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Race Request

This Request form refers to "Race and Species" as the same but can be interchanged with either.

Sending Race Request

  • * Required fields

  • Name of your race.

  • What faction is this race governed under? Don't have any? Then what government or set of rules does the race follow?

  • The biological functions that make up your race. Things like how they reproduce, any organs they have that are different than your average everyday human, bone structure and anything else that includes the 'insides'. Also include any diseases, immunities, or other such flaws problems your race may have.

  • The description of how your race looks from normal humanoid to a freak of nature that only you can describe. This would also include traits your race has that sets them apart from humans even if they are humanoid, and other such things.

  • The abilities and traits of your race. Do they use magic differently? Do they have innate abilities? Traits that make them instinctual? That and more can be listed here. Please be sure to break them up in categories with proper formatting using Bold and other such options.

  • The lifespan of your race. Do they live as long as humans? Less? More? Immortal? Put it all here. Please include how your race ages as well as their infantile, toddler, adolescent, adult, prime, and elder states here as well. That way we know how your race looks at every instance of its life.

  • The culture and customs of your race. Do they have special rituals? Laws? Customs you must follow? List them here. How do they go about every day life? What is life to them? What is their religion? Their traditions? What is their mythology, their legends, their lore? Everything about how your race lives, breathes, and follows should be explained here. Including even its mythology.

  • How did your race come to be? What is their history? Explain it here.

  • Can your race only breed with its own kind or other certain races? Designate it here.

  • Is the race open for people to make a character of, private, or ask-only?
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