a member of Worlds Without Boundaries, expect to get vaporized.

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Scouting Party - last post by Gaserlake