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Milky Way Galaxy

A barred-spiral galaxy with about 200 Billion Stars, and at least as many planets. At the center of this galaxy, there is a super-massive black hole. This galaxy is considered by some as the "center of civilization" due to the number of factions, alliances, and confederations which have risen from this galaxy over the years.

Due to a great and unknown powerful force sweeping the many planets here away, the galaxy has been mostly quiet for the last few years.


Sol System

Located along the Orion arm of the Milky Way Galaxy is the Sol System the birth place of humanity, and now home to the Worlds Without Boundaries. This system as well as a large perimeter surrounding it is heavily guarded and patrolled by WWB and DAIS forces.

  1. Mars
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Here, in a little-known solar system, Eiden sits in all it's glory, an incredibly small planet coated with buildings. Once a dusty, uninhabitable wasteland, this planet was terra-formed a few decades ago by a race of magic-wielding warriors known as Japaen Sages. On this planet, they built an exact replica of their former home.

This planet is an official colony of the New Zarethian Empire. It is not uncommon to find people on this planet who tell you stories of the "olden land".

  1. K Archives
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K City

Welcome to the humble K City, home of the K Empire! The city is very accessible to any race and is always bustling with activity. The city itself is accessed by a large wormhole in the Terran Solar System. Those who cross through the wormhole are warped into the city itself. The city, and the empire as a whole, is ruled by the newly-crowned Queen Elizabeth Tyris. Those who come to the city may be fortunate enough to meet the queen.

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Hello World - last post by Kaleb


In the same solar system as Eiden, Gyokoru, likewise, is inhabited primarily by a long-forgotten race of magic users known as Japaen Sages. Gyokoru has a number of cities on its surface as well as beautiful forests, exotic jungles, and a large ocean. It is officially a colony of the New Zarethian Empire, though there is an increasingly large movement among the Japaen Sage refugees who live here to gain independence from the increasingly overbearing Zarethian Empire.

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A Hero's Welcome {... - last post by Kaleb

City of Lus

A giant, artificially-created city planet, Lus was built by an ancient race of aliens long ago, and then abandoned. Years later, it was discovered by it's current leaders -- two children named Rev and Gen who seem incapable of aging. Rev and Gen have colonized the futuristic city-planet and have declared it a peaceful home for all.

The city itself is a paradise to machines and humanoids alike, allowing AIs to interact freely with biological beings.

Warning: The World Without Boundaries has recently issued a Travel Warning. Anyone attempting to travel to this planet may be vaporized.

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A world of lush grasslands filled and beauteous oceans, Violet is a natural paradise. Rain often falls upon the green plains and blue seas, giving it almost perpetual rainbows in the skies above. The planet itself is unsettled, instead bearing massive city-ships in its upper atmosphere to support its on-world population, with space stations in low to high orbit around it managing the rest of the populace living "on" Violet. Despite these efforts, the scars of war can be seen on the surface if one knows where to look, though with the help of its current rulers Violet has healed very well.

The nation currently in control of Violet is the Mechera Empire, which due to past attacks polices the space around it extensively. Despite this, Violet is not exclusively a military world, but instead intended to serve as a economic outpost in the Milky Way Galaxy, and its settlements are therefor open to tourism.

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Elmora, homeworld of the Elemental, is a land with extremely varied terrain and ecosystems on each of its six continents and its oceans, from the massive forests and jungles of the Earth Kingdoms to the endless hurricanes and skies of the lawless anarchy of Wind. Each of the six continents is claimed by the matching species of Elemental; that is, the continent of Fire is primarily populated by Fire Elementals, fittingly enough. Finally, upon each of the continents, and a archipelago in the oceans, lies a location known as a Gate, each of which acts as a portal to the others. As such, they are used as a method of fast travel between each of the different continents.

  1. Fire
  2. Water
  3. Earth
  4. Wind
  5. Light
  6. Dark
  7. Divine
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Return - last post by Shrike


Neighboring Elemora, this planet is Elemora's "negi". It is a land devoid of nature or elements. Here, the Negi Elemorians live a simple life. They do not fight their counterparts like most negi, but there are talks on the planet that a war will someday come between the Coldlands and Elemora.

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Kalak Asteroid Field

A large, massive asteroid field orbits the sun at the outskirts of the solar system. The asteroid field takes the shape of a sphere. The asteroids have many sizes, from as small as a microscopic particle, to as big as a super capital ship. There are many points of orbit surrounding the main point of orbit, meaning asteroids rotate around different axes, while those axes rotate around the main, central axis of the asteroid field, like a moon orbiting the Earth, which orbits the sun. The orbits are horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. The asteroids move at different speeds. All of this makes radar detection virtually impossible.

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This planet was colonized by the Zarethian Empire some eight years ago and was terraformed from a mostly desert planet into a more temperate planet with large lakes spotting the planet's surface. The Revenge War struck here hard, and nearly half the cities were destroyed by Revenge's forces and the ensuing riots, but the New Zarethian Empire has forcefully brought the riots to a halt before the damage could spread.

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