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Mortal Dimension

Those who inhabit this realm have chosen the path of science, the glorious quest for knowledge. A purely technological realm through and through, the laws of physics are the laws of the land. Sail the stars in a grand spaceship, settle on a planet and build a society. Unlock the true potential of the universe. Join such races as the Human, the Mechera, and the Zarethian. Make the Mortal Dimension your home.

Magic users, beware! An organization known as the World Without Boundaries has recently formed here. They have started a crusade against magic and will not rest until all magicians in this dimension are expelled or destroyed. Enter at your own risk.


Milky Way Galaxy

A barred-spiral galaxy with about 200 Billion Stars, and at least as many planets. At the center of this galaxy, there is a super-massive black hole. This galaxy is considered by some as the "center of civilization" due to the number of factions, alliances, and confederations which have risen from this galaxy over the years.

Due to a great and unknown powerful force sweeping the many planets here away, the galaxy has been mostly quiet for the last few years.

  1. Sol System
  2. Eiden
  3. K City
  4. Gyokoru
  5. City of Lus
  6. Violet
  7. Elmora
  8. Coldlands
  9. Kalak Asteroid Field
  10. Terragrouve
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Hello World - last post by Hikaru

Saeculum Galaxy

So-named because it was once estimated that travelling to this galaxy from the Milky Way in a ship travelling through hyperspace would take the entire lifetime of the traveler. This was an exaggeration, and advancement in hyperspace technology now allows for much quicker travel, but the galaxy is about 590,000 light years away from the Milky Way.

  1. Teffilin
  2. Pleasure Planet
  3. Autumnavia
  4. Maltruse
  5. Agira
  6. Inarin
  7. Kindergarten
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Testing the Waters - last post by Jimbles

Andromeda Galaxy

A spiral galaxy near the Milky Way and Saeculum Galaxies, it is by far one of the largest galaxies among it's neighbors.

  1. Arcanis Primaris
  2. Space Station Rassera
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Prelude - last post by Kaleb

Insanus Galaxy

So-named because you'd be insane to enter. Only a few thousand light years away from the Vaccus Galaxy. This spiral galaxy's planets have various oddities on them, and in fact, it would seem the very laws of science are somewhat... twisted here.

  1. Necropolis
  2. Duerme
  3. Frezzi
  4. Talar Space Station
  5. Herold's Tropical Rum Shop
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A Star Reborn [K2/Any UPA] - last post by Kaleb

Tri-Aid Galaxy

Several million light-years from the Milky Way, the Tri-Aid is among the outer-edges of explored space to many of the races common to this area. Few actually come as far as the Tri-Aid Galaxy, an Elliptical Galaxy. As such, only a few worlds here are colonized.

  1. Zaned
  2. Sheo'lin
  3. The Forge
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your . days . are . numbered - last post by Iaz

Rakon Galaxy

Forty million light years away from the Milky Way, this galaxy, an Irregular Galaxy, is rarely visited due to it's distance from the rest of civilization.

  1. Ancient Narrikian World
  2. Night Haven
  3. The Space Cove
  4. Atlas
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{OPEN} The Abando... - last post by Shrike

Shark Galaxy

A so-called "Bandit Galaxy", Shark has been isolated from the rest of the civilized universe for fourteen years. Once a well-traveled galaxy with several Alliance-friendly planets, the Shark Galaxy was made into a prison for former Nyx soldiers who fought in the war, thanks in no small part to the massive black hole in this galaxy. Thanks to unmanned Alliance shield technology, the galaxy has been inescapable for the last several years. In that time, the Sorsski Order has dominated much of the galaxy with their own self-imposed justice. However; things are changing. The World Without Boundaries has recently broken through the old Alliance technology and ended the Shark Galaxy's isolation. Only time will tell what will happen next.

  1. Alphalon D-90
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SHADOWRUN - last post by Lyoko222

Uncharted Space

We get it. You're an outlaw. Go on. Stray outside the lines. We're not stopping you. Out here, things become clear to a man, where all he has is his gun, his ship, and his crew. There is no law. There's only the unknown, and a yearning sense of freedom.

  1. Devourer:Life
  2. Devourer:Stars
  3. Zorelan
  4. D-Lab
  5. Conicor
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Third Instance (Open) - last post by Shrike