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Character Request

Sending Character Request

  • * Required fields

  • The name your character was given at birth, or the name they choose to use.

  • Have a picture of your character? Add the link in between the tags.

  • Prefer to type up your characters appearance or just don't have a picture good enough? Feel free to describe them here! You can even do both if you want!

  • The number of years your character has been in existence, birth to present, regardless of any sort of reincarnation or death your character may have experienced.

  • Vampire? Witch? Technologically-revived cyborg? Reincarnated, Revived, Ressurrected, Rebirthed, or Died and came back recently? This would be the age you were reset back to despite the number of years you've been in existence. (For instance, if your character's been in existence 1,000 years, but came back as a five year old, five would be the "True Age".)

  • Does your character use technological alterations, magic, or makeup to change the age they appear to be? Let us know here. What age does your character look like?

  • The gender or absence of gender of your character.

  • What does your character 'like'?

  • Check out our database for a list of options.

    PS: If Sage, please specify what subrace if any. If they have no specialization, they are a "Mutt Sage" aka regular sage that has been mixed in breed so far down the line they have no type,

  • What faction, alliance, or empire is your character a part of? Or are they a sovereign that works for themselves or mercenaries?

  • Your character's likes and dislikes, wants and needs, fears and weaknesses, strengths, and feats. How do they act? What makes them them? What motivates them? As we know that many of you like to develop your character's personality over time as they grow and change, this is completely optional. We DO however recommend a starting personality.

  • Does your character have any mental disorders or diseases that we should know about?

  • Give a brief summary of what your character is capable of in the magic, physical, and technological aspects. If your race or character has some gimmick to them that does not apply to these, describe that as well, such as held weapons or abilities that transcend beyond current paradigms.

  • Does your character have any equipment or technology that they are starting out with? You have the option to add it here.

  • A short synopsis of the history of your character.. Minimum one paragraph as we understand that many people like to bring out and develop their characters' background story overtime.

  • Anything else you wish to add?
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