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Rakon Galaxy

Forty million light years away from the Milky Way, this galaxy, an Irregular Galaxy, is rarely visited due to it's distance from the rest of civilization.


Ancient Narrikian World

An ancient world who's true name has been lost, it is now simply called, "Ancient Narrikian World" or ANW for short. For years, this planet was mostly devoid of Narrikian life and left to the wild. Future Narrikian emperors would be sent here to train before taking power. With the destruction of the Narrikian capital planet of Memorial, ANW is now home to many Narrikians and a temporary capital has been established here.

Capital of the Narrikian Republic, this planet is the capital of what is essentially a puppet government for the DAIS.

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The Hearings [K2/Open] - last post by Kaleb

Night Haven

A planet shrouded in constant night, due to Planetary Shielding that blocks the light from the star it orbits. As one might guess, Night Haven is a bastion for creatures of Darkness, the many clans of Vampires in particular. The planet is entirely urbanized and developed, with only parks and recreational zones having any natural and wild plant and animal life. That said, there are hundreds of 'downtowns' that mark where the original cities built on this world started before they all combined into the urban sprawl spanning the world. Because of these factors, the world is divided by district rather than continent or regional boundaries.
Ruled by the Preternatural Coalition, which ideally is a council between the leaders of the member races of the Coalition but in practice is ruled benevolently by Lord Jeremiah Faust, and advised by Remus Vincent.

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Hunting the Hunters - last post by Zareth

The Space Cove

The Space Pirate capital of the universe, the Space Cove is situated in the center of an asteroid field. The "cove" itself is a large, hallowed out asteroid which has been converted into a large indoor city of pirates. The asteroid field itself is navigable if you're careful and you know how, but most scanners and radars to not function here, making it an excellent hiding place.

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This planet has some unique quirks, such as the part where there are remains of an ancient civilization on the planet, and the fact the planet has not been inhabited in thousands of years. This planet has abandoned cities on it that while overgrown could be inhabited, and ancient technology that could be activated. This planet also hosts a powerful cloaking generator that is the reason no one until now found the planet.

The generator is still on, and keeping the planet hidden. Yet soon the generator will fizzle out, for good. People who explore the planet perhaps could discover lost relics of an ancient civilization, or perhaps powerful old technologies no one's seen in a long time. Of course the planet does have defenses, in the form of a droid army that is VERY active on the planet, and very hostile to intruders.

  1. The Jay Stryder Memorial Garden
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{OPEN} The Abando... - last post by Shrike

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