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Sage Dimension

Those who inhabit this realm have chosen to seek out the unseen, to dedicate their lives to the forces of magic. A variety of mythical creatures and magicians and warlocks and witches inhabit this mythical realm. Climb the invisible mountains of the North! Swim across the Unswimmable Lake! Conquer beasts and become the ultimate spellcrafter.

This land is a safe-haven from the World Without Boundaries, a refuge for all lovers of magic. Technologically advanced devices are not allowed in these parts. Robots may be detained on site.


The Magitorium

The Magitorium is a magical school funded by the Order of the Sages, an organization of magical warriors that have taken upon the mission to fight the World Without Boundaries and defend Sages everywhere. Come here and learn how to master your magical prowess. The Order welcomes you.

The Magitorium itself is an incredibly tall tower in a field in the middle of a forest. Several stories tall, the Magitorium can be seen from miles away.

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The Unified Sage Kingdom

A kingdom made up of Sages of all different sorts. This kingdom has only recently been formed. Refuge for all lovers of magic can be found within the kingdom walls here.

The kingdom is small right now. Within the kingdom walls, a city is forming and hopes are high. Ruled by the High Sage, Konjan.

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Era Valley

A valley in the Sage Dimension, this valley is for the most part empty grassland. Lies between Eter City and various other regions. Was once home to the Dragon Sages and the Phoenix Sages.

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A Quest For Knowledge! (Ope... - last post by Hikaru

Ruins of Eta City

The ruins of the fallen ancient city of Eta, alas it has fallen at the hands of massacre. Among the rubble of destroyed buildings, you may find a number of treasures. But beware of scavengers and dark sorcerers who may be lurking in these parts!

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Glacian Valley

South of the Era Valley, this valley lies at the bottom of a great canyon. It is where two societies, the Suvian and the Eter emerged. Mainly made up of dirt and devoid of plant life, two great statues are erected here -- one of Fu Shwell, founder of the Eter, and one of Moseen Hornthi of the Suvian.

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Wanderings of a Lost Sage - last post by Shrike

The Stone Mountains

This region lies just south of the Glacian Valley. It has harbored all sorts of fugitives over the years, running from the Eter Empire. It also houses a sizable population of dwarves, supposedly, though nobody has actually seen a dwarf in about three hundred years -- they supposedly live inside the mountains themselves.

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The Genesis Kingdom

Home of the Genesis Dragon Sages, this kingdom patrols much of the southern forest land. The Dragon Knights of this region take their job very seriously.

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Welcome to sanctuary. Caelum is a "pocket dimension", a world within a world. The only way to enter is through magical means such as teleportation, portalling, etc.

It is a peaceful utopia that has existed that way for the last 8-9 years and a close-guarded secret between Sages and other magic users in the 'know.' Travel to here is forbidden unless you know of the location or have some way found out about it. It is not somewhere you can find just by chance as secret spells are put into place that unless you know the exact spot in the Sage Dimension to cast your teleportation or portal, you will simply wind up back in the spot that you started.

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A Call From A Friend - last post by Gaserlake

Ancient Dragon Ruins

The ruins of the original Genesis Kingdom, this was one of the last strongholds of the old Genesis Dragons in their war against the Phoenix Sages. This kingdom has been abandoned for over 1,000 years.

Not to be confused with the current Genesis Kingdom.

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Awaiting Description

Owned by: Shiva

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