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Saeculum Galaxy

So-named because it was once estimated that travelling to this galaxy from the Milky Way in a ship travelling through hyperspace would take the entire lifetime of the traveler. This was an exaggeration, and advancement in hyperspace technology now allows for much quicker travel, but the galaxy is about 590,000 light years away from the Milky Way.



The new homeworld of the militaristic superpower known as the Zarethian Empire, this large planet has numerous enormous cities dotting the landscape with large expanses of wild land in between the safety of the urban environment. Although devastated by the short lived Revenge War and the subsequent riots by Revenge Cult insurgents, the process of restoring the planet has begun and the planet's inhabitants are united under the new autocratic regime.

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The Agent, the Traitor, and... - last post by Kaleb

Pleasure Planet

Known as a favorite hide-away for organized crime and lawbreakers, Pleasure Planet isn't actually a planet -- it's a ship which contains a real biosphere. To those inside the giant ship, the sky appears real, the sun appears to be beating down on their faces -- but it's all manufactured by technology.

The streets of Pleasure Planet consist primarily of night clubs and the like. With bars, casinos, and everything your heart could desire, Pleasure Planet is a sinner's paradise. Considering itself an independent nation, Pleasure Planet is nevertheless primarily inhabeted by Zarethians who have fled their Empire's increasingly overbearing laws.Pleasure Planet is operating in international space, rumor has it the planet is all run by one major crime boss.

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[open] Small time crime - last post by Iaz


This is Halloween. This is Halloween. Pumpkins scream in the dead of night.

A remarkable planet with quite alien archetecture which can best be described as having some resemblence to traditional Japanese archetecture. This planet has one season: Autumn -- and it is frequently Halloween.

Unbeknownst to those who visit this planet, two invisible, cosmic forces fight a great war in the skies of this planet -- one force seeks to enslave the people, and the other force seeks for them to be free.

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A Change In Plans - last post by Kaleb


The Lorcar homeworld, Maltruse is a massive thing of BioTechnology. Covered by their 'buildings', Maltruse has no natural vegetation or wildlife whatsoever, and has been stripped of any natural resources that may have once been there, the sole exception being water. Although, then again, it seems that their oceans are smaller than most other planet's. In terms of defense, its atmosphere is laced with biological toxins that can kill any biological life other than Lorcar, and of which no known antidote has been made as of yet, as well as the Lorcar Fleet always has at least one Hornet-Class as well as two Wasps.

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Stars in Their Eyes - last post by Avatar of Grima


Agira is an abandoned planet of mixed architecture between Relorian and Tal (a race of aliens) style. The Tal once lived here, earning their planet the nickname of Roswell after a visit to Earth which exposed them. Was moved into the same solar system as the Lorcar homeworld by some cosmic anomaly.

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This planet may appear normal to outsiders, but in reality it is quite far from normal indeed. A small planet, Inarin is made up mostly of forests, with some fresh water lakes and rivers scattered upon the surface. The largest towns on the planet lie to the north, and have been built in the last few decades near a great Citadel where Jay Stryder, the ruler of the planet, resides.

Remarkably, it is said that Jay Stryder and the other residents of the Citadel are beings known as Templars, watchful guardians over time who have mastered the ability to travel through time itself. Though no one has seen Jay Stryder himself for years.

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Testing the Waters - last post by Jimbles


A beautiful earth-like planet of various terrain in a random dimension. Or at least, it once was that. When Kurai took over, she and her thousands of children spawn, transformed the planet into a very dark, dreary, and deadlike place. Where animals once thrived, they have all been killed as part of training for the Kinder's. Where flora once grew, it has been destroyed. Basically the planet is one big grave that was soon teleported by Kurai to the Saeculumn Galaxy.

Owned by Kinder Race and Kurai

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Dealing With Sin - last post by Chase

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